Report, the basic knowledge of the RJ45 connector (crystal head) is finished

“Report, the basic knowledge of the RJ45 connector (crystal head) is finished!” You organize the connector, purchase the connector, and go to Desso.

The RJ-45 plug is a plastic connector that can only be inserted in a fixed direction and automatically prevent falling off. It is commonly known as “crystal head”. The professional terms are RJ45 connectors (RJ-45 is a network interface specification. The 11 interface is the “telephone interface” we usually use to connect to the phone line). What it calls it “crystal head” is because of its clear appearance and translucent. The two ends of the twisted wire must be installed with this RJ-45 plug in order to insert network communication on the RJ-45 interface of the network card (NIC), hub (HUB) or switch (Switch) for network communication.

The RJ-45RJ11 interface is similar to the RJ45 interface, but only 4 needles (RJ45 are 8). In the computer system, RJ11 is mainly used to connect the Modem debugger. In daily applications, RJ-11 is common in telephone lines. There is also a RJ12 that is usually suitable for voice communication. The structure is the same as the first two, but there are six pin (6P6C). At the same time, there are also two types of six grooves and four stitches (6P4C) and two stitches (6P2C).

Regarding the crystal head twisted, its color label and arrangement method has a unified international standard strict regulations, so just remember the standard when doing it. Now it is commonly used in TIA/EIA568B.

568A standard: white green, green, white orange, blue, white and blue, orange, white brown, brown.

568B standard: white orange, orange, white green, blue, white and blue, green, white brown, brown.

There are two types of Ethernet twisted cables: one is a widely used direct connection, and the other is the intersection used under special circumstances. Under the case of incompetence, direct connection cables are used. The interface is the same.

The approach of the cross line is: one end adopts 568A standard, and the one is 568B standard.


The method of parallel lines is: the two ends use the same standard (both 568A standard or 568B standard).


When connecting the Gigabit network, it is slightly different. One is: white orange, orange, white and green, blue, white and blue, green, white brown, brown; the other end is: white green, green, green, white brown, brown, orange, blue, white and blue.

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