I like everything, such as beautiful texts, beautiful pictures, beautiful scenery … As long as it is pleasing to the eye, it will make me intoxicated …


Among these beautiful things, China is the same. For so many years, I have always loved it. For the first time, it was sixteen years ago. I accidentally saw a red, small and beautiful hanging ornament. At that time, I asked others to learn that it was named China. I appreciated it for a long time and studied it carefully, and I wanted to figure out how this knot was formed, but I couldn’t solve it. It happened that I had a strong desire to learn. It happened that my cousin heard my needs after I heard my needs, and returned to back to my needs. Han went to the bookstore to buy me a high -priced “Chinese Jiejie Jie” book. Looking at this exquisite print and heavy book, I am really happy and excited! Today, I would like to thank my generous cousin. This book he bought took me into the door of weaving in China!

After my own book that makes me love, I feel that my life becomes particularly fulfilling. When I spare time, I was studying it. I read it carefully. From the beginning of the homepage, the more you see, the more it makes me like it, because whether it is a small basic knot or a complicated type of disk, etc. The names are so beautiful and smooth, and they are beautiful and eye -catching, and some have such beautiful meanings. After watching a pleasant viewing, I practiced in the picture. Of course, I will encounter a lot of difficulties at the beginning. Even though each knot is basically simple, it seems that it is a bit complicated. It is not necessary to be sloppy, otherwise the result is different from the book. It is really necessary to master the important practice. Especially when learning is more complicated, it is necessary to be careful again. Often, after spending a effort to make a good job as six or eight, people are still happy and relaxed. Suddenly I found that there was something wrong, and that people felt that everyone was about to collapse, because the former merit was abandoned, and only the whole thing was removed. After the completion is completed again, hurry up and check whether the half -hanging heart can be put down after the correct check, and starting the plastic surgery. The final process is really easy and pleasant!

In continuous learning, I have more and more admired the wisdom of the ancients who inventing the basic knot and the development of a generation of handmade artists who have developed in China. Because they have these beautiful knots, they can enrich and feel happy learner life! Let users decorate life and enjoy beauty!

(The picture above is a gift I have edited more than ten years ago. The gift for the sister who moved to the new home, which means that the pendants who have more than the year, my sister has remained so happy and moved to her!) Thank her!)

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