The annual drama of the year of the Normal University

“Mengxin Choose Room”

I believe that the small poetry wine has long been “cheating with fists”,

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

I’m eager to try

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

If you really choose

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

But it’s all foggy again

But don’t worry

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

Next, the dormitory of the small mountain will

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

Explain in all aspects

Make you instantly transform

Teacher’s “Dormitory Small Expert”


新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

Before the start of school, the dean will make a lottery to determine the dormitory building of each hospital, and then the new students will be selected by the “Perfect Campus” app to determine their dormitory number online. For specific time, you can pay attention to the “Perfect Campus” app or the official headline official micro -official Q. If you have news, you will notify everyone in time!

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!


The student dormitory building is mainly distributed in Dongmen and Haiyuan, and there are also a small part of the south gate.

There are roughly three types of dormitory, including four rooms, six rooms, and eight people.

There are three types of four people: there are three types:

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

There are balconies and Duwei (new dormitory building, going to bed and table) 900/year;

There is no independent guard in the balcony (Dongmen dormitory area, going to bed and the table) 900/year;

No balcony and no deeds (there are eight -world transformation, going to bed and table) 500/year.

There are two different types of six people:

There are balconies and Duwei (going to bed and desk) 800/year;

There is no independent guard (going to bed and desk) 800/year.

The eight rooms are: no balcony and no guard (getting bed and getting bed, only six people are transformed by eight people, and they will change the dormitory in the second year) 500/year.

Outside the dormitory

The clean wall is contrasting with the blue sky

The buildings of the buildings rose up

Neat arrangement is relatively different

Think about this is your “home” in the next four years

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

Is it very excited? Intersection

Inside of the dormitory

Bright and neat channel

Clean and convenient public facilities

Spacious interior decoration

Simple but not losing the air

Excellent dormitory display

A full girl heart

There is no sense of rituals of life

The ideal dormitory is not the case

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

You can also have such a perfect dormitory!

Campus hand drawing

In the figure, No. 1-18 is the Tao Liyuan dormitory area

No. 19-25 is Haiyuan Dormitory Area

29, 30 is the new dormitory building

you ask I answer

Dormitory bed size?

The size of the bed in the Tao Li Park is 0.9*1.9m;

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

Haiyuan District bed size is 0.8*1.9m.

Is the campus network charging? How to pay?

The campus network covers the entire campus for 24 hours, and the cost is 20 yuan per month. Payment requires me to handle the school card on the first floor of the science and technology building.

Is the dormitory power off at night?

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

The dormitory is constantly electric 24 hours!

What are the equipment in the dormitory building?

There are automatic vending machines and a row of high -power sockets for hair dryers under each dormitory. Each floor is equipped with several washing machines to use themselves.

How to charge the washing machine?

There are two -dimensional codes next to each washing machine. Use WeChat to scan into the small program to select different laundry modes. Different models of time and different payment amounts are different.

Is there any access control in the dormitory?

The dormitory opens the door at 6:00 in the morning and locks the door at 22:30 pm. From Monday to Friday morning, the dormitory aunt’s auntie was not allowed to enter and exit from 8: 00-9: 30. In the afternoon, the room would not be available except Tuesday.

Is it used for infinite electricity?

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

Each bedroom is given 100 degrees of electricity per semester, and it is necessary to recharge and send electricity at the aunt downstairs. So everyone must also save electricity!

How much is the dormitory?

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

宿舍楼限压500w,不准使用违规电器,具体违规电器如变压排插,烘鞋器,电热毯,电饭锅,电热壶,电锅,电热杯,电暖气,电暖扇,电暖Plasma, electric shoe, eggs, soymilk machine, juicer, yogurt machine, electric iron, soup pot, induction cooker, microwave oven, electric vehicle battery, refrigerator, electric freezer, washing machine, etc. are not allowed to use or carry!

No tall decoration

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

No expensive equipment

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

The dormitory of the teacher’s court may not be perfect

But the teacher’s heart guards your heart

The most precious

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

As a nest of the next four years

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

Koyama also hopes that everyone can live in

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

My favorite dormitory

But no matter what the dormitory is

新生开学第一弹 | 从宿舍开始!

Four -year time

Please forgive a letter

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