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[Global Network Intelligent Report Reporter Zhang Yang] No place to exercise at home? Or are you addicted to watching the ball and want to gallop the green field, or do you want to create a super strong team in live football? The dreams of these sports fans are likely to be reality.

Combined with the official news and the information of the industry website Footy Headlines, we can roughly see the information of Adidas’s upcoming GMR insoles.

This insole uses Google’s moisturizing fabric tracking label technology, which can not only detect your play and control movement, but also turn it into data to upload it to the mobile FIFA APP. Your skills will help you improve your FIFA Game team performance.

Although, I do n’t know how much this insole will be priced, but on March 10th, Google and Adidas issued a statement. Both parties have high expectations for this insole, so you may wish to guess boldly.

This insole may help Adidas push its new sports shoes to those “Messi” in the future, and Google can also allow those who do not care about smart jackets and smart backpacks to understand the flower tracking technology.

Thinking longer, you can put down your mobile phone in the future, not only sweating in the game, but also in reality, you can also exercise in real games and improve your health.

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谷歌和阿迪达斯又联合创新 这次是未来运动鞋垫

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