The man’s clothing style design is still very simple, occasionally unique style, and you can’t receive most people’s favorite. Some men gave up directly, and when they were mixed with the costumes, they went out to go out.

What is wearing in winter?


? In addition to ordinary white shirts,


These 5 emblems cannot refuse

Xiaobian’s five kinds of shirts, and the corresponding shirts, directly imitated, can wear fashionable effects, what reasons do not choose?


It’s too handsome, imitating the 5 wearing of Li Min Ho.

Easy and handsome,

See Li Min Ho


Wearing a way, Xiaobian can’t help but arrange your boyfriend. It can be seen that these costumes are for girls.

How old is “killing”.

Have to say, Korea’s men pay too much attention, Li Min Ho’s daily wear very fashionable, very recruited women like, and under this influence of this subtlety, Korean acts will be more paying more attention. Shirt is also

They are mixed,

To show a wide range of temperament.

◆ Black shirt: hypertrophic style

The classic color in the shirt is

White, black

Color is always the style of clothing, but also a lot of attention, but the color of the suit is generally


Take the white clothing is more coordinated and also affects black.


Development of shirts.

However, it is precisely because of the influence of the suit, the black shirt is more suitable for everyday, and the design is more hypertrophic, you can make the gas field more

Easy and generous.

Black is also a lot of men like very much, handsome and self-cultivation, making a comfortable hybrid shirt, naturally, more people like it.

◆ Brown shirt: retro design


Advanced colors are gray and brown

Among them, brown gas fields are often more retro, and they will make their own gas fields even generously gentle.

Warm man

One way of matching.

Brown shirt


Version design

It is also a comparative amount of hypertrophy. It is a very rule of pattern, and there is still other brown costumes, keeping a lot, and warm men’s temperament temperament is more in line with.

◆ Color Shirt: Gray Texture Advanced

The colorful shirts are familiar, and Xiaobian wants to recommend the Hawaiian shirt that everyone is familiar with, is a black gray shirt of simple colors, and

Gorgeous complex Hawaiian shirt phase

Comparison, more simple, so handsome advanced.

After the gray is matched, there is also a texture of the shirt appears

More advanced effect,

Unlike direct black shirts, there is also a good match with black suit pants.

Hierarchical effect.

The effect of simple patterns is different.

Time is on the one hand

And temperament is both one of the advantages.

◆ Striped shirt: black stripes

In the shirt, there are a lot of styles, since the shirt itself is a very advanced clothing style, or has chosen more advanced patterns

More appropriate coordination.

It is like a better choice.



The case is perfectly combined with the casual wind and high-end wind. The striped color of the shirt has chosen black, which helps

Keep the high level of the clothing.

If other colored stripes, they don’t necessarily have this.


But blue stripes, green striped this cold tones, is still very big.

◆ Simple decorated shirt: white strip


The pattern on the shirt must not choose


Choose too exaggerated

, Like the Hawaiian style shirt, the effect can be displayed is gorgeous, wearing handsome feeling, wearing

Great feeling is easy.

So the pattern choice of the costume is

The more simple, better.

The location of the brown shirt, there is a long white strip, so that the brightness of the shirt will increase, simple design will not


However, there is a lot of unique, it is a fashionable design.


Shirt mix

The wearing method of the shirt is also worth learning, the style design of the shirt itself is quite


Mainly the part of the buckle, and several buttons will be directly

Affect gas


Everyday wear shirt, open a few shirts, will look a lot. The more bold mode is half the slogan to solve the button, and it will be more handsome, but unfortunately

Test the body.

Shirts are very good

At least the 5 shirts introduced to everyone are more good, in general, common black pants,

White pants

It can be matched.

Since you want to stand out, you will choose


Matching, black shirts with white pants, light brown shirts with black pants, etc.

If you want to be free and easy to put the shirt outside the trousers, you want to make the gas field more stable into your trousers.


Casual shirts have casual matching methods, wearing pants to choose loose pants, with shoes to choose sneakers or shoes, so that the gas field is more


If it is a white classic business shirt, you can’t be so casually.



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