This weekend, people in the fashion industry in Shanghai gathered in the Lafaya Art Design Center of Xintiandi, Shanghai to participate in the fashion show of the Hub trade exhibition, and discussed the grand event of this fashion industry.

From left to right, Chai Kimfatt, The Hub Founder Richard Hobbs, ITE Group Uk Nick Cook

Panel discussion, from left torigHt Masha Ma, Susan Jenkyn, Henry Holland, Lulu Kennedy MBE

The hub showroom

As part of Shanghai Fashion Week, The Hub brings the latest cutting -edge design to the Shanghai fashion industry. 60 foreign and Chinese designers and fashion brands show their own works here, attracting more than 1,500 buyers such as buyers and more than 1500 guests in the industry to enjoy the three -day exhibition. 9 fashion show. As a foreign fashion exchange platform, the guests of the Hubs held in Shanghai for the second time have twice more than before.

This season, The Hub brought some designers who have received much attention in London and have been supported by the “Trend Fashion in the UK” association.

The HUB英国设计师展示会--暨“伦敦设计师系列”上海成功举办

The fashion show showed works by British designers such as Sibling, Ryan Lo, House of Holland, and MIMI Wade, AV Robertson, Caitlin Price, and Richard Malone from Fashion East. At the same time, Lulu Kennedy MBE, the founder of Fashion East, also came to the event site. As a guest of the special discussion, Zhang Jing, the host of the host Nanhua Morning Post, and the Susan Jenkyn Jones of the Contest Institute of Fashion Design, Henry designer Henry Holland and Chinese designer Masha MA discussed the cultivation and development of the fashion industry.

The HUB英国设计师展示会--暨“伦敦设计师系列”上海成功举办

In addition, The Hub also invited a group of excellent Chinese designer brands to bring us more exciting fashion shows. These include Simon Gao, Missy Skins, Mikumkum, Peng Chen, and Xiao ZHou SU. At the same time, NO.10/7 from Seoul, South Korea also joined forces. These designer brands show their 2016 autumn and winter series on the runway and the trade exhibition.

Catwalk Model Kiki Kang by Sibling

Catwalk by sibling


The HUB英国设计师展示会--暨“伦敦设计师系列”上海成功举办

In order to show daily real life, Sibling uses their best sequins. Inspired from Grace Jones, they brought an anticipated series -Day Disco. The deep V -neck woven metal woven knot, the free tango skirt that wrapped in the waist, the classic shape of the 1970s, and the slit of the thigh. The color of the handmade sweater is inspired by a taxi in New York, which is full of the elements of the city. The gorgeous nightclub elements are all gathered here. The silver -plated needles are decorated with perforated leopard patterns, shining with a little starlight. The costumes of this show were created by the fashion director of Fashion Bazaar, Lucia Li, and the top model Kang Qianwen’s finale appeared.

Catwalk ryan loo

Ryan lo

During the growth of Ryan Lo, he had stepped into the battlefield of writing the Chinese emperor’s dynasty in movies and dramas. Now he integrates the Chinese civilization into his own design. “Yang Guifei” shows the solemn attitude of the Tang Dynasty. Guan Jinpeng’s black movie “Song of Everlasting” and “Deep Love” and other film and television works can see the fusion of cheongsam and western -style clothing in the 1930s in the 1930s. Empress Dowager Cixi re -transformed into a down jacket embroidered with peach blossoms and satin lining. The “Big White Rabbit” dress also has the same wool flowers as decoration. The costumes of this show are dedicated to the top Chinese fashion stylist Leaf Grener.

The HUB英国设计师展示会--暨“伦敦设计师系列”上海成功举办

Catwalk house of holland

The HUB英国设计师展示会--暨“伦敦设计师系列”上海成功举办

House of many

This season, the designer has been inspired by the most fashionable party style in the 1920s and 1970s in the 20th century. Lori Maddox’s inherent rebellion and attitude towards sexual freedom liberation had born this season’s theme -the swaying girl in the 1920s.

The best time to confuse the rock group. Fight. Sexy. Very personality

Rubber -made lace. Wool collar. Metal chain with a strong line. Fracus’s edge tailoring. Leopard print velvet suit. Smoking from the rebellion.

The pattern and details of the 1920s.

The HUB英国设计师展示会--暨“伦敦设计师系列”上海成功举办

Fan -shaped fold, low waist design, collision between velvet and metal material.

Catwalk by AV Robertson from Fashion East

Catwalk by Caitlin Price from Fashion East

Catwalk by Mimi Wade from Fashion East

The HUB英国设计师展示会--暨“伦敦设计师系列”上海成功举办

Fashion East

The third series of Caitlin Price still maintains the original style and constantly digs out the fashion elements in nightlife. This time, the nightclub clothing combined with sportswear, and mixed out of a personal jacket.

The first series of MIMI WADE was from Faye Dunaway in the movie “Mystery” (1967), Marianne Faithfull in “Bare Under the Leather” (1968), and Catherine DeneVue in “Better Beauty” (1967) (1967) (1967) (1967). Get inspiration. MIMI combines a bold film element clothing, and uses fine hand -painted, painted paint, and screen printing methods to combine exaggerated jewelry to create an overall shape.

The HUB英国设计师展示会--暨“伦敦设计师系列”上海成功举办

Amie Robertson’s first series is based on the superficial realm of the designer -a story about children. Lazer applied the traditional men’s stripe elements to the women’s clothing, and inadvertently revealed the colorful lining of the colorful, shining, shiny, and transparent flowers.

Thanks to the strong support of “trendy fashion in the UK”, Virgin Airlines, and Switching-Time PR. “Trendy Fashion in the UK” was initiated by the British government and aims to promote the most outstanding results in the British fashion and shopping industry. Virgin Airlines provides the most advanced 787-9 fantasy passenger aircraft from Shanghai to London. Switching-Time PR is an integrated boutique public relations and activity service company. It provides customized services and integrated marketing programs for fashion, beauty, luxury and lifestyle brands in China and Asia-Pacific regions.

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The HUB英国设计师展示会--暨“伦敦设计师系列”上海成功举办


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The HUB英国设计师展示会--暨“伦敦设计师系列”上海成功举办


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About The Hub

The Hub is the only fashion trade exhibition in Asia that can only be involved through credible invitations. The true and credible international brand can find business exchanges with retailers and professionals in the distribution channels in Asia through this exhibition. Essence The Hub started in 2013 and will be held in Shanghai from April 9th ​​to 11th, 2016. The Hub was co -founded by two British entrepreneur Peter Caplowe and Richard Hobbs, which are currently living in Hong Kong. They have more than 50 years of experience in international fashion brands and management operations. Recently, The Hub has obtained a huge capital injection from the British FTSE250 exhibition and publishing company.

About “Trendy Fashion in the UK”

“Trendy Fashion in the UK” is one of the many branches of the “GREAT UK” promotion activity. The “GREAT UK” promotion activity is the largest national brand global promotion activity organized by the British government. It aims to show the achievements of Britain in various fields to the world and encourage people from all over the world to travel to Britain to travel, learn and engage in business activities. For more information about the promotion of “Great UK”, please visit

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