Don’t look at the dog, it seems to be a very happy thing, but I really know that there is a lot of things to worry about. The light is given to the dog’s bath this task. If you encounter a naughty dog, it is really exhausted.

It is said that the dog is taking a bath before the veterinarian also evaluates the brush for dogs. Is this over? Innocent! There are many dogs in the dog. If you have to finish, I have to say a few nights a few nights. Cough, exaggerated.

Returning to the topic, the dog is blown away after bathing is the key, especially if it is cold, how to quickly blow hair quickly into the dog.

So today’s veterinarian Xiaoming will evaluate several long-drying hair dryers after bathing. Look at the effect is really like the seller says so good, let the veterinarian little way!

The weather is getting colder, I want to give a dog to choose a quick blower how to choose?

(1) Carrying a blowing machine


This product also knows that it is a big power appliance from the shape, and the wind is really bigger than the ordinary hair dryer used in our usual. Generally, a dog can blow away for 15 minutes, of course, this is also a size of the dog. Size. And this product is designed with hot and cold adjustment and variable speed. The shovel can adjust the wind speed and hot and cold temperature according to the actual situation of their own dogs. The price of this product is more than 200 yuan, and similar products must be this price.


The veterinarian Xiao Ming also went to the market to see it, found that this quick-drying blower has a sponsoring and noise promotion, but the result is not the case? The veterinarian Xiaoming turned over the buyer’s comments, and found that there were many shovel to react to this quick-drying blower very much, and the puppy will have a strong insequence of using the ear, the dog is resistant, and it is also very fear.

The veterinarian Xiao Ming wants to say that this quick-drying blower is 3 to 5 times the noise of ordinary hair dryer. In fact, there are many pet hospitals to use this high-power quick blower. After all, if they are blowing to the dog blowing 2 Hours, hospital staff should still do it?

However, the pet hospital is not using this blow dryer. After the dog took a shower, the staff would take this blow dryer to blow the dog’s body, and then change it to the ordinary hairdryer to blow the dog. This approach generally spends about half an hour. It is also possible to reduce the damage to the dog’s ear. In fact, this method of pet hospitals is a truth with us using a washing machine, first washing it again. Veterinary Xiaoming can only hit 2 stars to this product.


(2) quick-drying pulling electric blow

This product is not like a hairdryer we usually use, it is a need to contact the dog body to achieve a blow. Moreover, this skin hairdryer is also designed with a nail comb comb to 135 °, and it can also comb your hair while blowing hair. The veterinarian Xiaoming feels the top of the staple comb, which is unpredictable, and does not scrape the leather flesh. However, there is a buyer’s reaction with no two nail comb.

This product is also set up a compartment foam in the hair dryer, avoiding the dog inhaling the hair in the pull machine when the dog is blowing. The entire product is designed very small and easy to carry. Veterinary Xiaoming also praises the details. General price is more than 100 yuan.


However, this speedless pull electric blow has a fatal disadvantage, which is very small, and it does not use it without 2 hours. The shovel is needed to use the water-absorbent towel or a household electric hair dryer to make a semi-dry and use this product, and the urgent shovel will feel very troublesome. However, when the weather is cold, the veterinarian Xiaoming feels that this product is still not practical. After all, you have been blowing, the dog is cold and cold. Therefore, the veterinarian is a small to 2 stars.

(3) Pet Dry Artifact

This product is actually dry bag. After the dog is washed, use a water-absorbent towel to wipe the dog’s body, and then wrap the dog with the dry bag, and the dry bag is surrounded by an elastic band to prevent leakage. The shovel can shrink the tightening strap. Then blow the effect of the drying bag to the drying bag with the air blowing mouth of the dry bag. The price is about 50 yuan.

Veterinary Xiaoming tried, found a very trouble, and it is not a real automatic dryer, but it is necessary to use the hair dryer to vent the wind. If the shovel is not careful, buy a inferior hairdryer, it is very dangerous. Because the hair dryer cannot blow in the closed space. In addition, the veterinarian is still talking about it. This dryer can only dry the dog’s torso, the limbs are blown, need to shovel, pick up their own hair dryer, blow the dog’s paw, I know that the dog’s paw is blown up and it is easy to breed bacteria.


And there are buyers commented, time consuming long, and it has been blown. The veterinarian Xiao Ming also looked at the promotion of this product, said that it is possible to fix the dog without letting the dog, but the veterinarian reminds that some dogs are more fixed, the more fixed it. Therefore, the veterinarian can only play 1 star.


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