Anti-frozen solution named coolant is a mixture containing a special additive, which is suitable for the temperature range from -40 ° C to 135 ° C


There are three effects of antifreeze: 1. Winter anti -freezing 2. Summer anti -boiling 3. All yearive anti -corrosion

Anti -freezing is an important part of the engine heat dissipation. The temperature of the antifreeze will remain at about 90 ° under normal working state. Because it is at high temperature for a long time, the use performance will decrease. Therefore, the antifreeze needs to be replaced on time.

FAW-Volkswagen Original Anti-Frozen


The replacement cycle of antifreeze is generally two to three years or 60,000km. When used in the second year, the freezing tester is required to measure the antifreeze. If the value is within the standard range, it can be continued. Essence

Then what is the harm of non -freezing solution? 1. The engine wear increases the noise. 2. It will cause the aging of related cooling parts and reduce the service life. 3. If it is not replaced for a long time, it will block the cooling system, causing the air conditioner to have no warm air or the engine high temperature.

Antifreeze kettle

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