The popularity of the “full two-child” policy has brought endless imagination to the mother and infant and children’s clothing market, but the 6-18-year-old adolescent clothing market is relatively blank and mostly expanded and derivatives of casual clothing brands. Young people are spent on campus during the growth and development period, and the main time of the day, and the derivative series of casual clothing brands often tend to adults, and does not conform to the study, life scenes and age characteristics of adolescents. As the first school uniform brand in China, Eaton Jide has accumulated many years of industry accumulation to make it deeply in the physiological version of primary and secondary school students in China, aesthetic tendency and development laws of specific age. In the opening season of this year, in addition to the existing Tmall platform, the brand has further expanded the youth retail clothing market in the form of offline physical stores, providing a pure British-style clothing experience with rich accessories in China 6-18 years old.

Eaton Jide Shanghai Flagship Store officially opened on September 1st. The shop display is orderly and the style inherits the consistent elegant and restrained style. The style is performed by the classic British college style and light Chinese style. , Daunting red. The reporter strolled around, from the three -piece uniform, to the dresses and sweaters of the sea breeze, and then to sportswear such as baseball uniforms in sports occasions. , Daily and other occasions.

布局青少年服饰零售市场 伊顿纪德实体店入驻上海

According to the store manager: “Eaton Jide is the largest school uniform brand in China. In Shanghai, eight schools are wearing our school uniform products. Eaton’s strong design strength and industry understanding should not only serve the school. By extending to the daily wear of adolescents, we hope to let more parents and children touch it, take a look at it with their own eyes, and try it by themselves. The sincerity of high -quality clothing experience. “

Nine -year school uniform industry experience has been forged too hard quality

This is not the first time Eaton Jide has come to Shanghai. As early as 2015, Eaton was the only Chinese brand selected. It was a closing show in Shanghai International Children’s Fashion Week, elegant interpretation of pure British style.

布局青少年服饰零售市场 伊顿纪德实体店入驻上海

The value of the school uniform flagship store is attractive, but parents are more concerned about the quality of the product. According to the newly issued school uniform industry in 2015, all school uniform products must reach GB/T3188-2015, which is called “the most stringent clothing standard in history”. Standards must also be strict quality standards. In other words, in the flagship store that is not a large school uniform in front of you, the safety factor of the clothing purchased by consumers is higher than the mall, and the price of a British white shirt is about 100 yuan. Essence

布局青少年服饰零售市场 伊顿纪德实体店入驻上海

According to the person in charge of the brand: “We are the first school uniform brand to introduce SGS testing agencies in China. After the introduction of the new standard of GB/T 31888 school uniforms, it will be fully implemented. Nitrogen, can decompose toxicide and other poisonous hazards. All the products wearing are organic cotton fabrics, which are gentle and comfortable and breathable; jacket products use the internationally leading Dupont (TM) TEFLON coating technology, waterproof, anti -dirt -resistant The characteristics of anti -oil anti -oil can save the workload during cleaning. The procurement of the auxiliary materials is based on the European certification safety and environmental protection standards, and the metal button does not contain lead, nickel, etc. “

Layout the retail market becomes new in the youth clothing industry

Eaton Jide’s school uniform products mainly adopt offline school group purchase models. At present, it has provided high -quality school uniform customization services for more than 3,000 schools and more than 3,000 schools across the country. In 2016, a total of 6 million school uniforms were delivered. Its Tmall flagship store has become the first brand of Tmall Youth’s costumes; Shanghai flagship stores are expanding the retail business side of the regular service. In the near future, it will also provide campus services other than retail, together with Nanjing Headquarters, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Hangzhou The brand experience center of Wuhan better meets the needs of young people’s campuses and daily wear needs.

布局青少年服饰零售市场 伊顿纪德实体店入驻上海

Since 2016, Eaton and the British Centennial Campus Clothing Brand Trutex, professional accessories brand William Turner joined hands to present the pure British youth clothing life to China, together with its British young lady’s brand Eatonie, formed a relatively complete youth clothing brand cluster The preliminary layout of the adolescent clothing market segment was completed.

布局青少年服饰零售市场 伊顿纪德实体店入驻上海

From the expansion of school uniforms to the expansion of youth uniforms, from a single brand to a brand cluster covering the various market segments of young people’s clothing, it is a strategic consideration for the different development stages of Eatonpie brand. On the one hand, Eaton has a mature product research and development and production supply chain, the design and quality of the product, and the ability to open up a new market; on the other hand, Eaton Jidelitto is carried by the way, pinning the 6-18 years old. The aesthetic cultivation and etiquette of teenagers in critical age groups allow Chinese children to perceive the beauty of etiquette from childhood.

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