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Global sports marketing events TOP10, we have made the most important and efficient sorting on the most important and efficient sorting and efficient sports business information of corporate brand marketing sponsorship, business cooperation, athlete personal endorsement, media broadcast rights, and sporting rights in the past week. For a week, sports marketing events at home and abroad have provided professional reference opinions.

You are welcome to pay attention to and put forward valuable comments, you can leave a message or inquire with our background. The following is a summary of global sports marketing TOP10 from March 7th to March 13th.

10. The Italian Football Association establishes long -term partnership with Adidas

On March 9, the Italian Football Association officials announced a long -term partnership with Adidas. It is worth mentioning that the sponsor of Serie A will be replaced from Adidas to Puma, and the two brands’ competition for Italian football IP is regardless of distinguishing.

体育营销Top10|北京冬残奥会圆满闭幕 lululemon推出女鞋系列

Since January 2023, the Italian national team (men’s football, women’s football, youth echelon, five -person football, beach football, e -sports team) will wear Adidas products to play. This also means that if you are promoted to the Qatar World Cup, the Italian national team will be the last time in the contract period.

9. Short -track Speed ​​Skating World Champion Han Tianyu becomes Junlebao Milk Powder Brand Family Friends Cooperation by Alien Sports

On March 9th, alien sports helped the short track speed skating world champion Han Tianyu became a close friend of the Junle Bao milk powder brand. He accompanied the future of China Bingxue to make quality achieve new power!

体育营销Top10|北京冬残奥会圆满闭幕 lululemon推出女鞋系列

Although the cause of Chinese sports and Chinese milk powder is two different areas, at the level of spiritual value, it is inextricably related. Together with the champion behind the championship to continue to contribute new forces to China Ice and Snow Sports, this is the lively epitome of countless domestic products under the times, and the brand structure of Junlebao milk powder. Entry and relay.

8. Zhou Guanyu became an AMX brand spokesperson for AMX

News on March 8th, recently, An Musi AMX officially announced that Zhou Guanyu was the spokesperson for the AMX brand. An Muhuan wrote: Adventure again and again is just to challenge the whole new self! Welcome to F1 driver Zhou Guanyu to join the AMX family and officially become the AMX brand spokesperson!

It is worth mentioning that Anmuxi AMX is also a sponsor of Alpha Romeo F1, and its brand logo is significantly exposed on the body and tires of the C42. The F1 new season will be held on March 18-20 on the Balling International Circuit.

7. Zhang Hong is the Ambassador of Lancel Lance Lance

On March 8th, China’s high -end women’s clothing brand Lance announced that the signing of China’s speed skating first gold winner Zhang Hong was Lance | Universal’s “where’s time & jurrasic World III” series brand exploration ambassador to interpret the series of confident and tough internal power of the series. At the same time, in -depth exploration of connections and changes between cities and nature.

体育营销Top10|北京冬残奥会圆满闭幕 lululemon推出女鞋系列

The person in charge of the Langzi women’s clothing brand introduced that the announcement of the signing of Zhang Hong as the global joint series of brand exploration ambassadors coincided with her experience and temperament with the female image respected by Langzi.

体育营销Top10|北京冬残奥会圆满闭幕 lululemon推出女鞋系列

6. The Chinese women’s football team holds the plant doctor to build a bloom

On March 10, China Ford Bao Football Industry Development Corporation jointly announced that the two sides officially reached a cooperation agreement with the Chinese national makeup brand, the plant doctor, and the plant doctor became the official partner of the Chinese National Women’s Football Team and the Chinese Football Association Women’s Football League.

One is the Chinese women’s football team that dares to fight and fight for glory to the country, and the people of the whole country are proud and moved; the other is to continuously develop high -quality plant products, show the beauty of women, and determine the national makeup brand of beautiful China on the world stage. Nowadays, the two sides cross -border hand in hand, with the national spirit of self -strengthening and self -confidence, resonate with the same frequency, excite each other, and co -rate the beautiful chapter of “self -confidence, strong toughness, and showing themselves”.

5. China Football Association released the official APP and applets of “Green China”

On March 12, the Chinese Football Association officially released the “Green China” APP and applets. According to the official website of the Football Association, Green China “as the official social football platform of the Chinese Football Association, at the beginning of the design, based on the concept of” helping the development of the public football “. Football enthusiasts can search for” Green China “on the Alipay APP to enter the official applet. Also You can download the official app in major application markets.

