Speaking of canvas shoes, it is definitely a model, even if the competitive trend of the competitiveness, canvas shoes have always been standing, and they have always been loved and favored by others. That for 3, 40-year-old men, how to wear canvas shoes is more likely?


The man has been 3,40 years old. It is in a half-year-old and half-matured stage. In the choice of shoes, most will not wear “net red explosions”, but like some partial sense of shoes.

Throwing the brand effect and price, 3,40 years old man wearing canvas shoes always looks a little cheap

. Therefore, today, how to teach male compatriots how dozens of canvas shoes, match thousands of pieces ~

Urban Yafeng

Canvas shoes mixed suit, is a very popular way

The shape is taking into account leisure and official sense, and there is no shortage of fashion, giving people a feeling of urban Ya-style male.

Apart from

Avoid Chinese help, based on basic low, canvas shoes

And there is also a match

Pay attention to color

. Black suit with white shirt, with white canvas shoes, echo, middle with jeans transition, handsome and type.

Canvas shoes mix and match coat


It is a common matching shape in the autumn and winter season, and the maturity stabilizes the man taste.

In order to avoid the high-stroke of the coat, you have to pay attention to the selection and matching of the lower body item.

Canvas shoes as much as possible to choose a strong style, pants should not be too loose

It can be properly rolled up to pull the long leg shape to achieve a better shape.

Canvas shoes mix and match shirt, overall shape is leisure, but also shaped an Ya-style male image, everyday out of the street or can wear.

On the choice of shirt, the style should not be too official

, Pizza pure color can easily wear temperament and gas field.


Daily tooling


In the Japanese tooling wind, canvas shoes play a very important role. For 3, 40-year-old men, when driving this style, we must choose a match according to your own body.


Canvas shoes should avoid the high design, colorful style, with classic black and white as preferred

If the figure is thin, the tooling jacket is tryable to easily, and then match the same loose wide-leg tooling pants to improve the sense of shape.

If you usually love fitness, and a male in wheat skin, the choice of tooling is to avoid darkness.

Morandi + neutral color


It can fully show the advantages of healthy skin, smog blueworks short-sleeved shirts to wear white T-shirts, under the body with gray tooling shorts and black and white canvas shoes, the overall looks with hormonal charm.

Fashion leisure


Most men in China have been 3,40 years old. Dress dressing is generally mature, which is why they don’t like to wear canvas shoes.

However, in fact

Canvas shoes can play a good aging effect


Especially in fashion leisure winds, it is more reflected in the wind. White T + jeans + gray canvas shoes, matching printed socks brightening visual, young and handsome.

Black canvas shoes with locomotive jacket,

Upper and down color echo increase the sense of shape


, Laminated white T and mixed with the jeans transition, the overall achievement of a highly slimming effect.


In the fashion leisure style, the choice of canvas shoes is not limited to black and white gray.

Like gradient blue high-top canvas shoes, with a pair of Morandi color in stockings, enrichment highlights good stylish.

With the Hawaiian print short-sleeved shirt, the military green tooling will imagine the charm of male, using the “Sai Hi” to increase the waist line.


3,40-year-old man will never be a pair of dozens of canvas shoes, as long as you learn how to match, you can get rid of cheap, and easily wear thousands of pieces.

Therefore, the male compatriots may wish to learn more of the canvas shoes, very young.


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