The baby baby weighs 7.21-14.00kg, and is 68.6-85.0cm in length; the baby baby weighs 6.87-13.15kg, and the length is 67.2-83.4cm.

超全 | 1岁宝宝发育知识合集,速速收藏

Note: The above data is compiled according to the “Reference Standards for the Growth and Development of Children under 7 years old in China”.

Detailed explanation of one -year -old baby development index

The baby’s independent consciousness increases. From independent walking, he can eat food, to wear clothes and socks. The coordination ability of the baby’s eyes and eyes has been further strengthened, and the strength of the legs has been further strengthened. It is not necessary to support it for 10 seconds. But 12 -month -old babies still can’t use spoon.

Although the pronunciation is not accurate, the one -year -old baby will not only say that parents and mother and other relatives will also send a single syllable verb such as getting, giving, dropping, playing, and drag. Can also graffiti.

One -year -old baby’s development nutrition suggestion

At this stage, most of the babies can be eaten, but he may start picking up. Therefore, mothers need to change daily food and cultivate their baby’s good eating habits.

超全 | 1岁宝宝发育知识合集,速速收藏

Pay attention to cholesterol and other fats is very important for the baby’s growth and development, so it should be sufficient to intake the baby. Moms should try to provide babies with recipes consisting of the following 4 kinds of foods: 1. Meat, fish, poultry, eggs; 2. Dairy products; 3. Fruits and vegetables; 4. Grain, potatoes, rice, bread, pasta.

超全 | 1岁宝宝发育知识合集,速速收藏

One -year -old baby care point

1. Baby sleep

The baby’s sleeping time at this age is 10-11 hours at night, adding to sleep twice a day, 1-2 hours each time. Each baby’s sleep time is different. If the baby sleeps too little time, pay attention to providing a good sleep environment to help improve the baby’s sleep. Babies with poor sleep can also reduce appetite.

2. Baby wearing shoes

Some babies at this stage have already left. At this time, when buying shoes, you should buy bigger, so as not to affect the baby’s normal growth and development. In the summer, buying shoes should be moderate in size. Because summer shoes are easier to observe, you can look at the baby’s appearance, and you can also touch the baby’s feeling of putting on the shoes. It is just right to buy. When buying shoes in winter, it is better to put his hand into the shoes worn by the baby from the heel and leave a small finger.

3. Baby dress

The baby of this age is too fast and the clothes are eliminated quickly, so you need to buy a new number of clothes suitable for your baby. Be careful not to wear too much clothes for your children, and don’t wear too much clothes for your baby. Give your baby to choose thin fabrics to facilitate your baby’s activities.

4. Baby excretion

超全 | 1岁宝宝发育知识合集,速速收藏

After weaning and eating, the stool is only once or twice. At this time, parents should pay more attention to the training of bowel movements, so that children can develop good bowel habits. During this period, the baby’s small nervous development has not been completely mature. You can slowly train your baby to urinate. By a certain time, the baby is willing to take the urine to start without diaper or when he sleeps at night.

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