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A work of Taiwan Roman Novelist Xili 1990s.

Poppy lover

The leading actor Wang Jingyao, the big brother of the underworld, the overbearing president Fan Fan, saw the female lead in the first side, announced the sovereignty with kisses, and the second side teared directly.

The heroine He Lianyou, from a young father, does not hurt, her mother does not love, autism, melancholy, calm. In order to renew her life to the vegetative brother, she sold her to the son of the fortune to the derailed husband. Her life poppy lover Wang Jingyao.

Their love begins with the destruction of family affection. The heroine knows everything. After finally accepting her father’s betrayal and abandonment. After her mother’s eccentric, she met at the age of 17

Wang Jingyao, I think she was fantasizing when she started, thinking that he would be her life -saving straw, but it became his mistress. He loved her and loved it from the first time, but he did not tell her that his love was his love. His love As he was full of aggression, he asked her to absolutely obey, absolute control, from body to heart to life, and He Pianyou’s everything was in his control. It’s just loving, but I don’t know, and I am struggling with a trapped beast. He said that he was loving and admitted that the fact that you and I knew were not harmful to you. I only have one heart, broken, and I won’t have it anymore.

Segment 1: There are many discussion topics this semester, all caused by her. The boiling of the whole school and the spread of various rumors, she became a controversial figure. But the whole school only had nothing to do with nothing.

First of all, a tragedy of a car accident, and then it was adopted. At this stage, the school flower Heyou You, who is sympathetic. In the second stage, Lu Bifang, a long -tongue woman in the class, was rendered. Everyone knew that He Liyou went in and out of a big car. Often, there were suspicious redness and bruises on the neck. The “macro high school” is fresh and beautiful, highly impossible, and the goddess’s school flowers are covered with ambiguous colors.

Fragment 2:

The child came in February, prematurely, difficulty, and almost collapsed.

罂粟的情人~席绢 (虐恋情深,霸道总裁)

The pregnancy consumed all her physical strength, and the eighteen -year -old body was not suitable for production. She thought she would die. But when she was really awake on the third day after giving birth, she knew she was still alive. A lot of blood loss made her unshakable than the corpse. After she opened her eyes, she didn’t shock anyone, and looked at the pink ceiling. The process of fertility is her dream! She was born for three days, and the child refused to come down. The pelvis has been opened, but it is found that the fetal position is not right, and it is wrapped around the fetus’s neck. Even if it can be born, it is enough to kill the child. So the doctor complained that she did not have a check -up, and someone outside the door was that once she died, he would blow up the hospital and kill everyone.

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