Hello everyone, I am Xiao Li. Under normal circumstances, the engine belt refers to the attachment belt of the engine! It is different from the timing belt. The attachment belt (hereinafter referred to as the belt) is mainly driven by the generator and cooling water pump. The private cars are basically 3 years of 100,000 kilometers. However There are three differences in three years, and few people can run 100,000 kilometers within 3 years. Therefore, during the warranty period, basically do not encounter the situation that the belt needs to be replaced, then when do you need to change the belt? There are serious consequences without changing? Today, Xiao Li will tell you about this problem. If you are interested in the content of car maintenance of cars, don’t forget to pay attention.


The engine attachment belt is mainly to drive the engine’s cooling water pump and the generator to work. Some hydraulic -assisted cars also play a role in driving steering pumps. If there is a problem with this belt, there will be no substantial effects when sliding slightly, that is, the “咦 咦 咦” belt will slide in the process of use. In this case, except that the sound is not very beautiful, There is no other effect, just rest assured. I have time to go to the auto repair shop for processing.

If the attachment belt is broken completely, the car will not be broken immediately, and it usually does not have any big problems in parking and maintenance in time. If the belt is broken, it has been forced to drive, then the most direct phenomenon is that the generator work is abnormal, the engine water temperature rises rapidly, and even in severe cases, it will even damage the engine.

The mileage of the car belt is recommended to be 60,000 kilometers. The original car belt can be replaced in 80,000 kilometers, but if you buy a car, you often park in the open -air environment for a long time. Severe will affect the life of the belt. It is often said that cars are not deleted, not justified, but not just car battery tires, and belts will be affected because of exposure. Therefore It should be replaced as soon as possible.


It’s like the kitchen knife in the home. Usually it does not need to be used a year. It is easy to rust in the kitchen. If you go back at the end of the year, you want to use it. It is not a problem for a year for a year. Xiao Li’s car was often stopped at the sun and rain in the open -air parking space in the early days. Basically, it drove once or twice a month. Later, it was replaced when it was more than 40,000 kilometers with the belt.


In general, the engine belt replacement cycle is generally 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers, but it is necessary to replace it in time according to the actual situation of the car. I hope Xiao Li’s explanation can help everyone. Pay attention to the car Xiao Li, and will share a small dry car for a car every day. Thank you for watching it.

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