Various color socks are often paired with shoes as embellishment of the feet. Have you also owned one of them?

In the golden autumn season, the weather turned cold, and more and more people began to wear socks, but have you had some in -depth research on this sock, buying or matching different socks? Let’s talk about the theme of socks. Through European and American classification methods of socks, to find out -what exactly is the various use scenarios of socks and the types of socks? Perhaps this encyclopedia can inspire you. It takes about 15-20 minutes to read this article. The content of the content of this article comes from the English network. The specific text content comes from the author’s experience. The interviewed professionals and a large number of related texts are written after reading. If you are interested in our articles, you want to continue to receive such articles recommendation in the future, please pay attention to us. You can directly contact the author to contact the author yourself. Your attention and praise is that we continue to output such knowledge encyclopedia articles The motivation. thanks.

According to occasion

Based on the occasion of socks





Generally speaking, this type of socks will be worn with leather shoes, so the breathability and silk slipping of socks are used as the key consideration indicators. It is also used as the main color of the solid color system such as black and white, gray, light blue, and blue, and the main color is also used as the main color. Men’s situation will be monotonous, and women will have some colors, and the styles will look more rich. Generally, the temperature is matched with socks of different lengths, but the socks must be used to cover the skin as the optional standard. That is, the pants hem must be covered on the socks. Generally, light pants and shoes are paired with light -colored socks, while dark pants and shoes with dark socks.


Light -colored socks with light -colored shoes are very important, otherwise it will look very abrupt

Generally, black socks are more versatile, but when color matching, be careful not to contrast the color.

2.casual Socks

Leisure socks

As the name suggests, this kind of socks are worn with usual leisure, which reflects personality. Therefore, color and pattern patterns are extremely colorful. With casual shoes, this type of socks are more adopted. The effect of degree. Generally with canvas shoes, flat heels will have a good visual sense.


This man’s socks are beautiful, and this pair of simple canvas shoes suddenly adds elegance

Girls in thin legs are also a great choice with such socks. What do you think?

3.Sport Socks


Sports socks


Generally, such socks are worn with various sports, and they also have long and short socks based on personal habits and temperatures.

Obviously, the preparation process of these socks is not the same.


The texture of this pair of socks shows great retractability, which is convenient for the bending and force of the arch.



Operating socks


This kind of socks are similar to sports socks, but may not be as good as the prominent sports performance of sports socks, but work hard in terms of durability, wearing comfort. Color styles are generally conservative, and they do not use the jumping color of sports socks. The style is also close to the format socks. Generally, there are more cotton materials. Moreover, additional thickening will be made at the toe and back heels, which increases the abrasion resistance. In addition, the telescopic area of ​​the alf is not large. Finally, the design lines of some socks are still very strong, and this kind of style with continuous lines is more.

It can be seen that the thickness of the job socks is still very strong, so it has a good wrapping, which makes the wearer have a certain effect between the shoes and shoes


And generally speaking, extra thickens are made in the toes and back, and the telescopic area of ​​the toes does not have a lot of sports socks.

5. Yoga Socks

Yoga socks

As the name suggests, this sock is designed for the sport of yoga. Because participation in this sport, there is generally no need to wear shoes, the main design concept of this socks is exactly to carry this sport more safer. For example, the rubber non -slip shading or point surface will be configured at the bottom of the socks to prevent slipping as a consideration. In recent years, such shoes have begun to break the circle, and in many houses laying flooring are being used as a general use of slippers.

The design of this full set of feet is used more in autumn and winter


And this kind of open -toe design is more common in high -stage training

6. Winter Socks (thermal Socks)

Winter socks (keep warm socks)


In terms of literally, it is naturally wearing socks in winter. This type of socks are often very thick and have good warmth. In addition, because of the monotonous and tedious winter, in order to highlight some fun in design, its style is its style. In terms of pattern texture, there are more styles than summer styles. Coupled with Christmas legends in European and American countries, Santa Claus climb the chimney to plug a gift to the socks. Therefore, it is in a conspicuous purpose, so bright styles and long socks. Of course, the style of ordinary working socks is also common, but its amazing thickness often makes your feet wears in other seasons that can be put on in other seasons.


The style of socks with Christmas is very welcomed by European and American boys


The long -tube velvet socks are very common in girls’ wear, keep warm and act freely, and they are also very resistant.


7. Low Cut (PED) Running Socks

Low running socks

Since it is running shoes, it is inevitable that sweat is free of charge, so this kind of athletes are relatively popular with a relatively small cover area. The main function of this sock is to complete a running sports, so it uses a single utilization to use it. The rate is very high. The design is also based on sweat absorption, sweat, sweat, sweat, and fitting, and the upper is the main function, so it is generally cleaned immediately after use. Such socks generally have a lot in the home of sports masters. Do you also do this? Its low -top design is also similar to invisible socks.

The general design is simple, and there are no special positions to be treated.

