The car window is like human eyes, which not only affects the aesthetics of the vehicle, but also has hidden safety hazards if the window is not well maintained. Today I will tell you what you must know about car glass maintenance!

1. Use glass water reasonably

When we drove, when we found that the front glass was blurred or stained, we could clean it with glass water with a wiper. When the glass reflects at night, you can also wipe it with glass water. Therefore, general glass water will be used quickly, so pay attention to replenishment in time.

However, some people are greedy for cheap. They choose to use laundry powder or detergent to replace glass water by themselves, or directly use water. These methods are not desirable. First, use washing powder or detergent will block the water spray mouth. It is easy to corrode the rubber tube for a long time. Moreover, it will accelerate the hardening of the tubing tape. When the hardening gum scraping the windshield, it will accelerate the surface of the windshield to be scratched and scraped. If you replace the wiper, the cost will be more than a few bottles of glass water. So do not do the stupid thing to destroy the car in order to be cheap for a while.

汽车玻璃保养 你必须知道的那点事儿

Second, film

1. Safe explosion -proof: Car glass film, is a layer of film, stacked above PET film that gives strong resistance to impact capabilities, especially the thickness of Youma’s full safety film is as high as 4.5mil. It is packed on the glass behind the glass The powerful performance can be under strong impact of the glass, prevent glass fragments from splashing and hurting people, ensure the safety of drivers and passengers, strictly abide by the safety bottom line, and protect the owner’s physical property safety!

汽车玻璃保养 你必须知道的那点事儿

2. UV prevention: A large number of scientific examples have confirmed that excessive ultraviolet and blue light exposure will cause serious harm to human skin, eyes, and interior. If you are 100 % obstructive, after being packed in the car, the person sitting in the car will no longer worry about the skin, damage to the vision, and the aging of the interior.

Insulation of insulation: Youma automotive glass film with inorganic primary color nano ceramic technology is up to 95%of infrared rays, which will reduce the use of automotive air conditioners, reduce the temperature in the car, reduce fuel consumption, and create a comfortable driving environment.

Third, glass insurance

汽车玻璃保养 你必须知道的那点事儿

The glass crushed insurance alone, that is, the insurance company is responsible for compensating for the insurance vehicle in the process of using a commercial insurance for the loss of the glass alone. The glass of glass alone means that only the windshield and window glass (excluding car lights and mirror glass) are damaged.

In addition, if you are insured at the import glass rate, the insurance company compensates at the price of the imported glass. If the domestic glass rate is insured, the insurance company will compensate at the price of domestic glass. Buying glass insurance for a car can effectively ensure the safety of the glass, and the owner can also drive with confidence.

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