Recently, helmets fired too hot, even with a lot of people put a helmet masks For comparison, consider a helmet mask will be the next hot product in the cross-border electricity supplier.


But then look at the reasons helmet sales of short-term growth, the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau to deploy nationwide beginning on June 1 implementation of “a helmet along the” security guard action, electric vehicles on the road must wear helmets. The electric car is a lot more important cities in the short-distance transport, which sparked demand for helmets.

The Foreign Office is still the main tone is the online home, expected to be significant potential for explosion models of helmets that are active in outdoor products is estimated to be short-term, compared to the cross-border sale, the domestic market is definitely bigger.

However, demand from the helmet, you can get a glimpse of the needs of users is the product corresponds to sales growth, especially in this particular case, must identify the needs of users is very important.

According to foreign media here small survey of foreign consumers, to introduce some of the potential products under different needs, hoping for a little inspiration seller of election materials.

Lingerie – house cozy demand


Cozy house needs epidemic forcing more Americans to work from home, so they are also increasingly demanding pajamas, sleepwear use only for sleeping, but also as home work and casual wear.

Pajamas user demand growth, Adobe said, compared with March, April pajamas sales jumped 143%, compared with the beginning of March to mid-April, average daily sales online pajamas average growth of 49%.

In the Google search trends have also been part of the boom:

On Amazon, pajamas for quality, customer demand is getting higher and higher. Loose and comfortable to play the main keywords, users are also very concerned about the issue after washing will deformation.

At the same time, due to the arrival of summer, pajamas styles are slowly transition from long trousers to jacket trousers or even shorts, it is particularly important for the material and style options.

Inflatable swimming pool – pseudo outdoor entertainment needs

Pseudo outdoor entertainment needs every year in May and June, are American family beach trips, camping and outdoor play pool period, but the blockade of the seaside, camping is not allowed.

People still do not give up playing beach Family Fun project, just put it to the yard from the beach, with a hydrophilic environment simulation inflatable pool, swimming. In Google trends, the popularity of search is gradually on the rise:

In the Amazon, inflatable pool of relatively simple models, usually blue shape by stitching a base fabric directly or presentation tricyclic shape, designed specifically for children lovely shape:


The average price of a single inflatable pool of around 40 US dollars, but with the average price of the inflator of around $ 150, but many components, is easy to install the user’s point of criticism.

For the inflatable pool, the stability, integrity and tarpaulin stretch of the base is very important, and the trek can easily lead to product damage, which is so prohibitive that many sellers.

Ms. waist trainer – body sculpting fitness needs

Body sculpting fitness needs and fitness needs actually been there, especially for women in terms of beauty.

At present due to the gym and outdoor sports are all closed, the interior of some of the small sports and fitness products on especially by the user’s favorite, especially American women the very pursuit of exquisite body caused Ms. waist trainer becomes an auxiliary body sculpting very effective tool.


On Google Trends you can also see the search continued popularity did not fall, and faint upward trend:

On Amazon, this product design is relatively simple, but the seller can make some segments and changes in the pattern and color of the product:

For this product, consumer demand point mainly concentrated in motion plastic, absorb sweat, you can adjust the waist, especially for washing this piece have higher requirements, need to pay special attention to instructions.


At the same time, some consumers may be allergic to the material circumstances arise, the need for strict instructions.

Haircut Kit – clean home personal needs

Home Personal neat haircut demand can be described as the latest hot products of potential products. The reason is simple, there are in the barber shop to suspend business in the state, while the United States and Europe of human hair generally relatively strong, the growth rate is very fast.

In this special time, do it yourself for yourself and the children were home haircut becomes very necessary, demand is certainly growing.

In the Amazon, haircutting scissors products in a single product, but also hair-cutting knife and the teeth shear thinning pole set, there is added a comb-pack, brush and brush bibs increase more specialized packages.


Currently professional suit becoming increasingly popular, especially mom class consumers, look more professional and fun.

Portable air conditioner – seasonal changes in demand for comfort

Seasonal changes in demand in summer brings comfort, cool and comfortable for the needs and Cengceng rise. And because the American people are very particular about privacy and personal space, small portable air conditioning demand continues to rise and is not unusual.


In the Amazon, the shape of the portable air conditioner is also very simple, divided and without wheels with wheels are two kinds of volume and degree of influence of a strong cold wind chilled the room time.


On user demand, in addition to wind speed and cooling time, the user is very high sensitivity to noise, and has high requirements for ease of installation, and therefore specific and detailed description is necessary.

In addition, a small air-conditioning control sensitivity is also a point of concern to buyers.


The arrival of summer, the heat of summer, a lot of products gradually increased, if not air-conditioned, there are many small products can rub this wave of seasonal heat. Shipping Restrictions US stations have been solved, many sellers began to put new products into the selection, but the current situation is very special, historical performance of many products can not be used as a basis of reference. This time, the seller is only true from the user’s needs, I think clearly the value and meaning of different products for users and show it, perhaps in order to obtain the trust of customers and orders.

Still thinking about the helmet? Demand behind these products really hit the hearts of foreigners

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