When it comes to girls, it is really necessary for girls. Although it is very sultry in summer, it is too cold in winter and sometimes forget to wear it, but if you really do n’t wear a bra to go out, there is a super strange feeling. Planting the chest is empty, I wonder if everyone will feel this way?


I’m coming to talk to you today


Some small knowledge, maintaining underwear is actually very important for our chest!


In addition to putting underwear to concentrate the chest, it can also prevent the production of auxiliary milk from being produced


, So you must learn these methods to make your chest more beautiful!

So let’s take a look at how to manage the girl’s “bra”!

▼ You must wash your underwear with your hand

Underwear cannot be lost, because the steel ring of the bra is easily squeezed and deformed. If it is really busy enough to wash it, then put it in the washing machine with a laundry suit with a wrap underwear!

▼ The size of the chest every 6 months

Girls’ breasts will go up and down with weight. Although they have bought underwear, they still have to measure the size of the chest every six months, so that they can find the most suitable underwear!

▼ Don’t wear a bra to sleep

睡觉穿着内衣可能会影响人体血液循环,甚至可能因为内衣与胸部长期摩擦刺激皮肤,而让肌肤起疹子或是病变,长时间穿戴会对肌肤造成压迫,导致皮肤的色素沉着、脱色、黑斑、 Skin flushing and so on can easily affect beauty and self -confidence, so it is the best to make Oupai breathable in a timely manner!

▼ The measurement size of each country is different

If you want to go to other countries to buy underwear, you must ask the clerk to measure it after you buy it. If you buy it on the Internet, you should pay attention to whether there is a large and small message to avoid buying an inappropriate bra!

▼ The shoulder strap of the bra should be adjusted every day


Compared to the back straps on the chest, the two shoulder straps that support the chest can be said to be the biggest project with beautiful breasts. After putting on underwear, adjust your underwear shoulder straps. Usually, it is adjusted once a month to avoid the chest getting getting more increasingly getting the chest getting more. The more drooping, and the chest of each girl is slightly different, so the part of the shoulder strap must be carefully adjusted!

The above is the little knowledge about underwear. Girls must remember! For the sake of good chest, girls have to work hard!

After all, there are only lazy women in this world without ugly women. Let’s cheer together for beauty.

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