The color is also very rich, and it is generally a dozen to buy it, which is quite economical

8.Trampoline Socks

Trampoline socks

As the name implies, it is the socks wearing during the trampoline exercise. This movement is under great pressure because the foot will be affected, and because of the elasticity of the trampoline surface, the non -slip resistance of a certain intensity is a very important sock performance requirement. In addition, it is necessary to have requirements such as fast washing sweat and quick -drying. With the popularization of the Olympic project, more and more socks designed for trampoline movement are increasing.

The soles of the feet are very dense and rich, and they have also made some chic color models


In fact, the style of trampoline shoes is very rich, with various patterns of colorful patterns. Socks

Skiing socks

This sock is generally used for skiing scenes. Generally, multi -layer design of the inner lining and outer layer pressure, the soft and comfortable layer is made of wool, the outer layer has certain wear resistance and cutting resistance, and due to the snow environment, due to the snow environment The factors are in safety considerations, which are mainly convenient for rescue. Generally, the appearance and color of such socks are very gorgeous, some have fluorescence, or strong reflective coatings. It is said that even some socks have GPS positioning devices, which is easy to be convenient. It is easier to discover in various scenarios in the field of high mountains in the wild.

You can feel this thick sock style.


Even if it is a black style, there are generally part of the color.

10. Rock Climbing SOCKS

Rock climbing socks

As the name suggests, it is socks that can be worn barefoot when climbing. Compared with rock climbing shoes, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish. Because rock climbing is a niche sports project after all, the market is also a lot of design and production and sales in the market. The universal design concept is that the toe fork, the toes and the soles of the feet have an additional design with adsorption and increased friction, and the special position may use the anti -hook force of the toes, so it will also add additional friction design for the corresponding location. Essence

Take a closer look at the very grainy frosted bottom layer of the bottom of this sock

However, in general, there are still many simple models, and there are not many people in the use of shoes.

11.Surf Socks


Surfing socks


Such socks are often a bit like barefoot socks. However, the design is still very different. The biggest difference is that it does not need to make very strong anti -slip design, and sometimes there will be single -legged strong and non -slip, and it will even have one -foot strong and non -slip. The combination of a moderate non -slip design in the other foot, this situation will appear very strange sock style combination, which is more common among professional players, because this is also convenient for controlling the control and specific control methods of surfboards.


Emotion is almost very wrapped, and the material does not seem to use the preparation materials completely


The design of the long -tube toes with socks is also available, and some patterns are generally drawn on it.


12.Airline Socks/Flight Socks



This kind of socks generally appear on the plane. When traveling for a long distance, the crew will be sent to the passengers. In fact, it is often because it is often not allowed to move around at the plane. There will be more problems, and if you put on such socks, you can enhance the ability of pumping vein blood on the leg muscles, which can directly reduce this kind of problem. Everyone knows why the stewardess wears all wearing. Stockings, right? In fact, work socks are to prevent blood problems in the legs?

This sock is very similar to the following function socks. Because the use scene is generally on the plane, it is called plane socks

Many foreign product packaging is also expressed in this way.


Accountting to function

Based on the function of socks Socks


Support socks of physical function

The design of this sock is basically to meet the auxiliary function of a certain physical function. as follows:

(1) FORCULATION, designed style designed to promote blood circulation. Its pressure design is great, so it can tighten the calf to avoid cramps. There are generally many fabrics using cotton main ingredients. Slightly tightly wrapped.

This kind of socks have both the characteristics of sports socks and cold -proof socks, and sometimes it is not obviously different.

(2) For Swelling (Swollen Ankles), to prevent the swelling and special design, this sock will usually distinguish the foot surface in design, making the usual walking and gait lighter. It also has a certain physical treatment effect.

Generally, the two ends of the toes are exposed.

(3) For WOMEN Compression, as the name suggests to prevent female venous veins from the style, it is a type of sock type that clearly has the treatment effect. Generally, it is mostly used in super elastic fibers, and it can obviously feel tight wrapping.

It can almost be said that the position of the feet and feet belly makes it easier for the muscle strength to play and storage the legs with less venous blood

14.Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks


It is for the socks set by diabetic patients, which has a good ability to prevent the foot injury, because the micro -circulation ability of the diabetic patients is relatively weak, and the healing is very slow after injury. Therefore In this way, the style of socks began to become popular. The main feature is thick. Some of the extra toe positions have a certain characteristics of silicone pads in the toe position. And such products abroad are generally indicated in the outer packaging position, that is, this is a special -dedicated socks.

For example, this is the thickness of his feet in his design, but the toes and above are very loose.


This may be because diabetic patients will be swollen when the footsteps are severe, so relatively loose and more convenient to wear and take off.


15.Boot Socks


Thickened socks


As the name suggests, the characteristics of this kind of socks are that the bottom of the socks is very thick. It is actually similar to winter socks, but sometimes it also has extra uses. It can protect the calf from the upper edge of the shoes when wearing a boot. break. Therefore, the position of such socks and foot barrels is generally fluffy, so there are more thick line knitted models. In this way, it can play a good buffer and bring great comfort for boots. In addition, the shape of this socks sometimes has a strong decorative effect, because it plays the contour of the upper part of the shoes, and when the shoes are found to be obviously not long enough, the visual sense is appropriate. Socks can generally appear in ink.

