The younger brother said that if you don’t pay attention, draw a circle to curse the novel you chased tomorrow.

1. The strongest ancestors. Author: goodbye to rivers and lakes.


This is a story developed by Zongmen, a warm and joyful home.

There are not only the masters of funny, but also a group of weird disciples with different personalities.

Come on, Sao Nian.

Join my ancestors and let go of my dream together!

Wonderful review: Jun often laughed in a narrow passage. He had no mood to observe, and secretly said: “I kill people.”


He killed and killed two.

Crossing to the star meteorite is another Wu Xiu, and sooner or later, I have to experience this kind of thing.


Jun often laughed and said puzzled: “Cut off Elder Wei’s arm in the grievance platform, I just spit out the blood, why did the first kill?”

One sword killed two mountain thieves, from beginning to end.

The system explained: “Because the host has adapted to the new identity, it also has sufficient awareness of the star -meteorite continent with weak meat, and it will not be surprised to do things.”


Jun often laughed and understood.

Throw the thoughts and began to look at the surrounding environment, secretly: “This place is surrounded by mountains on three sides, the only entrance is blocked layer by layer, and it is very difficult to attack.”


The government and the factions have suffered a lot here.

“Hurry up!”

2. The last apostle. Author: Roll soil.

Yellow sand buried white bones,


The wind in the setting sun has a bloody taste.

The pain of the mainland is spreading towards all directions,

When the history of the Big Bang appears an inflection point,

When the huge steel fortress passes across, covering people’s vision,

When the conspiracy of the apostle quietly penetrated into everyone’s life.

Peace is about to be broken,

Terror is coming soon!

Wonderful review: “Mal personally found that it was not just gunpowder. In the low magic plane, even the fundamental laws of the world changed, such as the freezing point and boiling point of water …”

“Ah?” Du Yuqi said in surprise: “This, will this be different?”


Danze Road:

“Yeah, the freezing point and boiling point of the water in the Arad mainland … If it is converted to the low magic plane, it is minus 11 and one hundred degrees. Even the basic rules of the world have changed, the gunpowder is in Is there any strangeness in the Arad mainland? But this change is not too big. It can be said that even if it is the similarity of the magic plane and the high magic plane, it also reaches more than 99.9%. It’s not fundamentally different. “

Faced with a few words of Dan Ze’s lightly described, Du Yuqi felt speechless for a while.

“Yes.” Guan Ze suddenly said again:

“Do you feel your mental strength?”

“Mental power? What is that?” Du Yuqi said.

Dan Ze seriously said:

“There are various names of mental power. The profession of close -up fighting likes to call it vitality, force, fighting, and long -range attacks. Wait. In fact, although the names are different, they all mean, that is, the terrible power derived from human consciousness. “

3, extraordinary biography. Author: Xiao Qian.

Thousands of planets, endless cultivation.

Dao Yan’s dispute is endless.


Wonderful review: fire light, heavy snow, blood, flying swords, various light and shadow staggered, various weapons flying, all kinds of screams and roaring. At this moment, the ancient Xiyanmen was crying.

Mi Xiaojing and Rob rolled in the snow in the snow. The two managed to slip out of the corner door. After all, the positions of the two were in the backyard of Xiyanmen, and there were relatively few enemies here.

Sneak came to the corner and escaped along the courtyard wall.

Before going far, a cultivator wearing gorgeous clothing appeared in front of him. He stood in the snow and looked indifferent.

“Squat on the ground, otherwise … death!”

That person is just responsible for blocking ordinary people and not allowed anyone to leave.

Mi Xia Jing looked at him. This was a tall guy, and there was a large sword in his hand. Mi Xia Jing understood that the only consequence of resistance was what he said, dead! There is no second possibility, so Mi Xia Jing squatted down with Rob.

There is no idea of ​​resistance at all. Mi Xia Jing’s education has been good at people since he was a child. He suddenly met the wicked. He didn’t know what to do.

4, five elements. Author: Fang thought.

In the integration of the world, the spiritual power dissipates, the world of cultivation in millions of years collapses, and the invasion of the barren invasion, the five elements became the last line of defense of the cultivator.

Thousands of years later, the humble young man from the old soil, with a hard work, went deep into the barren and deserted for three years, and was a chance to enter the five elements of heaven.

The teenager who is eager to master destiny and pursues strongerness, with the beast -like fighting instinct, set off a gorgeous storm.

Wonderful review: Lou Lan blew into a panton yellow sand, which transformed into a tight yellow sand fist: “Ai Hui, come on.”

Ai Hui laughed, tightened the backpack on his shoulders, and walked out of the door of the military front.

Walking on the street, Ai Hui obviously felt that the flow of people was much more than usual. After a while he understood that most of these people were students from other cities, and they were fighting for blind battles. Listening to their enthusiastic discussions such as which master, what mysterious earth repair, what ancestor.

Ai Hui was confused, and he had never heard of it. He had forgotten that he had pretended to be native.

But soon, he heard something that could understand.

“Did you hear? Gu Tianning challenged Duanmu dusk, but unfortunately Duanmu was unable to fight because of the cold infection.”

