Lixia has arrived.


Is it not you who do not lose weight in April and 5678 September?

Looking at the long legs and bucket waist of others, are you still willing to keep fat?

May 1st holiday, eat, play, is the meat on the waist squeezed another circle?


After working at work, the exercise punch card that was abandoned for a few days also began to make up.


Coach Liu is open normally, and friends who want to burn fat can join.


If you feel strong and you can’t practice, you can go to the yoga park of Douyin @Rosie and practice yoga with the flesh teacher, every Monday to Friday:

Lunch class → 2: 30-3: 30 pm;

Evening classes → 7: 30-8: 30 in the evening.

From fat burning to the shape and body, make you thinner and more stylish.

No matter what kind of exercise, find the one that suits you. If you persist, your body will give you the most authentic feedback.

Of course, before starting exercise, choosing a comfortable yoga pants, a good -looking, good -supported sports bra is also important. The design of a yoga suit will bring you a full sense of sports ritual, and the professional and design yoga suit will make your sports experience better and more motivated.

1. Why do I wear sports bras during exercise?

Otherwise, it is true that professional things should be given to professional people, as well as clothes.


Ordinary underwear really does not have this professional function.

Because women’s breasts do not have bone support, and ordinary underwear supports weak support, they cannot play a better protection and support role during exercise. A large amount of exercise may stretch the suspension of the chest, accelerate the sagging of the chest, and even pull even pulling the breasts, and even pulling the chest. Injury.

Therefore, before exercise, you should choose suitable sports underwear according to your own exercise method, as well as your own chest size.

When choosing, you can choose a size near the daily SIZE.

You can refer to the following strength classification:

Low intensity: yoga, walking, iron raising, dancing

Middle strength: jumping, HIIT, cycling, gym

High intensity: long -distance running, basketball, tennis



No matter what intensity movement is done, it is recommended to wear high -intensity or medium -intensity sports underwear.

Of course, the comfort and breathability of the fabric are also important. Otherwise, you can cover the sweat before you exercise. At the beginning, the enthusiasm of the exercise was defeated by silently, and it would be worth it.

2. Why do you wear yoga pants during exercise?

Many friends say, isn’t it just jumping, isn’t it just doing yoga? Isn’t it good to wear loose pants casually?

What can I do if I have to wear a yoga pants? Intersection

This really said that loose sports pants jumping can be reluctant.


However, when practicing yoga, because the accuracy of yoga movements is high, loose clothes cannot see the direction of limb muscles. Slim yoga pants can make the muscles of the body look more effective.

Friends who have learned yoga should know that yoga has some backward, upside -down, and reversed asanas. It has the embarrassment of glowing during practice, professional yoga clothing, personal safety and embarrassment, and you can show your body lines. confidence.

Moreover, there is also a very important point. The comfort of yoga pants and the elasticity and breathability of fabrics are much better than ordinary pants, and they are more suitable for sports.

3. This set of special treatment is difficult.

Open a certain treasure, dazzling, the more you look at the circle, how can you quickly choose a good -looking, well -worn and professional yoga suit?

See the friends who are difficult to see here.

White pure and clear

Naked powder is cute and cute

The youthful spirit of youth is more than 25+


Learn to get along with yourself

Enjoy the gains and rewards after self -discipline

Quietly changing will make you happy

Thank you Kaka@小 感 感 感 ~

→ “Little Butterfly” Beautiful Back Sports Drain


Medium and high intensity support

, Stable and personal;


Hot posts without trace cup

, Do not displace without running.

2. Elegant front side

Retro Princess Cut

Design, stand -out filter -type beautiful breast effect.


Bowbrow Cross Beauty Back Design


, Three rows of buckles are easy to wear and take off, support the back of the back is thinner and light, and can also correct hump.


39%exceeded the proportion ammonia yarn

, Support the chest to the greatest strength.



Fluffy fiber


The touch is soft -like skin, and it is more comfortable to wear naked.

The inner side is selected from the nylon 66 imported from Italy. Hermes in the yarn feels soft and comfortable like mousse.

Two colors are optional:

Fresh and soft waxy of palaces ↓


White Elegant Advanced ↓


→ peach hip -legged pants


Mousse -like skin nude feeling


It looks like the second layer of skin.


Super bomber fabric

, Filtering parcels slender beautiful legs.

Heart split line

, Vision is more legs.

Love beautiful buttocks


, Show the peach hips.


Five -color optional


, Wear a unique beauty.

Each color is matched with you, wear your own exclusive colors, look good, good or not step on the pit ~






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