This one made some lace edges design is very chic.

This sock is great as a transition color to enrich the lower color system, which weakens the dullness


16.Slipper Socks


Slippers and socks


This kind of socks can actually be classified into the type of shoes from essentially. It directly presses the bottom of a pair of shoes under the socks. Sometimes it is a leather, sometimes it is a rubber bottom. In this way, there are many uses in the scene where home is not far -footed, especially it is convenient to use in home with marble or other stone tiles, and it is most common in winter using the scene in winter.

Some are straightforward socks into the shape of the shoes.

Some design is very original, with some casual comfort

17.Sleeping Socks


Sleep sock

This type of socks, as the name suggests, is the socks wearing when sleeping. His styles are diverse. They are mostly cotton. In addition, they will be adjusted according to the feet of wearing people. Generally speaking, such socks are not very durable and are not designed for walking the purpose. Therefore, its fluffyness is a very important consideration. At present, when the utilization rate of air conditioning is getting higher and higher Going downhill, but if you consider energy economy, this will not lose one advantage. Isn’t it good to cover the socks that can be preserved with extra heat in winter? Of course, some sleeping socks have a unique breathable design, which is open to the soles of the feet.

This is a pair of typical sleeping socks. It is very comfortable and breathable when I sleep

This pair of sleeping socks are designed for the high -cold zone. People who live in the wild winter tent must be familiar with

18.Compression Socks

Compressing socks

This kind of socks, as the name suggests, have a strong tightness, just like its introduction, it can help the blood circulation of the feet to play a certain role in the health of the feet. It makes the foot force improve, and there is no need to worry about intravenous curvature. In many foreign stores, it is now a style with a zipper, which can adjust the tension coefficient of the upper part. If you feel that your feet are too tight, you can pull down the zipper to relax and pull it up.


You can see that the pressure coefficient of the fiber is different


You can see the specific characteristics of the zipper on the side, which is great. It is recommended to stand for a long time for a long time

19.Loafer Socks

Lazy socks

To put it simply, it is easy to wear and take off, and less materials. Sometimes it can even be used as a napkin paper. Its structure is very simple, generally there is no complicated texture design, and the heel position is very light and easy to put on. Because this sock is too simple, so that at least in the sales method of merchants, at least at least it is at least at least. 10 or 20 codes. If you buy it a few times, you can use it for 1 to 2 months. This style is generally high in summer, and maybe it is also related to the style.


This is more exposed on the feet. Female


This is a pair of men’s models, and I can see that even the edge of socks is also a lazy design of stitching

20.Leg Warmer Socks


Legged socks


As the name suggests, it is a kind of socks that protect your legs. It is generally commonly used in winter. Its style is diverse and different. Women’s clothing is more common, because if you wear a skirt in autumn and winter, you can only have a certain warmth effect. Only this sock can be very effective, and there are many ways to wear this sock. There are side zippers, there are various styles that are directly covered, and the colors are also very rich. In addition, this sock can also play a pad to prevent the upper of the boots from grinding the feet, and at the same time, it can also fix the appearance of the boots.

At the same time, the upper edge of the fixed boots is more compact to prevent the style of the foot.

This is a velvet knitting model with side buckle


21.Puttee Socks

Military Leg -tie Mock

This style is more common in the original troops, because there are still many men in such professional scenarios, so its role is rough, and the comfort is not very satisfactory. It is convenient to get rid of it, so it is very popular among many foreign troops, and even for a period of time, it is widely used as standard equipment. The main feature is that it is not easy to loosen on the leg, or it will not loosen at all. The functionality of leggings socks is still very strong, with great practical tendencies, and after it takes off, in addition to making leg tie, it can also be used as a rope and hanging belt. Therefore Essence


It’s really a bit like leg tie, this is more like leg tie


There are also this kind of just wrapped the pants feet


22.Liner Socks


This sock is really a gospel for people who love to wear various styles, and when a pair of shoes is obviously large and wants to wear, this small size is born. She can wear a variety of shoes from high heels to put on foot in order to get footed in order to put on foot, until she is purely to put on a pair of large sheet shoes or flat shoes. However, some styles are still quite hard. You need to wear an additional pair of other socks to avoid grinding.

This high -heeled pad is so shallow

However, some styles are still quite hard. You need to wear an additional pair of other socks to avoid grinding.

23.Grip Socks (Anti-SLIP)

Anti -slip stockings (prevent slipping)


The bottom of this socks has obvious rubber components, which are designed with dots or a complete side. It is purely designed to be designed for the clean floor or tiles in the home. The marble floor is convenient for consideration. It has a variety of styles and is very suitable for home wearing. Of course, there are also styles that are specially designed to increase the footability of the feet and sole friction, which is easy to consider. For example, the bottom of this socks is used to enhance the exercise ability in football.

