Meet it, this big man in the water treatment industry

Xiao Wang, who has just graduated to the chemical plant, has worked as a technician of industrial pure water equipment. The daily work daily work is to wipe the gray on the equipment, and he can earn 5,000 yuan a month. His fellow Mavericks also wanted to find such a relaxed job. As a result, the boss was fired by the boss on the first day of work! Do you know why?

First of all, how can we understand the product of the industrial ultra -pure water equipment and transform the raw water or tap water into ultra -pure water? For ultra -pure water equipment processes in different industries, its configuration is very different from the final price. For example The processing part is added to the ultrafiltration host and precision filter. The changes of the ultra -pure water system are complicated and diverse, which meets the needs of super pure water preparation in different fields. Today we will explain the product functions of industrial ultra -pure water equipment in detail.

Industrial pure water treatment equipment

1 Pre -processing part description

Preparatory treatment is the front -end processing part of the industrial ultra -pure water equipment, which is mainly composed of filters and drugs.

Original water pump: It is usually suitable for raw water pressure to enter the water treatment equipment. Press the original water through the pressure pump to the pre -processing part;

Multi -media filter: use quartz sand, non -tobacco coal, porous ceramics, etc. to preliminate raw water quality to reduce the turbidity of water quality and remove the solid impurities of suspended floating in water;

Activated carbon filter: Use activated carbon to absorb the residual chlorine in the water, which has an efficient adsorption and removal effect on the strange odor in the water.

Dooling agent adds medicine: It is commonly used in the firepower industries, petrochemical industries, and municipal disinfection system for water treatment systems, which can achieve random control and automatic medicine;

2 Reverse osmosis part description

The booster pump is delivered to the reverse osmosis equipment. The reverse osmosis membrane can filter out the impurities of pre -treatment greater than 200 molecules, including more than 95%of solubility solids and more than 99%of organic matter and colloid. The film brand includes the U.S. Tao RO reverse osmosis membrane, Hyde energy film, and steroidal membrane, etc.;

3 EDI device description


Using continuous electrical removal technology, it can produce super pure water of 15 trillion euros;

4 Polishing mixing bed description

The last step is to remove the trace ions and weak electrolytes participating in pure water, and produce the ultra -pure water of 18 trillion Euros.

The product function description of industrial ultra -pure water equipment is all the above content.

If you encounter water quality problems, you can use the editor of the environmental protection group in the background.

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