Screw hat! Intersection

Last night, I took my son’s small tricycle to the seated screws on the seated seat of the hardware store. A row of street lights shred out the night photos under the lamp. I picked up a screw of almost and pressed it into the screw hole. After the trial, the length and size were just right, so I turned to find the matching screw cap. I watched the little screw cap lying quietly in my palm, and sent out a emotion in my heart -so insignificant, but lacking you.

Looking at the screw hat and screws, the tacit and firmly fixed the original separated seats and body, making me happy that the little boy finally didn’t have to sit on the iron frame, and kicked his small three rounds with his buttocks. Staring at the screws slightly after shaking the gods, and then calling for the flowers to pick the flowers on the way back.

Dreaming last night, I dreamed that I became a small screw hat. I was stubborn and stubbornly wanted to find a person with a tacit understanding, so I got my life! So when I thought of a person, I automatically combined his fantasy boyfriend designed in his mind, and he gave it a vivid face and body.

Life likes to hit people who are different from the sky, and bombard the people like me who like to think and self -righteous from the illusory spiritual comfort area. It is its fun.

The marriage life of several years has made me completely falling off the smelly habit of like imagination. This kind of bad taste (imaginative) really should not exist. The source of the evil fun is thousands of faces, and the new life is cut off, lush and lush.

After getting out of the mental misunderstanding, he found that there were no one who had no tacit understanding in the world at all, and some were just the tolerance after one party was willing to compromise. The world is so big, but I stay in the old forest in the mountains and don’t want to go out and see.

Looking at the flowers blooming, year after year …

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