It is designed as such a densely dense gum and non -slip.

There are also such feet using thick fabrics to weave the friction coefficient

24.Water Proof Socks


Waterproof socks


As the name implies, it has a strong water partial performance and is more common in outdoor sports. It is waterproof through the special coating or socks on the surface of the socks. Sometimes the parts of the socks are made of rubber. So it has good waterproof performance. And because of waterproofing, it is generally good to take care of it, but because this kind of socks may be poorly breathable, it is often impacting to sweat on both feet for a long time, and it will cause health problems to a certain extent. Therefore Pay attention to the length of the wear, it is recommended to prepare a few more pairs of use every 2-3 hours.

This kind of socks are dirty because of this socks.

Of course, there are also this style of high -side bucket design, which is suitable for wearing plastic shoes. Generally, it is more common in cold maritime fishery operations.

58种袜子类型介绍,买袜子不再迷茫了,超详尽的袜子大百科来了 Socks

Sports contact socks

This sock is generally designed with a unique instep design on the foot on the foot, as well as thick heels with a certain buffering effect, and even anti -slip design, so it is used as a lot of socks in sports scenes. One of his major features is that the open V -shaped opening design of the ankle is very easy to identify. Because of the provincial materials, this sock will generally be more affordable. If it is a sportsman, this sock is very economical. At the same time, if you like the feeling of seeing naked feet wearing shoes, and when you don’t want shoes to grind your feet, this sock is also a more appropriate choice.

This design is obviously designed for running, and even the non -slip design is even extended to the upper part of the forefoot.


This style of sports socks must be more common, and it is very ordinary sports socks.

26.trouser Socks


Pants -shaped stockings


This kind of socks are more common. As the name suggests, the shape of this socks is a bit like pants. It must have the “waist line” form similar to pants at the top of the socks. , Ladies’ clothing, the trousers are almost omnipotent, but from the material point of view, it is generally common to use chemical fiber stockings. There are also socks with real silk blend, and cotton socks are generally rare. Its main feature is that the upper tight hoe is stuck above the calf belly, so it is not easy to loosen, but it is not easy to wear and take off compared to socks.

This is obvious, the black socks top of the upper part


Of course, the style of this sock is still quite rich, and the choice space is also very large


27.SPats Socks

Anti -splashed shoes and socks (set)

(1) This kind of product is more common in the high latitudes of North America, the Nordic region and the high altitude of Central Europe, which is very suitable for outdoor wearing. It is not so much socks that this is a kind of wrapped in the links of the necks and pants to prevent rainwater. Or the ice and snow mixture also has a siege style with a certain insect -proof effect. Generally, oblique buckles, tight hoop bands and cross -tie rope design are very practical. (2) In recent years Gradually there are many new products. The main role is to prevent sprains and enhance exercise performance. Compared to the style wearing on the skin, it has more actual exercise auxiliary effects, and the body sensitivity is much higher than direct wearing.

This is a typical retro -style women’s clothing splashed shoe sock cover

This is a men’s clothing with an elegant design style



Kafela fiber socks (anti -cutting and cutting socks, sometimes there are steel mesh materials)

This kind of sock is woven with a super powerful Kiffla fiber, so it has high fiber strength, and the dense textile process has further strengthened the ability of this sock, which brings great functionality. Things, poisonous snake bite. Various characteristics such as super wear resistance.

Even on the gravel road, you can wear it as flat as the ground.

This kind of steel mesh style will also be classified as shoes on some foreign channels



As the name suggests, socks designed for the infant stage. This sock texture is very soft and loose. The selected materials are often used in natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool, cashmere, etc., which have good skin intimateness. The color pattern is also rich in colorful Q cute, and because of the baby’s crawling characteristics, this socks generally have a knee cover with knee protection and enhanced crawling grip capacity. A free crawling equipment required for the climbing auxiliary period.

The color and style of socks are different, it is also very helpful for children’s eye development.

There are also many animals style styles that are also very interesting


30.mop Socks



This kind of socks are generally a stand -up style of home mopping and hygiene. Since the indecent shoes and marks are left when wearing shoes mopping, so socks that have such coats on shoes or use their feet directly after wearing their feet are born and came into being. It’s right. The style of this socks generally imitate the rough hair segment of the mop. However, because it is mainly used as auxiliary mop, it is in convenient walking, and its wool design length and specifications are not very exaggerated.


It can be seen that such a style is really a weapon for dragging the floor.

There is also the style of this slippers and mop, which is really practical.


31.Barefoot Socks

Barefoot socks

This kind of shoe is often used for outdoor, and the design of the appearance of the socks also increases the non -slip resistance at the bottom. At the same time, it also has a certain design of waterproof, anti -tie and non -slip. Because the upper is generally blended, it is lighter than the shoe style. Because of the use of elastic fibers, it is more direct in fitting in various foot types. It will not happen to be like a shoe for a while to fit.


