Presumably many novice parents have considered whether to buy a home disinfection cabinet, but is it really useful to confuse the family disinfection cabinet? Is it necessary to buy it? My answer is: Of course, many bacteria in life are not visible to the naked eye. For the sake of the health of yourself and your children, the disinfection of tableware in daily life is essential. Today, I recommend a product purchased for you -Qiaowen’s desktop disinfection cupboard.


Clean tableware


【Powerful disinfection】


Everyone often uses dishwashing sperm when washing the chopsticks. Although the detergent can clean the oil, ordinary cleaning cannot completely eliminate bacteria, and there may be disability. This household disinfection cupboard came in handy. Through ultraviolet disinfection, high temperature drying, and cleanliness of negative ions, the bacteria on the tableware were completely eliminated, so that we had a set of healthy tableware.

【The appearance is more fashionable】


When I got this disinfection cupboard, I felt that the appearance of this disinfection cupboard was very delicate. Its shape, simple, and atmospheric, placed in the kitchen and restaurant, have no sense of disobedience, and have a feeling of improvement of life quality. Moreover, the 35 -liter capacity of the disinfection cupboard, three or four people in the family have no problem, enough to disinfect daily tableware.

【Life is more convenient】

Since using this disinfectant cabinet, I do n’t need to drain it and put it in it. Do n’t worry about molding at all. It is also exempted from the process of wiping the tableware after washing the tableware to avoid secondary pollution of the tableware. The germs have nowhere to hide. There is a cycle of air outlet, air circulation, bacteriostatic breeding, and is very secure. Children’s bottle and tableware can also be put in and disinfected together, healthy and sterile.

Personal more tableware

[Simple operation]

More importantly, it is easy to operate, touch panel, and it is very simple to operate. Open the cover to disconnect to avoid hidden safety hazards. In short, this is a cost -effective and high -value disinfection cabinet. Take it home and give your family a healthy tableware to reduce the chance of “disease from the mouth”.

Safety and guarantee

Want to have a sense of rituals more? Choose Qiao Wen’s family desktop disinfection cupboard to give health a guarantee.

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