There are many hidden car clothes brands, but the merchants say almost almost the same. Presumably, the owners have also heard of “special car”. Then this time, what is the dedicated to invisible car jacket special cars?

First, invisible car jacket “special car”.

The “special car” mentioned in the automotive film industry refers to the technology of computer cutting film and artificial film when cutting the membrane. The computer tailoring here is tailoring for the unique data of each car. This cutting film machine is still very expensive. Of course, if you can see it in the store, it can prove that this store is also very powerful!


2. What are the advantages.


1. Avoid hurting the car paint: In the past, the handmade film was made on the car paint. The corners of the car paint often left a lot of knife marks because of the cutting membrane. Just like the special car of the Weigu Hidden Car Jacket, it uses a machine to cut the film. There is no need to cut it with a knife to avoid damage to the car paint.


2. Save construction time: That is to make the construction simple. After the special tailoring of the car, you only need to install it manually, which also saves the time of the owner. Because the hand -cut film needs to be made on the car paint, it is more laborious, so more tailoring time is needed.

3. Aesthetics: Handmade film is popular before, and it is difficult to ensure whether the cutting of the edge of the car jacket is neat, especially in some gaps. If there is no cutting Wait, these above will not be affected by special cars.

4. Avoid hurting cars: hand -made cuts need to disassemble some parts on the body, which proves that the car will be dangerous to damage, and it takes time to disassemble. The dedicated car, which avoids the disassembly of parts, also saves time, which can effectively improve the efficiency of construction.

Third, how to look at whether it is a special car.

This can only go to the store to see it. For example, only some stores have this “special car” cutting machine, as well as better services such as the performance of the film in front of the film. Welcome to contact. Construction store address.

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