Sometimes some places are also called shoes, but in the strict sense, there are soles that can be called shoes, but many people call socks.

It can be seen that the toe part is actually completely wrapped in anti -sliding material, which is very climbing.


32.Antistatic Socks

Anti -static stockings

The socks here, as the name suggests, are used in order to prevent static electricity, which is convenient for some operations. Generally, it is mostly used in the occasion that can easily cause electricity to cause explosions. Scene. If there are high -precision electronic instrument production plants, maintenance plants, etc. with electronic disturbance control requirements, there are many other examples of others. Because it is often used in industry and is also used as labor insurance products, the color is generally single, but it is often printed with antistatic anti -static expressions.

This kind of socks are very ordinary but the materials are not simple, and the single and double price is also very expensive.

58种袜子类型介绍,买袜子不再迷茫了,超详尽的袜子大百科来了 stocking

Santa socks

This kind of socks are actually not the socks we are wearing. Put it in this article to make an egg. He will decorate at home during Christmas to add a festive atmosphere. The gifts brought, “Putting” in this shoe to make children appetite, full of expectations, and the gift props obtained.

This is the color texture of the Christmas tree used, which is very festive.


The general gift is so casual in it, making everyone feel happy

34.Massage Socks



This type of socks are very peculiar, and they are generally classified in functional socks. Some socks have foot acupoint images on the socks of the socks, so that they can massage at home. Style. There are even vibration styles. It is said that many elderly people in neon countries prefer. In short, the category of this sock is very novel.


The socks of the acupoint map are drawn at the bottom of the feet. At first glance, you can’t help but you can’t help but understand the function?

You can see that there is an electronic device on the socks that may be the sole of the sole, right?

35.mosquito Proof Socks

Anti -mosquito


The specifications of this socks are mainly to prevent mosquito bite. Because mosquitoes are carriers of various epidemic diseases such as scarlet fever and malaria, people who work outdoors generally need such products to help them resist mosquito. This kind of kind. Socks are generally used in the swamp zone, and it is also a specific functional product in outdoor -out equipment.

Generally, it is convenient to put it on the outside of the feet.


There is also this kind of leg tied, which uses high -density materials to prevent mosquito infringement.

36.snake Proof SOCKS

Snake -proof

As the name suggests, to prevent the style of socks bitten by snakes, it has high functional value as mosquito -proof socks. He generally has the ability to block infrared feedback, so he cannot be attacked by snakes. Snake relies on infrared rays to position attacks.

Its thickness can be visually visually, and the color is also the earth and green.

In terms of style, high -pants and legs are also very common. Such style protection performance is the most ideal, and is generally the first choice for professionals.

37.Sparco Flame Resistant Compression Socks

Fireproof socks


This kind of socks are not used in general textiles. Most of them are made of fire resistance and other materials such as refractory asbestos. More than a variety of high -molecular materials styles are very forward -looking high -tech industries.

This kind of sock is resistant to burning and will not be ignited. It is determined by the material characteristics of the use.


In addition, fire stockings are also widely used by racing drivers in this field of racing.

According to length

Divide according to the length of the socks

38.half Socks


Short short socks

This socks generally only have the front foot part. It is a style worn as a slippers. It has the effect of isolation slippers to make the toes and feet more protected. In addition, it is sometimes worn as hard socks. It works, but generally such socks can only be used as a convenient walk. It is not convenient to wear it for a long time. One is easy to loosen after all, after all, there is no deduction of the heel. It is a design that is easy to slip off. The other point is that the appearance of this sock is relatively strange. Very embarrassing, it will make people feel that the socks are not worn well? However, there are some buckle -toe styles that can be matched in women’s open -toe slippers. In this case, it is not easy to grind your feet after wearing it.


The half -palm design is easy to make people feel that the socks are not worn?

Isn’t this way to wear it easily?

39.belly Socks / No Show Socks (Hidden Socks)


Stomach socks/non -exposed socks (hidden socks)


The family who hides the socks is here. This is the real functional attributes of this kind of socks. It is to hide the socks and enjoy the socks that can be used to wear socks. Basically, this kind of socks are diverse and the design is very simple. The fabrics adopted are generally elastic fibers and the like. The size is small. After stretching, it can often reach its original 4-5 times long. Because these socks can be woven in large quantities, they are often very cheap and lead to popularity.

If you put on flat shoes, you should not see the socks at all, right?

The mesh socks with a translucent design are also very interesting designs in women’s clothing

40.anklet Socks (Sneaker Socks or Quarter Crew Socks or Footie)

Foot chain socks (sports shoes socks or a quarter of sailor socks or football socks)

The characteristic of this sock is that there are obvious wide tight band design on the ankle, short sense, which is relatively easy to wear and take care of it. Generally, there are many all -cotton fabrics, and it is also the most common socks in the market. There are many names in the English world. Of course, the color style of this socks is the most black gray and the most. There are also some styles and lace socks, but the matching is a bit embarrassing because of the sock neck too short. It should not be as obvious as long socks, nor can it be hidden socks.