After registering as a formal user login, he can quickly find nearby teams and courts. At the same time, users can also find the city team to fight, browse information on amateur football games in the same city, and register for the competition. In addition, “Green China” also provides services such as live broadcasts, competition collection recording, and other services. In the future, more services such as referees coach appointments, event insurance purchase, and equipment customization will be added.

4. Lenovo Group becomes F1 official partner

On March 10, F1 announced that it has achieved many years of cooperation with Lenovo, and the latter has become the official partner of F1 since the new season. According to the agreement, F1 will apply Lenovo technology and solutions in operations, drive data collection and analysis, produce high -quality event content and radio services, and bring the highest level of racing and entertainment experience to the world’s billion fans.

As a global leader in the respective field, Lenovo Group and the first -level Formula Racing hope that sports and advanced technology are fully combined, breakthrough the limit, and show the technical capabilities of Lenovo Group globally. Lenovo Group will not only integrate the leading computing technology into the F1 event, but also continue to innovate in new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, providing global car fans with a more impact and attractive viewing experience.

3. officially entered the “Zhongqiao era” Yin Bao announced the return of the Chinese market

News on March 10, recently, UMBRO, a British sports brand, announced its official return to the Chinese market. In July 2020, Qiao Sports (named “Jordan Sports” at the time) at the Chinese Sports Brand priced at US $ 62.5 million, acquiring Yinbao China equity and Yinbao in Greater China (including mainland China, Hong Kong , Taiwan, Macau) brand intellectual property rights. Zhongqiao Sports is currently the controller of Yinbao China ’s complete business.

体育营销Top10|北京冬残奥会圆满闭幕 lululemon推出女鞋系列

After a series of sorting and adjustment, in 2022, Yin Bao returned to the Chinese market under the name “love”, and was committed to creating a brand of urban sports lifestyle with football genes in the Chinese market.

2. Lululemon’s marine shoe market has launched the first women’s shoe series to meet the diverse needs of consumers

体育营销Top10|北京冬残奥会圆满闭幕 lululemon推出女鞋系列

On March 9th, Lululemon announced that it will launch four innovative women’s shoes this year. The brand’s first running shoe BLISSFEEL will be released on March 22 in specific markets (China, North America, Britain …). (For details: Running the Red Sea of ​​Running Shoes, Lululemon’s chances of winning?)

According to the official introduction of Lululemon, Blissfeel women’s shoes design has the characteristics of upper and sole foam buffer techniques that support sports performance. The other three styles of women’s shoes: Chargefeel, Strongfeel and RESTFEEL will be launched in the next few months. They are training shoes specializing in gym, designing for short -running, and design for multi -directional sports.

1. The Winter Paralympic Games successfully concluded that the Chinese team locks the medal list No. 1

At 20:00 on March 13th, the closing ceremony of the Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing 2022 was held at the Bird’s Nest of the National Stadium. The main creative team of Beijing’s 2022 Winter Paralympic Games uses a circular visual symbol with a diameter of about 55 meters in the main venue of the Bird’s Nest. Successfully end.

In this Winter Paralympic Games, the Chinese Sports delegation ranked first in the gold medal and medal list with 18 gold, 20 silver, and 23 copper medals, achieving historic breakthroughs. At the Beijing Winter Olympics, which ended, the Chinese delegation ranked third with 9 gold, 4 silver and 2 copper officials, and also created the best results in history.

Domestic sports marketing summary

◆ OnePlus mobile phone becomes Beijing JDE Peace Elite Team Championship Partner

According to the news on March 7, the Beijing JDE team announced the official cooperation with OnePlus mobile phones. OnePlus mobile phones officially became the Beijing JDE team’s championship partner to fight the PEL Peace Elite Professional League. The team will rename the “Beijing JDE OnePlus Team” Essence

体育营销Top10|北京冬残奥会圆满闭幕 lululemon推出女鞋系列

The full text is as follows: We are glad to announce to everyone that the Beijing JDE team has officially reached cooperation with OnePlus mobile phones. OnePlus provides high -quality, excellent design products and friendship services for young users who are keen on Internet life, taste, and enjoyment.

◆ Marathon champion Jiao Jingjing will be the spokesperson for Pocket running

On March 8th, a Peak officially announced the marathon champion Jiao Jingjing as a Peak run spokesperson. Pyk running agency media said: Running has nothing to do with the gender, just for the love and persistence in the heart, keep moving forward, and discover a stronger self. The marathon athlete Jiao Jingjing is the spokesperson for Pyk running.

