For men, while paying attention to dressing, we must also care about the two accessories of belts and watches. A suitable belt can often add a lot to their own image.


Next, I recommend 7 cost -effective belt brands. The texture is excellent and the price is very affordable.


Cvly CK letter buckle/pin buckle belt



Calvin Klein (referred to as CK), which is currently under the PVH Group, has a variety of products, involving fashion, underwear, accessories, etc. Among them, men’s belts are very popular with consumers. The overall design is leisurely. And pinch belt.

The CK letter belt buckle is characterized by different designs of the logo letter, such as hollow metal CK buckle and large CK buckle, which are mainly gold and silver, respectively. Compared with the CK letter, the design of the pinpoint is relatively low -key. The buckle type is a common square shape, with pressure pattern LOGO letters, which has a sense of design but not publicity.


The belt material is relatively single. Most of them are made of cowhide material. There are two types of head layer of cowhide and two -layer cowhide. The head layer is soft and breathable. Strong, not easy to scrape, and easy maintenance. The surface of the leather is rich and diverse, including checkered, lychee patterns, relief logo, etc. The overall appearance is more fashionable and more suitable for young people.


Rookie Amare Ⅱ/AAMIR series


Nibericic is known for its suitcase. Although the belt is not the main product of its home, it also has the same high quality control and perfect after -sales service as the main line products. Its belt covers three series: Amare Ⅱ, Aamir and Sean.


The Amare Ⅱ and Aamir series are the main products, which are positioned in the low -end market, but the benefits are at the same price at the same price. Most of them are made of two -layer cowhide. Its feel and durability are not as good as the head layer of cowhide, but it can be purchased within 500 yuan. The overall cost is relatively high.

The difference between the two is that the AMARE II series is simple and stable, and it is more suitable for formal business occasions. The AAMIR series is light business style. It is suitable for daily wear and can not lose courtesy in important occasions. It is relatively easier to match.



Time Step Shin/Automatic Belt Belt


The spoiler is famous for leisure shoes, and its men’s belt is also very popular due to high cost performance and high quality. The belt material is mainly cowhide, and many of them are grained cowhide. The abrasion resistance is good, and the texture is also improved. Moreover, most of them are made of integrated molding process. Compared with common glue adhesion, it is not easy to occur and fracture problems, and it is more durable.

On the belt buckle, there are two types of pins and automatic buckles in the belt buckle. The former is a commonly used belt buckle. The structure design is relatively simple and the use method is also very convenient. Most of the needle buckles of the time of the time of the spoiler will join the brand logo design element, which has a high degree of recognition.

There is an automatic deduction valve in the automatic buckle, which is more convenient to use. The inner wall is usually treated with a frosted process, and the texture is better. It is worth mentioning that the automatic buckle belt has a gift box set. The gift box is composed of belts and wallets. The price is more than 300. The price is almost the same as the single belt. Whether it is gift or self -use is a good choice.


Hailan House automatic buckle/pin buckle belt

Hailan House is a local fashion brand. The style is dominated by leisure. It pays particular attention to fabrics, design and tailoring. The product design is more concise and fashionable, and it has both cost -effectiveness. These characteristics are also reflected in men’s belts.

The belt is mainly cowhide, with two types of cowhide and two -layer cowhide. The buckle heads are mostly automatic and needle. There are two types of brand logo logo and “Pegasus” pattern. The latter design is more unique, and the upper body looks vibrant and spiritual, suitable for young men. The surface of the buckle also has a printing brand LOGO, which is simple but not losing the design, and is a selection of styles that are not easy to make errors.

On the whole, the price of the head layer of cowhide and the automatic belt price is slightly higher in the store, and the pricing is between 100-200 yuan. If you consider higher cost -effective, you can choose a two -layer cowhide material and a belt with a needle buckle. Some styles can be purchased within 100 yuan, which is more suitable for the student party with insufficient budget.


Shachi handwriting/regular band belt



Shachi is famous for its customized leather. It is a Singapore fashion brand. It is currently well -known in China. The overall workmanship is quite satisfactory. The design is relatively stable and loved by business people.

The style is biased towards the European style. The product line covers two series of handwriting and regular body. The handwriting logo is chic and scribbled.

The handwriting belt is aimed at elite people. The price floats large. Between 300-2000 yuan, the belts of more than 1,000 yuan are made of rare leather, and most of the cowhide of the head layer is raw materials within 1,000 yuan. Kaita products are positioned with young trendy men, and the price is concentrated within 500 yuan. However, because most of them are selected as raw materials for raw materials, the softness and abrasion resistance are good.


Jinli Lai automatically buckle/pinch/board buckle belt


Jinli Lai leather goods enjoy a high reputation in China. In the belt design, the brand focuses on business models, and the main consumption objects with mature men around 40 years old. Like most brands, Jinlilai also divides the product line according to the type of buckle. It is divided into three types: automatic deduction, pin deduction and board deduction.

Automatic deduction with mirror, frosted, brushed, and few brands on the market can do so diverse. The needle buckle style is roughly the same. Basically, the solid color banded and single -buckle combination, simple and generous, can control business and casual clothes. Most of the buckle styles are casual clothes, the style is relatively exaggerated and publicized. Traveling or attending the party is more applicable.


The sales channels of Jinlilai belt are also relatively abundant, and the online e -commerce platform has a large amount of goods. The offline physical stores sink to third- and fourth -tier cities. The pricing is basically between 200-400 yuan. It is a price that the public can accept, and the cost is relatively high.



Seven wolves automatically buckle band


The Seven Wolf is a well -known domestic men’s clothing brand. In the 1990s, it launched a double -sided jacket to leverage the Chinese men’s market and quickly became popular. In recent years, in the face of the impact of fast fashion, the seven wolves have begun to transform fashion groups through acquisitions and launching multiple brands. The product line has gradually enriched. In addition to men’s clothing, leather goods are also popular with consumers.

Most of the seven wolf men’s belts are made of cowhide, and the head layer of cowhide and two -layer cowhide are more textured. The latter is more abrasion resistant and the belt is more durable. The deduction is mainly based on automatic deduction. The way of disassembling is simpler and more convenient to use.

The average price of the seven wolf belts was 100 yuan in order to win cheap, and it occupied a large share in the market. However, compared with most brands on the market, the seven wolf belts appeared to be insufficient. Essence


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