The distinction is the thin band of the akle, the other parts are relatively simple design

This kind of socks that feel lace by women’s clothing

41.mid Calf Socks

Small and small leg socks

The characteristics of this kind of socks are to cover the calf belly position. As long as it can meet this amount, it can be included in this category. A major feature of this sock is that there are many patterns and styles. Generally, there are more products with cotton or cotton with other fabrics. There is a problem with this socks. It will often slowly slip away with the deepening of use and eventually become it. Folding stacked on the akle.

This short boots socks like football

From the perspective of the length, it has not been covered by the upper half of the calf, so it is easy to slip off

42.crew length Socks



A major feature of this socks is that a large -scale loose design is adopted at the ankle. Perhaps it is because of the long -term labor on the boat, so the types of socks that prevent swelling of the foot and other blood circulation diseases happen to be born at the time. The upper sleeve feeling is very strong, and this vertical stripe design is also very resistant to slipping. Therefore, it is a very good workfit style in terms of design itself.

Please carefully observe that this upper vertical stripe design can actually bring a good stability to avoid slipping away


This kind of socks are even covered with the entire calf, and the anti -falling effect is superb.

Of course, his wide range is easy to adjust and adapt to various leg types.


43.Over The Calf Socks

Over -lap and socks

As the name suggests, the length must be more than the position of the calf belly before it is considered the type of socks. It is relatively easy to distinguish. This kind of socks have more winter socks. In addition, it is also used more in football items. Generally, it can be directly worn outside the leg protection board, which can play a role in fixed leg protection board to protect the legs. This sock also has a good tightening, so it can generally be regarded as function socks, which can prevent the formation of venous thrombosis. It also has the effect of alleviating leg fatigue and reducing edema.


Various styles, most men’s blue gray and white are most suitable with trousers. It is obvious to prevent some western pants.

Some of them can also be attributed to this category


But more is this position that is slightly near the knee


44.knee high Socks

Knee high stockings


As the name implies, it is a style that exceeds the legs. This is more common in girly clothing. For example, for outfits, it is common to show a cute feeling. In addition There are also many women’s models, and the styles of this socks are very diverse. The lace printing patterns are almost all kinds of colors, and this socks are generally complete. They are both suitable for summer styles and suitable for suitable for summer styles. Winter thick models are the best choices in short skirts.


This is an OUTFIT style of knee high socks

For example, this animal pattern is very cute.

The color style can be said to be very broad.

45.knee Socks

Knee sock

This is a large category introduction. Generally, Knee High Socks, Over The Calf Socks are introduced above. They all belong to this large category, so let’s take the picture.

With this straight vertical stripe

There are also horizontal stripes

There is also this diagonal grid shape.

46.over the knee Socks

Knee socks


Since this expression, it means that the knee must be covered with all kinds of shoes such as boots, high heels, flat shoes, etc., and a short skirt is generally enough.

Long boots with the same color socks

A slightly pattern grid with the same style shoes looks very chic

Sometimes the style of the contrasting color is also very good. You can highlight the curve of the leg shape


47.thigh high Socks

Thigh high stockings

As the name suggests, the height of this sock is covered on the thigh. This kind of socks have been wearing more in winter. Compared with skirts, they are more warm, and they have good breathability of the crotch than pants, so they are more and more widely welcomed. Of course, another feature of this sock design is. The matched hot pants or mini skirts have always been well known as sexy endorsement styles. It has a rich style, with fine -tagged styles. Of course, it also has hand -woven styles, and girls with better leg shapes can control this style that can return to high return rates, and it is also a weapon for creating romantic sentiments. It is a type of dating.

This skeleton pattern is very mysterious.

The hand -woven style like this has a good appearance and unique appearance. It is a style with strong development difficulty

In short, its style and color are extremely rich and diverse. There are countless, so you can develop unique personality

48. Panty Hose Socks



As the name suggests, the style of this socks has the appearance attributes of the pants. It is also like wearing pants. It will pull the upper feet to the waist. This sock has a certain functional effect. It is currently widely made of elastic fiber. Its functions mainly have the effects of stovepipe, hip lifting, and abdomen. In the appearance, because of the dragging effect of the upper waist, it is more common to use more transparent hollow design below. Therefore It is very common. Because this kind of sock consumption is very large, it also requires additional functional attributes, so it is common to use a variety of different tension chemical fiber blending, and some complicated styles are different in different parts of the weaving process. Speaking of socks in the socks that feel technological content and the difficulty of making the process. Especially socks with the above functional effects. In addition, it is said that these socks may enter more new areas next, such as men’s warmth function, functional installations in women’s clothing such as applicable models for pregnant women and applicable models, and even use some powerful special craft fibers and Weaving structures to prevent the value of outdoor function of bites such as tapeworm mosquitoes. From a business perspective, it is very developed.

Unlike the production process of pants, it is generally used to use the gradual weaving process, so there is no pants line process.