In April 2021, Jiao Jingjing won the women’s championship with a score of 2 hours, 35 minutes and 30 seconds.

体育营销Top10|北京冬残奥会圆满闭幕 lululemon推出女鞋系列

◆ Wang Chunyu became the first image spokesperson for the Unifree brand

On March 8th, the track and field celebrity Wang Chunyu signed a contract with Youpai shares, becoming the first image spokesperson for the nursing brand Unifree.

According to reports, UNIFREE is the main daily necessities such as silk scarves, facial washing towels, wet towels, masks and other female daily necessities. Global sales in 2021 exceeded 400 million yuan, and sales in 2022 are expected to exceed 800 million yuan.

◆ The Chinese Badminton Association won the German Open and the All -British Online Live Copyright

According to the news on March 9, the China Badminton Association announced that in order to promote the high -quality development of China’s badminton industry, promote the national feathers style, and meet the diverse needs of badminton enthusiasts, the China Badminton Association has actively negotiated with the World Badminton Federation and has obtained Germany in Germany Open and British Open online live copyrights in mainland China. Guoyu is currently in Germany to play in the German Open in the 2022 World Badminton Tour.

From March 12th to 13th, Beijing time, the China Badminton Association lives on the German Open semi -finals and finals on the German Open in the China Badminton Association. From March 16th to 20th, Beijing time will be broadcast live in the British Open. Just pay attention to the public account of the association and register as a member of the Chinese Feather Association, and you can watch the live broadcast.

◆ Guangzhou Team with Southern Sports and South Starting to reach strategic cooperation

On March 11, Guangzhou Football Club signed an annual business strategic cooperation framework agreement with Southern Sports and South Sports.

In the future, the two parties will fully excavate and use their respective resources to take root in the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area. They will focus on the cooperation of youth training events. The higher -level Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area football industry platform has promoted the implementation of the industry and enhanced the brand awareness and economic benefits of both parties.

International Sports Marketing Summary

◆ MLS and takeaway giant DOORDASH collaborated to launch a football youth training fund

体育营销Top10|北京冬残奥会圆满闭幕 lululemon推出女鞋系列

News on March 7th, a few days ago, the American Professional Football League (MLS) announced a new years of cooperation agreement with Doordash. Doordash became the official takeaway platform of MLS, MLS youth training and MLS e -sports, and will participate in the MLS All -Star Game , MLS Cup and EMLS season competition.

Starting from the 2022/23 season, Doordash will launch a youth football plan with MLS youth training. “Doordash will set up a $ 1,500,000 annual fund for the MLS Youth Football Ecosystem. Asurate six clubs each year will receive a gift of $ 25,000 in order to cover training, equipment and daily expenses.

◆ Arctic Wolf becomes the official network security partner of the Wolves

News on March 7th, recently, the Premier League Wolves and Minnesota ARCTIC WOLF established a partnership. The company became the first official official network security partner of the club and will be in the team’s existing technology and security foundation in the team. The facility implements the network security operation platform defined by its category.

Arctic Wolf’s security experts will cooperate with the club’s current global IT solution partner Silverbug to provide 24X7 monitoring, detection and response to the Conciererge Delivery Model of Arctic Wolf, as well as continuous risk management and safety awareness training to provide protection and restoration Power and guide the club to respond to cyber threats.

◆ F1 Alpha Romeo team and content service company Hyland reached cooperation

News on March 7, recently, the F1 Alpha Romeo team signed a cooperation agreement with Hyland, the world’s leading content service company.

The cooperation between the two sides aims to bring practical interests to the team and help the team make wise, data -driven decisions to meet the agility required by F1 in the new era.

◆ The legend of off -road running “k heaven” becomes a global spokesperson for Gao Chi watches

On March 8th, the sports watch brand Takachi Coros signed a legendary off -road runner Kilian Jornet as a global spokesperson. “K He Tianwang” has won almost all important off -road champions. UTMB won 3 times, 100 and 4 hard stones won the championship, and 26 hours of oxygen -free climbing Top Everest.

体育营销Top10|北京冬残奥会圆满闭幕 lululemon推出女鞋系列

It is reported that Gao Chi has previously signed the Marathon’s god of the Marathon, and the nine -finger climbing legend, the world’s most difficult climbing route “Dawn Wall” Kobewell.

