The first action we started training was push -ups, so the joints that we felt that the pain first was the wrist, so the first protective gear we used was the wrist care. Basically, the wrist care is also the first protector bought by many fitness players. Essence

For some fitness players, the wrist care is not only used for fitness, but also a gym decoration. No matter what the action they practice, they will wear wrist care.

Wearing wrist cares can make our movements more isolated, such as bench press can better feel the thoracic muscles. Wearing wrist care can also prevent us from injury to the wrist. For example, wearing wrist cares during inverted can effectively reduce wrist pain.

But it is not advisable to wear the form of wrist care. If you need to wear a wrist care no matter what you move and any intensity, you will have the following adverse effects on your wrist.

1. The strength of the wrist cannot keep up with the training intensity


Many people wear their wrists from the beginning of fitness. This situation will make the wrist intensity not exercise, so the training intensity of other parts has been up, but the wrist is not well trained. This will eventually slow down your fitness. progress.

For example, many people practice push -ups, and they will wear wrist care for training from the beginning. It is difficult for this type of player to achieve 100 push -ups in one breath because his wrist strength can’t stand the support for so long. It is difficult for him to support this high -capacity support.


And those who do not wear wrist care often do push -up training. In the past, 60 push -ups can be done, and they may challenge 100 push -ups when wearing wrist cares.

Therefore, a certain degree of assistance can help us break through the bottleneck, but the dependence from one end will make us slow. Frequent wrist care training is actually a dependence on the wrist care.


The wrist itself does not need to bear stress, so the strength of the wrist will stagnate. When the strength of the wrist guard cannot support the training strength, the weakness of the wrist will be exposed.


Second, the ability to raise wrist power decreased


The wrist is a joint site, and for joint activities, whether it can quickly raise muscle strength is a symbol to test the joint ability. For the wrist, it depends on whether it can quickly raise our arm strength.

For example, the two -force arm movement requires a strong wrist force to operate. If the wrist cannot quickly raise the power of the forearm, we will not go up.


In addition, such as the outbreak of push -ups, it also tests whether we can quickly raise the power of the forearm. Many people do the outbreak of push -ups, which are very low.


People who often wear wrist cares are to replace the muscle strength of small arm muscle with the help of the wrist care. Therefore, once the wrist care is removed, the wrist lacks stability, and the raising ability will decrease.

Therefore, people who often wear wrists, the explosive power of the upper limbs is difficult to improve. For example, it is difficult for him to learn from the outbreak -type tracting body upward, explosive push -ups, and turning in front of the hand.

Third, the wrist will be more easily injured


If our wrist intensity and the ability to raise the wrist have decreased, then at this time our wrists will actually become more vulnerable to injury.

On the one hand, due to the poor joint strength, the wrist confrontation will deteriorate, so if a certain pressure is applied by the wrist, the wrist will be injured.

For example, people who often wear wrist care push -ups, if they try to stand upside down, they will easily hurt their wrists, because inverted pressure is very powerful for the wrist.

On the other hand, due to the decline in the ability of the wrist, as a joint, its cushioning ability will weaken, so for the outbreak of the upper limbs, the wrist will be more vulnerable to injury.

For example, if you break the push -ups, you ca n’t play it. If you caught the strength of the waist and abdomen to play your body, your wrist will be easily sprained when you land on the ground.

In summary, we are not wearing wrist cares, but we cannot rely on wrist care. Generally, we wear wrist care only when high difficulty and heavy training.

And daily training and light weight training, it is not recommended that you wear a wrist care, especially when you can’t train the wrist care, this habit must be changed.


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