This kind of hollowing -out socks seem to only be designed with pantyhose, otherwise it will be easy to slide down.

This style of countermeasures for pregnant women is actually swept, and can purchase the corresponding styles of different stages


According to looks

Division according to the appearance of the socks


49.Split-TOE Socks (Tabi Socks)

Thumb single fork socks (Japanese: foot bag)


This sock originally originated in Japan, and it is also called footbags (たび, Japanese pronunciation TABI) in Japan according to Wikipedia’s Japanese station.

Foot bags (たび) 装 装 の に に に に に く く く の の の の. Japan’s inherent な な な な な で で で の の の の の の の の の の の の の の のWooden cotton の でき でき た が の が が が が が が が が が が が が が がLittle Hook (こはぜ) ば ば の の の め め で で fixed する.日本の伝統的な履物である草履・下駄・雪駄などを履く際に用いるため、つま先が親指と他の指の部分の2つに分かれている (叉割れ).

The so -called foot bag is a type of clothing directly worn on the feet when wearing Japanese -style clothing. It is a unique traditional clothing in Japan, a underwear that is worn on the feet. Generally made of cotton cloth. It is fixed with unique fasteners called small hooks. When wearing traditional Japanese shoes (such as straw shoes, wooden shoes, and snow shoes), toes are used, so toes are divided into two parts, thumb and other toes (forming fork -shaped).

Generally, a unique split design is made in the large toe position

This is like a picture, this sock has a good fit to fit the attributes of wearing shoes

Even in Japan, because of being used to it, there are foot bags and shoes similar to this design.


Toe fork socks

The basic structure of this socks is that the design achievements of the toe of the socks have a separate design like gloves, so the flexibility of the toe can be fully guaranteed. This type of socks is Football players are very popular, because this design can further use the strength of the toe different positions, to do some more detailed effort and use the toe to control the ball band, experience freedom degree Higher technical actions are very valuable. Of course, it is also divided into several categories. One is the exposed design of the toe cavity, and the other is the full package fork design.


This full package is designed in the most common style in winter. It is more comfortable to wear more than other types of socks.

The exposed design of this toe is more commonly worn when the summer is hot.

This is all exposed toes, because of its unique cat claws, they are widely welcomed by girls


51.half toe Socks

Half toe

As the name suggests, this kind of socks are characterized by only half of the socks that are wrapped in socks, and the rest are not included, because the toe itself has a tight effect. Therefore Relatively more economical and compact and easy to carry and replace them. In foreign countries, many friends will use this socks to treat beriberi diseases. Because you need to continue to maintain breathability after applying ointment. The socks are very popular with the public.


This is a half -toe fork socks with a certain non -slip base design

You can see that some styles of this socks have an additional pad design on the socks

This is a half -packet and half, but fork’s sock type

52.TOE Less Socks


Finger -free socks


As the name suggests, the part of this sock is lacking in a bag -shaped design of the front toe, that is, the design of the toes at the same time on the toe is also opened at the same time. It is developed as a more convenient consideration and was first developed as a design concept, but later, because it is higher than toe socks, it is cleaned for Liso to put on socks without having to put on the toe part. It is also easy to consider that such socks are also very popular in some regions. This kind of socks are divided into two categories, one type with exposed designs with heels and toes, the other is an exposed toe design, and the other is an additional design.


This is obviously a hole design on the toe part, so the toes are fully dew


This is a style design that also made a heel in addition to the design of the toe opening

Sometimes it is also in TOE SOCKS in the cabinet. This socks are characterized by a split design on the foot surface, so that some kind of transparent function


53.Tube Socks


The significant feature of this sock is that there are some obvious three horizontal lines in the thinner at the top end of the thinner. His length is generally too much, which is the style of Over The Calf Socks, but there are any It will also be designed to be relatively high, and it becomes Knee High Socks, all over the knee. In short, this style of men’s models is relatively common. For people with a thin leg and a little bamboo pole -like leg shape, this design that is just slightly visually expanded on the leg and belly can bring extra feet exquisiteness. Benefits, so it can enhance the aesthetics of the overall foot, which is a design element that can be used for visual illusion. Various confrontation sports games adopt such design elements, maybe more due to a deterrent consideration? This will add a strong and strong sense of momentum.


Do you look thinner on the feet and ankles below, and the foot belly is stronger and stronger?

From the side, the calf on the side is actually very fine, maybe it is not very good, so it looks slightly thicker after there is a horizontal texture.

In short, this style is a gospel of thin -legged. Therefore, although this piece is already over the knee, it still has three horizontal lines in the calf belly position.

54.Bobby Socks

Bobby socks


This sock is welcomed by the girls, because its various athlete positions, or the folding of the lace, or the design of the decoction, bring a very personal feeling. Meaning, but it is inevitable that it is impossible to think about it on such socks. In addition, it is understood that this sock was once popular in the 1940-50 of the West. It is currently more common in the styles of girls’ socks. After some information exploration, it is found that there are such curiosity abroad. Can’t help but find such an interpretation.