◆ U.S. tennis player Dawei became Lacoste global spokesperson and Djokovic’s cooperation with Djokovic may end

On March 9, the American legendary superstar Venus Williams has become the latest spokesperson for Lacoste, which was originally the main sponsor of Djokovic. Obviously, signing Great Williams will affect their contract with Djokovic.

The owner of the Lacoste brand MAUS FRERERERERERES Group is located in Geneva. They signed a contract worth $ 9 million per year with Djokovic, which has been extended to 2025. However, some foreign media said that Djokovic refused to vaccinate the new crown vaccine, coupled with a large number of articles that he was expelled by Australia and followed by the chaos that followed, may affect the company from Geneva to other players.

◆ Sydney FC signed a cooperation agreement with Ma Financial

News on March 10, recently, Sydney’s FC official announcement reached a partnership with Australia Financial Investment Group MAF (MA Financial). The MAF Group will become the Sydney FC’s jersey sponsor of this year’s AFC Champions League.

MA Financial is a diversified financial service company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, focusing on asset management, loans, corporate consulting and stocks. In terms of asset management, the company manages $ 6.9 billion in investment on behalf of Australian and foreign institutional investors, wholesale and retail investors. A large part of the company is a high net worth investor from Asia.

体育营销Top10|北京冬残奥会圆满闭幕 lululemon推出女鞋系列

◆ Chinese US -American Open Champion Radcaunu becomes a spokesperson for Voda Fengcao root tennis

On March 10th, recently, Vodafone officials and US Open champion and 19-year-old Emma Ladukuu established a new partnership. Ludcanu will serve as its grassroots tennis ambassador.

Emma will cooperate with Vodafone to motivate the next generation of players and promote the development of grass -roots tennis. At present, there are already plans to expand tennis popularity for all ages, backgrounds and abilities. This includes a re -start -up and expanding public participation competition “Play Your Way to Wimbledon”.

◆ Da Mei Airlines reached cooperation with the American Women’s Football Alliance

体育营销Top10|北京冬残奥会圆满闭幕 lululemon推出女鞋系列

According to the news on March 10, recently, Damina Airlines and the American Women’s Football Alliance (NWSL) reached many years of partnerships. This global airline will become NWSL’s first official airlines and travel partners.

This is also the first time that the airline has strongly sponsored the women’s football. Damimi Airlines will launch sponsorship activities, focusing on fans’ participation, women’s empowerment and diversification, fairness and tolerance. Last month, Damei Airlines had just become the founding partner of the Women’s Counseling Program of the American Ski and Ski Association.

体育营销Top10|北京冬残奥会圆满闭幕 lululemon推出女鞋系列

◆ Puma and Serie A have achieved long -term cooperation as Serie A and Italian Cup ball suppliers

According to the news of March 12, Serie A and Global Sports Corporation Puma announced a new long -term cooperative relationship. Starting from the 2022/23 season, Puma will become the official technical partners of the league, and will become the official ball suppliers of all games such as Serie A, Primavera 1, Italian Cup, Super Cup, Eserie A.

The new partnership has increased the cooperation between Puma and Serie A, and has significantly expanded the popularity of Puma, and strengthened its position as a leading football brand. Serie A is considered to be one of the most tactical leagues in the world, and it is also the perfect stage for Puma to help the team start the new chapter of Serie A football.

◆ French Open and Digital Services and Consulting Company Infosys for five years

According to the news on March 12, French Open and the world’s leading new generation of digital services and consulting companies Infosys announced that it would extend its partnership for five years until 2026.

Earlier, the two parties joined forces to change the experience of the entire tennis ecosystem, and launched the next -generation solutions that use artificial intelligence, cloud computing and analysis. The renewal will bring new elements to the partnership. Infosys will double the broadcast and technological innovation, and also launched a new social tolerance initiative online this year.

◆ Bank of America and WNBA have reached years of cooperation to become the official bank of the alliance

According to the news on March 13, WNBA announced that it has established a long -year cooperative relationship with the Bank of America, and Bank of America will become the official bank of WNBA.

It is reported that the foundation of the cooperation between the two parties will be to create a new alliance financial and health project. The Bank of America will provide benefits and resources in this project, including providing consulting services for all WNBA players so that they can develop plans for their financial future.

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