“Ah, that’s a pity! I have seen Gu Tianning’s strength, strong! The inductive field ranks forty -nine, but it is the top 50 master

Intersection And it is a fighting madman. Duanmu dusk is the first day of Matsuya City. The most outstanding children of the Duanmu family are definitely a dragon fight! “

5. Super God gene. Author: Twelve Wings Dark Seraph.

In the magnificent interstellar era in the future, human beings finally overcome the space transmission technology, but when humans transmitted to the other end, they found that it was not the past and the future, nor the land under the starry sky …

Wonderful review: According to this situation, mutant creatures should take about three months to evolve into blood creatures. This time is not short, but it is not long.


It is almost impossible for ordinary people to hunt a blood creature within three months. Even Qin Xuan may not be able to hunt a complete god blood creature at the end of the year.

With this black crystal, Han Sen can get a blood creature stably in three months, which can be described as perverted.

“As long as I give me enough time, there is no difficulty in the evolution of the whole gene. At that time, it must be able to get the title of the blood nobles.” Han Sen thought slightly in his heart.

Sending away the world of asylum, I did not see Qin Xuan unexpectedly today, nor did I know she was bored, or there were important things to do. There was no time to clean up Hansen.

Han Sen had just walked out of the teleportation station and saw a girl standing on the side of the road in front.

The girl Han Sen was very familiar with Xue Xi, who grew up with Zhang Danfeng.

6, Zhenwu World. Author: cow in a cocoon.

After getting involved in a catastrophe of all peak strongs for thirty -three days, the emperor and his opponent finally World War I. Broken the abyss world. In the vortex of time and space, endless time and space.

The vast wilderness, the martial arts civilization is still in the initial stage, and it is slowly developing. Many wild and peerless masters are still exploring the road of martial arts.

Wonderful retrospective: Lian Chengyu said lightly, and was so happy to send death. It was so pitiful to do this.

“Xie Gongzi.”

Yi Yun is very happy. This is not a disguise. He is really happy. He originally thought that when he met Lian Chengyu, Yi Yun was afraid that this guy suddenly became nervous after seeing himself, and then patted himself. Essence

Although it is said that Lian Chengyu’s black hands can’t be Yi Yun at all, this will cause great trouble.

For the first time Lian Chengyu couldn’t kill himself, he probably felt that he accidentally lost his hand. If he couldn’t kill himself for the second time, he would be aware of it. For Yi Yun, no It is a good news.

7, martial arts emperor. Author: Doudou at the penalty station.

If this mountain is not there, what is the use of my body?


Wonderful review: Jiangning County, Situ Yunxiao learned that the mission failed, and could not help but be angry. He decided to kill the old man together and sent three strong men in the middle period of blood.

Everyone in Wanshan Town experienced the escape from death, and his heart was inexplicable. Except for the three people, the people were waiting for Ye Qinghan’s return.


“Ye Qinghan is back!”

The next morning, I did n’t know who shouted, which alarmed Wanshan Town. Yesterday ’s hunter walked out of the house, opened up a road, and welcomed the town.

“I have seen Mr. Ye!”

“Thank you Mr. Ye’s life -saving grace!”

Everyone bowed and expressed their gratitude, and even ignored the giant tiger under Ye Qinghan.

“Cher replaced his father to welcome Mr. Ye’s return. My father said that let me be your maid and repay your life -saving grace.” Bai Xueer was wearing Mai, tall figure and flawless, and said respectfully in front of Ye Qinghan. Essence

8. Tongtianxian Road. Author: Cangtian Baihe.


Introduction: The wind and snow are overwhelmed, and the frost is cold. An old craftsman adopted a child who was frozen to death from the street.


Wonderful review: However, for him, this answer is really shocking, making it difficult for him to believe. After hesitant for a moment, Kang Weibo murmured: “Old craftsman, if I have nothing to remember, the time of Ouyang brothers to take the torch seeds should be less than two months, right?”

The old craftsman’s head faintly said: “It’s almost two months.”

The weird face of Kangwubo said, “Two months, as far as I know, most people may not be able to activate the arms smoothly!”

The old craftsman glanced at him coldly and said, “Do you mean, my old man is lying to you?”

Kang Weibo waved his hand and smiled bitterly: “Oh, the old man sees you say, how could I doubt what you said. Just, just …” He stomped heavily, “Old man, this attribute military knife, this attribute military knife, Is it really the little brother of Ouyang? “


The old craftsman snorted, and said, “General Chen sent someone to the Military Division and gave me ten treasures ore. Do you know?”

Kang Weibo quickly said: “Knowing that you always build a weapon for General Chen, whoever knows about the barracks, who doesn’t know?”

The Military Division is the real director of the military logistics. Although the equipment camp also has the material department, the raw materials of the real treasures are stored within the military demand. However, those who can get materials directly from the Military Division can be regarded as the power of the army.

The old craftsman laughed, and said, “Master Kang, this time you guessed wrong, the ten treasures ore by General Chen, not for me.”

So this is the end of this recommendation. In the end, “the sky does not give birth to my younger brother, and the eternal books are looking for the night.”

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