Bobby socks are socks






























The socks do not bounter up and down it is just before you can fold they and then the look the say just a bit shorter in length.


Bobby’s socks refer to the sock tube mentioned the ankle, and these socks can be folded down, they are called “Bobby socks”. The socks will neither rebound up nor down, it is just known because you can fold them. Also, they will see that Y is the same as the socks of the socks and cords. In the end, Bob is of course a man’s name.

There are some downward styles with similar edges.


It looks obviously that the lace is just that kind of flipping up. Generally, you can turn it down when you wear it, so that you can achieve a certain decoration effect

In the past, this style is very common. This type of style may not be enough to rebound at that time. You need to use the bottom to reaches fixed socks?

According to craft of fabric


By distinguished according to the material of the socks




Novel 3D pattern printing socks

This kind of process is extremely diverse, and there are ease. It uses a direct printing and dyeing -related pattern on socks to make socks. The so -called 3D pattern printing process generally refers to the kind of pattern technology that is very real in production in China. This pattern can sometimes be comparable to photos. For example, do these patterns be reminiscent at a glance? Of course, the specifications of this pattern are other production efficiency that is difficult to reach by the preparation of manufacturing processes. In addition, it is more efficient than embroidered socks. Most of the patterns on the market are produced in this way, economical and practical. There are many tricks. However, because the dyeing is indicating, the bad places are easy to fade and the color fades, and the durability of the sock pattern is not ideal. In addition, it also pollutes the environment.

For example, the pattern style of this beast hoof. What kind of leopard, tiger, lamb legs are available

And this style of this snowflake with the letter pattern is the most convenient and morphological sense through this production method

Finally, this style that needs to be painted on the surface of the socks


Novel fabric socks

This sock is different from the 3D pattern printing socks. It uses different colors of yarn to make socks. Because it generally has the structure of double -layer socks, the base layer fits the skin, and the outer layer pattern is sewed on the base layer with hook -editing process. It is not easy to fade, and can be washed several times and long -term watering, so it is also very popular with parents who buy socks for children. However, because of the value of the production process and yarn itself, its price is therefore of its price, so its price Compared to the 3D pattern printing socks, color patterns are not particularly fine, but in recent years, as the high -end embroidery machines become more and more popular, this kind of socks that can make unique relief processes may become more and more. Essence


The letters on the surface of the socks like this kind of simple color can basically be made through this process

The hook -editing wind showing this kind of children’s socks feels strong

Of course, this pattern also obviously uses two different colored yarn machines, so it is easy to recognize at a glance


57.Silicon Foot Protector Socks

Silicone foot cover protective socks


As the name implies, socks made of silicone materials are generally used to expose the feet with annexes and feet. The main silicone pads are in the heel position. Therefore, it is very applicable when the heel cracking medicine requires waterproofing. In addition, because some styles of thickened treatment also have an internal increase, it will feel very comfortable when walking. For those who need to walk for a long time, this simple functional socks are very practical, which can effectively protect the heels, and at the same time, the forefoot is breathable. Its style is mainly classified as transparent and non -transparent. The former has many main women’s models, and the latter has both men and women.

This is a full -wrap style. After applying the medicine, wearing the medicine can protect the cracking position of the heel to avoid infection.


This is a transparent style, which is obviously designed to prevent the heels from impact damage.

This is a clear thick design that makes the heels more stressful, and there is a little increase in the effect of increasing the posture upright

58.Hand Made Socks

Handmade socks


This is a kind of socks that are manually prepared by hand -made socks compared to socks that are widely prepared now. This sock has a strong personality attribute, and many excellent patterns have a certain collection value. It comes from the most from the most. The extensive people’s socks design styles can almost enumerate everything, and this socks sometimes use the technique and craftsmanship in the current machine ability. It can be said that it represents the texture of a “craftsman”. It is also a pioneer in the field of innovation. Because small batches can be tried in production, it is also a style of development value. In my country, just like the preparation of sweaters is the sock style of people commonly used in the era of material poverty. I feel, but if the development degree is better, there is also a new ability to interpret. It can be said that the basic principles of learning the light carved machine, the understanding of the space structure, allows children to learn to prepare socks, and the clothes are ideal.

The simplest socks of this type of wool, sometimes it is difficult to achieve with machine preparation.

There is also this style with a family style unique design.

There is also this style that makes spherical design and three -dimensional shading.

Conclusion, how far the human footprint can go, it is estimated that the attributes of this category of socks will go. In order to better develop a category of socks, it must be a very valuable area for business and the progress of human civilization. Looking forward to the emergence of more socks products, because human beings need to improve, life is better and safer, and the business world is even more upgraded. These are inseparable from the continuous iteration of products in the field of people’s livelihoods such as such small socks. It is hoped that the good products that have been tested in time can be existed forever, and they are finally exposed to the convenience of the crowd, and they can understand and buy it.






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