The single styles are the same, and interesting clothing is one thousand miles.

Essence As a large -scale acquisition player in the clothing industry, the ability of Amway single products cannot be underestimated. All kinds of wide -leg pants must be tired of all sisters. Let’s have something different today.

In addition to the skirt, many pants are actually very good. As long as you wear the right, then it is properly beautiful with a top.

Strongly recommend this beautiful and versatile “trousers”, do not wear or stepping on the thunder



When you choose your pants, you will definitely have a pair of good shoes. The wild shoes you think are only high heels, then it is wrong! I believe many girls have such a kind of trouble,

Wearing high heels looks good but very tired, but there is no surprise in wearing other shoes

Since this is the case, it’s better to try it

“West pants+sneakers

“Yeah! The simple shape is still your different charm, the girl is full, the key is that it is very refreshing and not cumbersome. It is definitely the gospel of a lazy girl ~


Types of sneakers:

Compared with high heels, there are more types of sneakers. Large -scale low -ranking high -top shoes are collectively referred to as sneakers, but in fact different design,

The style of the shoes created is different

It is not consistent to match.

Thoughts and advantages

The combination of sneakers is very extensive, and the sense of style is also sufficient

Generally, the thunderstorm is not high, so you can wear it casually.

The version of the trousers is more slim

It pays more attention to coordination to match.

Fashionable with sports shoes and trousers rises at once

I have to say how irresistible its charm is, both beautiful and stylish. Therefore, pay attention to the combination


The color and version design of the trousers

It’s right to go.

1. Wearing neutral color trousers


① Low -help white shoes are easy to use or not pick people


Little white shoes have always been classic models

It is very easy to match to match, and I do n’t get rid of it with trousers. I chose this pair of small white shoes to reduce a lot of time and energy for you.

White trousers are simple

, Refrigeration, the temperature in summer makes the temperature relieved a lot,

With a small shirt restrained and low -key

Essence Little white shoes do not have too much embellishment, and it is integrated with white, but it is particularly pleasing to the eye.

The whole set is very commute

This pair

Low -top small white shoes

The shoes are smaller, showing a small foot, exposing the ankle part.

The paired trousers are nine -point pants models


, Black and mature charm, but not old -fashioned, wear it like this

The use of single products and single products is very good

The top chose a striped long -sleeved shirt, and sometimes ordinary basic styles can be matched with different trendy flu.

Perhaps this is simple, but it is also another way to show fashion.

How to wear light customs?

Whether it is workplace or daily wear, for more mature women, the choice of single products require a little design and uniqueness in order to brighten the sense of styling.

This body

Use a shirt with trousers


, The color matching of the black and black black system expresses a very elegant charm in a simple way. The small shawl is very designed, a pair

Little white shoes are not worse than high -heeled shoes, but naturally unintentional

Many girls are not willing to be too cumbersome on their wear, and they like those who are relatively simple but easy to control. Pay more attention to the essential texture of the color system,

What is often used is solid color items

Both white and black are neutral, and the whole body is mainly these two colors.

Pure white T -shirt with black trousers

, Black and Black, wearing a sense of layering, the shirt and pants show the waistline, a pair of white canvas shoes embellishment, full of the screen full of girly feelings.

② Black pants and black shoes are cool streets

How much do girls like black?

Different clothing has different colors. In the fashion industry, the choice of color systems can be described as ever -changing, but the black is the most common and most versatile.


Black canvas shoes are low saturated

This type of shoes is very resistant,

High waist trousers,

The version is very trimmed, and the waistline is full. The top is also black, but there are pattern embellishments.

The only advantage of pure neutral color is that the color is not exaggerated, so you can try to wear as much as possible without considering too much element, but if you pay more attention to color,

Then choose the texture

Black trousers, whether it is a version or color, is thin

And it is relatively low -key, so the upper body can be used in dark color. Such as this

The wine -red top and black pants and black shoes are very layered and very advanced.

③ High -top shoes with trousers are more youthful

In recent years, the popularity of high -top shoes has reached a climax, and almost every shoe rack has been indispensable. The reason why it is so popular,

The biggest reason is the cost -effectiveness

No matter what kind of shoes you are, it is absolutely comfortable to be comfortable and beautiful, and the price cannot be too high.

This pair of high -top shoes and trousers look petite and cute

The pure black shape not only does not lower the luster, but it looks very clear and coordinated

The items in summer are actually almost the same. It is not too chic, so at this time to create a unique sense of sense with a low -key match.

Coupled with exquisite accessories can also be full of vitality

White pattern T -shirt with a pair of high -waist trousers

, Slender and exposed the waistline, the niche metal pendant is very clear, so it is very good.

Young can show another trendy influenza.


There are actually a lot of colors of high -gang canvas shoes. The key is that each color of it can have a different sense of fashion. Pink partial girl, so

The age -reducing effect of matching the right items is obvious.


And this blue and black match is good

Essence The blue symbolizes the open horizons and vitality. The high -waisted trousers are simple and easy to match. The dark blue top will not grab the limelight.

The color of the whole set and pink canvas shoes is not only obtrusive, but the style is consistent

Second, vitality warm trousers

① Daddy shoes with nine -point pants are dazzling age reduction

For the little man, this pair of daddy shoes are definitely the first choice.

Why is the strong Amway Dad shoes? In fact, this shoe is not different from ordinary sneakers, but it will be more intensive in design. The key is still very high.

The trousers use the girl pink, so the choice of top -shirt can avoid the visual confusion caused by the color system.


, White shirts are just right

Essence Daddy shoes


The version is very special and the whole body is particularly matched, which is simply the best choice.

Light green trousers look particularly refreshing, not burdensome and tedious at all. Many women prefer leisure style, because it saves time, and the final effect is not bad.

Upper and lower green


, Easy shirt with a small suit. This kind of dress is very sporty. It is also convenient to make a small yoga in the morning. Take a pair of daddy shoes

Essence The whole body takes into account both fashionable and special casual and comfortable

In the past two years, short short clothes have been popular.

The strap T -shirt is one of them. This type of clothing needs to be put in high -waisted pants. It is not easy to go through and it will have a sense of styling.

This one

Beige trousers with white sleeveless shirt, simple and textured

, Express the European and American Fan, embellish the niche bag, and a pair of white dad shoes with the whole body.

There is a French retro style

② Fresh colors wear elegant temperament

When girls wear, in addition to the version and clothes design, the color system is also a critical point.

Choose the right points to add points to your styling, and you can also limit your style.

What is fresh color?

It is clear to see this set of wear. The white T -shirt with a pair of light pants. From the color point of view, the whole body is not high -profile, but the matching is very high -level. Elegant charm.

The beige tenderness is the easiest to match.

Its color is particularly fitted with skin tone, like this rice white trousers, although it is low -key, it is very trimmed, and the maturity is not low.

The matching black shoulder -shoulder T -shirt is sexy and charming, so the effect of the whole body is very eye -catching.

There is both a kind of cold and gorgeousness, but also the elegant breath, and the small white shoes are wearing simple and beautiful.

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