CHANEL’s autumn and winter 2017 high -end release, we saw the “Eiffel Tower” in the Grand Palace of Paris;

On today’s 2020 spring and summer show, we all stood on the roof of Paris …

The gray zinc surface roof, sidewalk, chimney and sunroof, as well as Kang Peng Street, the typical Paris style, provides a perfect stage for Chanel 2020 spring and summer high -end clothing conference.

The invitation letter also carved the unique zinc surface pattern of the Paris roof


, Metapained the theme tone of this show in advance.


Before the show, Virginie Viard, the brand creative director, said, “

The roof of Paris reminds me of the atmosphere of the new wave movie.

The charming figure dances on the roof. I thought of Jean Seberg played by Kristen Stewart and actresses who had created clothing for Garberry Chanel. “

Straight shot

The slope soft, the set is the “prescribed action” of Chanel every season

, This season, Virginie makes the oblique line soft


It is more free to wear.

Lotus leaf collar collar and cuffs, coats and skirts,

Let the CHANEL girl’s spring and summer exudes a sweet breath.

Super profile sailor coat

The rolling neckline is decorated with a wide back, showing the handsome and modern fan.


Soft or woolen silk coat

There are also appearing, with a striped top or a conjoined skirt, inadvertently knotting, interpreting the neutral and soft temperament.

Capri pants also danced in the meantime,

Capri pants are also called ankle pants


, In the 1960s, it became popular in the United States, and it was also


One of Audrey Hepburn’s most loved items.


Lotus leaf coat and exquisite pleated foam sleeve shirt


, Bow or wine coconut fiber and


Black yarn


The petals are rusty and charming.

Transparent texture fabric


It is used in large quantities to highlight the exquisite craftsmanship of the handicraft workshop.


The high and low roofs are printed on a light skirt, wrap skirt or asymmetric skirt.


Chanel letter is hidden in the “roof” graphics design with a strong sense of art,

The dark, white, blue, and pink are filled with different shades, forming a fresh summer.

Paris street style printed interpretation of charcoal black chiffon dress

The smooth folds are soft and stretched, dancing and flying, showing women’s romance and elegance.


Striped, grid, and bright color blocks are particularly eye -catching in this season

, Breaking the brand’s consistent black and white, elegance and enthusiasm.

Pink knitted jacket with pink falling shoulder

A bit of the sense of freedom of oversize, not Chanel. But when it appears in the show, it becomes a surprise.

In the design with graphical art style,


The silhouette is full of charm in the inadvertent elegance


Like the heroine in the movie, modern and beautiful.


New bag


The bags of this season are still wonderful.


The CHANEL19 handbags in the new season follow the leather style of the classic diamond grid seam element.

The new highlight is the bronze metal on the bag



You can faintly see the CHANEL mark on it, which is more tough and retro texture to the bag.

Also added


Large digital printing models

It is very surprising.

Classic Flag Bag, there are also surprises this season. There are new changes in the bag type,

Virginie Viaard handles the handbags more square from the rectangle.

The shoulder strap is replaced from the chain to a full -skinned wide shoulder strap


, French literary temperament is spontaneous. In addition,

There is also a small lotus leaf edge on the shoulder strap

, Balance the bland of the bag and have a little lively.

The classic chain Classic Flag Bag is still still


, Also take the Fangzheng route,

Small SIZE

, Even if the hand is carried, it is reasonable.

Super fine sequins, beads


You provide a more luxurious choice for you.

Silver coating



Boy Chanel adds a striped roller design

, Red and Black color color super classic.

CHANEL this season comes out again

Cylindrical bag


The bag is dotted with Chanel letters. The design of the skin -wear belt is three -dimensional and exquisite.

The classic rhombus handbags have a new one

Bucket model.


Founder’s shape and tightening of the handle reminds people of the wrapped Japanese bento.

This image

Flying sauce

, Also very dazzling. Diaphia and smile pockets continue many classic elements of Chanel.

The bodies are also decorated with lotus leaf elements

It is even more romantic to hold it in your hand.


and also

The handle is misplaced.

If you like small bags, there is

Mini small box.


I like large bags, and I also have a new oversized bag.


Shoe accessory

In terms of shoes, I like these two most.

One word with ballet flat shoes,

There are different materials and colors.

These shoes


Inherited the design style of Chanel’s classic two -color shoes

, And some unique small designs, such as


The bottom of the foot is embellished with Chanel letters


It is the integration of inheritance and innovation.

The other is

Thick heel sandals

, Two straps, simple and generous.

Look closely and exquisitely,

The shoelaces are decorated with Chanel’s double C logo,


The silver is particularly eye -catching in the sun.

Large pearls and rhinestones are used on accessories

The slightly exaggerated accessories added a lot of highlights to the clothing.

Show Starlight


Once leading handsome forests


Xin Yanlei


The shape of the CHANEL2020 spring and summer show is also full of attention. Wearing CHANEL 2019 Autumn and Winter Senior Jacket Series Crowd Soft Words, with the same color handbags, super!


When watching the show, Lei Lei changed a shirt skirt and knitted jacket, matching


White medium 19 handbag

,, Wear

High -grade jewelry Coco Crush series earrings and rings

The warm styling is not lost.





I got it when I set off

The latest “19” handbag

The red sweater of the 2019 autumn and winter cubs makes Xiao Nizi look too warm and cute!


I chose a set in Jennie in the show


2020 CHANEL Resort Series Light Butterfly Nie Cloud

, Coupled with taro -colored coats, so cute!


Rap singer Cardi B

Wearing the finale of the 2019 autumn and winter 2019, the sexy Cardi B is also elegant in the Chanel suit and exudes charm.


Japanese model Kobashi Nai

I also attended this big show. I chose the 2020 vacation series, and a dyeing dress easily outlined the young CHANEL girl.


In general,

This is a show about the romantic girl in the movie

I felt the other scenery of the Paris roof, and I planted a few handbags.


The moment we are in Chanel, it is the highlight of life.


Rhino-luxury appraisal, we are serious!

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