Starting from the end of the Cold War, the Soviets have studied so -called tank fire support vehicles, but until now, it has finally been equipped after more than 30 years. Admiral Alexander La Ping, commander of the Central Military Region of the Russian Army, confirmed that the first nine “Terminator” tank support vehicles are about to be equipped with the 90th Guard Tanks in Swel Delovsk and Carli Bobsk Division armored force.


These nine “Terminator” tank support vehicles will form a company to continue to explore how to use this powerful new weapon. If everything goes well, it will also explore whether it can be used in large -scale military exercises next year. Large -scale preparation, that is, whether the “Terminator” tank supports a car to form a camp. In the future, the Russian army will strive to support a “Terminator” tank support for each mechanized infantry regiment.


Admiral Alexander La Ping revealed that the 90th Guards Tank Division received the first batch of “Terminator” tank support cars in December last year. In the past year, the division explored how to use the “Terminator” tank support car The new tactics and new warfare methods have been conducted strictly testing and combat evaluation to completely understand all the characteristics of this new weapon. It was based on this that the Russian army decided to form a “Terminator” tank support car company. Admiral Alexander La Ping believes that the “Terminator” tank supports vehicles can adapt to the fierce modern war environment, whether it is supporting tank operations in regular operations, or low intensity operations in mountains and urban warfare.

At the end of the Cold War, especially in Afghanistan’s a lot of experience, the Soviets realized that whether it was a tank or an infantry chariot, there were great limitations in the informal operations. From that time, the Soviets began to study tank support cars. The concept, requires this new weapon to use the main battle tank as the chassis, with sufficient maneuverability and defense, but its firepower must be significantly surpassed by the infantry chariot, which can deal with various goals from tanks to infantry, and have to have it to have it. Quick reaction ability and more violent firepower.


The defeat in the first Chechen War further stimulated the Russian army’s desire for tank support cars, but for a long time, due to funds, especially the military theory of the Russian military theory, the concept and positioning of tank support cars have caused tanks, which leads to tanks, which leads to tanks. Supporting cars have been delayed in batch equipment, and have been in research. During the period, the “Terminator” and “Terminator” tank support vehicle was also sent to Syria for actual combat inspection. It seems that after a long hesitation, the Russian army finally made up his mind to formally equip the “Terminator” tank support vehicle. Of course, it still has a certain test nature. Essence

It is worth noting that the Russian army supported the “Terminator” tanks to the mechanized team, that is, “Terminator” can not only support tank operations, but also provide violent fire support for mechanized infantry. In the past, the Russian army used to use tanks or infantry chariots to provide infantry with fire support, especially the BMP-3 infantry chariot with a 100mm slide gun. From this change, we can see some changes in the concept of supporting firepower.

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