Although Durant has not been healed back, Nike has officially released Durant’s latest generation signature KD13 in April this year. Since three months, many high -value color schemes have been released, and they have been favored by many NBA players. Top.

复古条布纹 + 油漆风格!全新 Nike KD13 你打几分?

Recently, Nike launched a new color matching KD13 “BLEACH”.

复古条布纹 + 油漆风格!全新 Nike KD13 你打几分?

The entire pair of shoes is based on a black, adding neon and grid pattern decoration, and the overall shape is extremely low -key.

The Swoosh Logo outside the shoe is still presented in black, but the inner Swoosh Logo is decorated with bright green decoration, showing a strong visual impact.

复古条布纹 + 油漆风格!全新 Nike KD13 你打几分?

At the same time, the positions of Kevin Durant, rear heels, and sole Air Zoom at the tongue are presented with green, and the paint style is applied to the inner logo echo.

复古条布纹 + 油漆风格!全新 Nike KD13 你打几分?

It is reported that this Nike KD 13 “Bleach” will appear within the next few months at $ 150. Interested friends may wish to pay more attention, we will continue to pay attention to and report the first time.

Nike KD 13 “BLEACH”

Sales date: 2020 summer

Sales price: $ 150 dollars

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