Five thousand years of Chinese culture

玩点不一样的中华立领 帅得一本正经

With rich Chinese elements and spiritual connotations

Create a new Chinese life

玩点不一样的中华立领 帅得一本正经

Point Chinese style

Add some trendy

Don’t say anything online celebrity explosion

I have their own style

Simple freehand Chinese elements

玩点不一样的中华立领 帅得一本正经

Freedom and casual fashion match

玩点不一样的中华立领 帅得一本正经

Fortunately and elegant literati style

The elegance of the oriental man

Cleverly to be between the classics and the trend

One shot and one line, showing the Chinese style

Li, Nai posture

Collar, there is a square

The perfect fit of the stand -up element with modern clothing

It is both the inheritance and admiration of Chinese culture

It is also the reshaping and innovation of modern fashion

玩点不一样的中华立领 帅得一本正经

Seek the slightest, define industry standards

The neckline and neck curve are naturally fitted

Stretching naturally tall body lines

Golden standards of neckline, cuffs and inside

Accurately define the fashion style of successful men

玩点不一样的中华立领 帅得一本正经

Wearing a collar is both an attitude, but also a connotation

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