Dongfangwang · Performing Art Field reported on November 5: Recently, many authoritative media have reported the winter storage work of the PLA Plateau, starting from all aspects of clothing, food, housing, and behavior. Do a good job in training life for officers and soldiers. Among them, last year’s first debut of new type of cold -proof boots (20 types of cold -proof boots) has been distributed in place. The boot is not only equipped with starry sky camouflage paint, but also lightweight design.

Caption: Smart heating suit

Winter is approaching, and the combat is tight. Including another group of single soldiers, including new single -soldier tactical vests, new brown light combat boots, new cold -proof boots and smart heating suits, etc. Among them, intelligent heating kits, using large -capacity portable mobile power, scientifically designed multiple heating areas such as waist and abdomen, legs, and back.


New brown light combat boots


The two types of combat boots distributed this time are even more impressive: first of all, the new brown light combat boots, the upper is composed of chromium tannant cow brown head layer anti -velvet leather and composite canvas, comfortable, breathable, lightweight and durable; Followed by new cold -proof boots,

The toe is thickened, sturdy, strong and durable. The upper is made of high -quality beef velvet material, waterproof, anti -slip, cold resistance and warmth, and boots coating starry sky camouflage, which can better integrate with the new single soldier system.


Caption: Type 20 Cold Boots

Before this new type of cold -proof boots, the main cold -proof boots of our army were type 07 cold -proof boots. The upper part of this boot was made of independent down folding felt. It was made of natural down resources. it is good. Compared with wool felt, it is more warm and more compact. In particular, because a layer of PTFE film is used in the shoe, it also has a good windproof effect while taking into account the breathability.

Caption: Screenshot of Video of Polytesylin Afluoroethylene film of type 07


As a follow -up improvement model of the 07 -type cold -proof boots, the new type of cold -proof boots will also inherit the advantages of this aspect. At the same time, new type of cold -proof boots,

New materials such as low -temperature foaming midsole and professional high -altitude climbing rubber outsoles are greatly reduced compared to the 07 -type cold -proof boots. , Heel, ankle, improve the service life.

Data map: Type 97 combat boots


It is worth mentioning that aside from the emergencyly developed land -air soldiers leather shoes and paratroopers dedicated to the Eye Self -Defense Counterattack, the PLA has only a history of more than twenty teenagers in the history of general combat boots. In the early 1990s, our army developed combat boots for the first time to position its needs as “combining combination of combat training, mainly war”. Combat boots -97 -style combat boots were born.

In the new century, Chinese military workers have developed 03 -type combat boots. The 03 -type combat boots basically use the design of the 97 -type combat boots. Due to the use of the same single -secret rubber outsole, the weight of the 03 combat boots exceeds 1.5 kg. This combat is only equipped with a small amount of special forces peacekeeping forces, but it is not installed in batches in the troops.

Data Figure: Type 07 combat boots


Subsequently, the production schedule of Type 07 in 2007 came out. This combat boot was composed of the black leather material of the whole body, weighing 1.45 kg. In general, the 07 -type combat boots are much better than the first two combat boots in all aspects, which can adapt to the comprehensive combat environment of jungle, mountains, deserts or hills.

Data Figure: Type 17 combat boots


At the end of 2017, the 17 -type combat boots of the 07 -type combat boots came out. Thanks to bacteriostatic lining and shock absorption midsole, the 17 -type combat boots obtained a comfortable foot feeling similar to sports shoes. The 17 combat boots also have two models in summer and winter. They no longer allow “one boots to wear four seasons”, and further combat boots improve their applicability.

New hot zone island reef operation boots

In recent years, the PLA has upgraded its technical iteration in military shoes very fast, and multi -type special -purpose military boots are quickly installed for troops. In terms of the new brown light combat boots that debuted this time, compared with the 16th batch of brown combat boots wearing the 16th batch of the 16th batch of brown combat boots wearing the troops, there has been a lot of changes in the shape. For another example, the new hot -zone island reef operation boots tried on the Nansha Defense Forces last year are significantly different from the type 17 combat boots, and have made significant progress in lightweight and heat dissipation.


Data map: Brown combat boots worn by Dalfurvi and troops in Sudan

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