For many families, the porch seems to be a space to store shoes. In fact, Xiaoqi wants to say that what is popular now is

Porch wardrobe+shoe cabinet

The combination design, beautiful, can also make the clothes more storage space, let’s take a look with Xiao Qi ~

1. Wardrobe+shoe cabinet integrated design Amway


Gallery Porch Cabinet

All -in -one porch cabinet.

Entering the door is a promenade porch. You can choose to parallel the porch cabinet with the wall, so that the space for entry is neat and beautiful. You can choose an integrated porch cabinet, shoe cabinet+shoe stool+clothing area to increase storage capacity, and it is also convenient to go out.


The porch cabinet on both sides of the corridor.

If the corridor is spacious enough, you can consider using the space on both sides and design the porch cabinet on the left and right sides, so that the storage function is doubled!


Corner Xuanguan Cabinet

Use the corner space of the chicken ribs to customize a large corner of the corner. On one side is used to make shoe cabinets, you can also place life debris on the top. On the other side, you can make the space to leave the space to the recently changed jacket.

(Picture from Xiaohongshu@((()

There is no mysterious cabinet in the household


No porch is also a very common apartment. For such a space, we need to try to create a porch.


Discontinrative porch cabinet.


If the house is not large, you can choose to make a partition porch design vertically with the wall to meet the storage needs, and it can also protect privacy.


(Figure from Xiaohongshu@Keychain)


Parallel with the wall.

If you do not want to occupy the room space of the guest restaurant, you can also design the porch cabinet on the side of the restaurant, and can also be used as a cabinet.

2. Cabinet underwear storage artifact




In addition to hanging the clothes area, you can install the slide rail and hang it on the hook to store the children’s clothes or adult’s pants, hats and other clothes. A slide rail can store more than a dozen pieces, which effectively expands the cabinet storage space.

Lift -down clothes rod.

If some clothing is too long, you can use a lifting dress rod, and the height of the clothes can be adjusted by itself, which is convenient for the clothes to hang.

3. Reject the independence of the golden chicken, the shoe stool must be essential


There must be a sense of ritual in life. Choose a good shoe stool, which is not only convenient for changing shoes, but also to light up the space. Usually, the height of the shoe stool is 35-45cm, and the depth is about 35cm.

Embedded shoe stool.

If the home is an embedded wardrobe+shoe cabinet integrated design, you can choose to embed the shoe stool into the cabinet, leaving a short design at the bottom for easy to change the shoes.

Or make two open designs to facilitate stored shoes that are often replaced.

Mini porch stool.

For some of the porch corridors, the area of ​​the porch corridor is not spacious enough, or the apartment pattern is not very good, you can choose a mini -shoe stool, which can flexibly use the space and move arbitrarily, and occupy a small space.


Folding shoe stool.

If the porch is really, in order not to squeeze the storage space of the shoes or clothing, you can use a folding shoe stool to relieve the problem of changing the shoe stool without excess space.


4. Cabinet door popular design


Door panel shape

Choosing the right cabinet door can enhance the overall value of the porch cabinet. How can I choose the various styles of porch cabinet doors?

Tablet door.

If the decoration style of the home is modern or Nordic style, you can choose a flat door shape, and the lines are simple and simple.


There are no handle tablet door mainly to open doors, bouncers, and beads open doors.

Wiring frame shape.

If the decoration style is beautiful and European style, you can choose a line -shaped door panel. There are many types of door panels in line frames. The wire frames can be made of milling and recessing, or they can be protruded.

▲ The recessed wire frame shape door


▲ The protruding wire frame shape door


The thickness and simple or complexity of the lines determine the value of the door panel. For example, the fine lines look more exquisite, and the thick lines will look more atmospheric. Which one can be selected according to its own preferences and decoration styles to make decisions.

4. Precautions for the design of the wardrobe+shoe cabinet


The color of the cabinet door is consistent with the room.

The color of the cabinet door should be as white or consistent with the interior. In addition, a dressing mirror can be added to facilitate daily entry and exit.

Dingtian stand -like cabinet to reduce gaps.


In order to prevent the trouble of cleaning in the future, the cabinet is best to make a stand -up design, fit the ceiling, and reduce the gap.

The lighting design does not need to be warm yellow light.

You can use white lights, you can also use the bottom light belt or downlight to increase the porch area lighting.

Alright, the above is the integrated design of the wardrobe+shoe cabinet shared by Xiaoqi,


How is your porch designed? Welcome to leave a message to share ~

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