I believe that a lot of 23 postgraduate partners are struggling with this question. Let me answer now:

A few days ago, I saw such a saying: Those who get the world who get the world can get mathematics.In fact, I feel that this statement is very actual. After the reform of the question type reform, the proportion of selection and filling has increased, so I recommend 660 questions, because 660 questions are selected and filled.It is very suitable to use in the basic stage. The second brush in the enhancement stage is also very nice, especially the number of questions will not be a lot, completely within the acceptable range; Zhang Yu 1000 questions can be brushed, but the difficulty in the back is too difficult to be too large in the back.It is easy to lose confidence, mainly simple, too simple, difficult and difficult, so it is not recommended.

The person who came here deeply felt that it was really important to choose the information that suits them, so you must be careful when you choose the information.

In the end, the road to the postgraduate entrance examination is lonely and long. Since you choose the road to postgraduate entrance examination, you can go well. I must believe that the one ashore must be myself

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