Poor parents in the world, for a mother, no matter how old she is, she will have a different mind after having her child and become suffering from it.

Although Diana’s marriage with Charles was so bad that she doubted her life and indulged herself, she had never forgotten the fact that she was the mother of two children.

Therefore, in the 32 -year -old life, Diana even wrote her own will.

Some people say that this is the opening of Westerners, and they don’t care about these. is this real?

If you do n’t care, you ca n’t write any will. Because you care, you have to put your thoughts in the most appropriate place.


In fact, it can be understood that Diana lived unhappy that year, although the TV station was used


“The royal family monitor her”

Wait for fake words to lie to her,

But as soon as he heard this, Diana was completely messy




It can be imagined that in Diana’s life, she was extremely disturbed and very insecure.

Under such circumstances, she wrote her will early.

In fact, what is the so -called will?

All Diana is only money and jewelry.

Her title cannot be inherited, so she allocated her assets and jewelry:

Leave two sons William and Harry.

These can also be seen from Diana’s letters:

I want to allocate all my jewelry to my sons so that their wives can own it or use them at appropriate time.

In fact, Diana died at the age of 36, and this will really guarantee the vital interests of William and Harry.

They got all the property left by their mothers, including those jewelry that once worn on the mother and later gave their daughter -in -law.

However, there is only one piece of jewelry.


Because it did not become Kate or Meghan in the end, it was worn on Camilla, who made Diana the most unpredictable.

That’s right, the Prince of Wales, who was changed to the necklace pendant by Diana.

This is a jewelry about the royal family. It cannot be sold or used by the level. Only Princess Welsh is qualified to wear it.

Speaking of it, it is quite embarrassing,

Although this brooch was from Diana, she was retracted by the royal family after her divorce.


Essence Because Diana only retained the title after the divorce, she was no longer the princess of Wales.

As a sign of the identification of the royal family, Wales’s bad feather brooch can no longer stay next to Diana.


However, it must not be worn on Camilla.


why would you say so? Prince Welsh is a specific title of the future successor of the British royal family. It only passes men and women.

For example, when the old queen was the successor of his father George VI,

Because she is a woman, she did not get the title of Prince Welsh.

And this feather brooch is naturally not worn on the Queen’s chest.

But when I arrived in Charles, as the eldest son of the queen,

From the moment he was awarded Prince Wales, he had different identities: the successor of the king in the future.

As a result, this feather brooch that has been passed down in the royal family has also been born:

After Diana married Charles, she was wearing it lightly as Princess Wales.

However, there are many stories on this brooch, such as the imitation of Mrs. Simpson later transformed.

So Diana has her own opinion on this brooch,

She felt that as a brooch, these feathers were not auspicious.

After many design,

Diana is not ingenious, inlaid with a drip -shaped emerald below it,

Then made a necklace pendant and hanged around the neck.

In fact, Diana handled this brooch to cause a lot of response, because the Princess of Wales, who was not dazzling enough, became shining between Diana’s swan’s neck.

Especially the emerald gemstone like tassels, making the whole brooch at the atmospheric and dignified.

If the feather itself has a sense of lightness, it seems that after adding a dark green gem, it seems to play a finishing touch.

In this way, it looks much better than others on the side of the clothes.

Why can’t Camilla wear this brooch?


the reason is simple,

Although she married Prince Wales, she was not Princess Wales.

The title of the princess has been on Diana, and Camilla entered the royal family and only got the title of the Duke.


Think about it, how can a Duke wearing Princess’s brooch?

When it is young, it is inconsistent with the level of identity.

After Camilla, after becoming the wife of Prince Charles, she once regarded herself as the princess, so she traveled, speaking, and wearing almost as the princess.


At that time, Camilla’s identity was embarrassing, and her status in the royal family was not high, which may make her very uncomfortable.

The result was when she attended the event with Charles


I blatantly wore Diana’s Wales Feather brooch

Presumably this is Charles’s indulgence, so the royal family can only open one eye and close one eye.

However, as soon as the outside world saw Camilla removed Diana’s necklace, changed it back to the brooch on her body, and fry the pan:

Does she have no shame? This move is too bad.

In a word, Camilla pressed Diana’s stuff to herself,

And without changing, even the emerald gemstone was worn together,


It is equivalent to grabbing Diana’s things, and its behavior itself is too ugly.

Camilla seemed to have been disappointed, not only wearing this feather brooch many times, but also scolded. He also had a noise with Charles for his identity.

From this point of view, Camilla has pretended to be pitiful in front of Charles for many years. In fact, it was interested: becoming the queen.


But when she found that she had defeated Diana and entered the royal family, the queen’s position could not seem to fall on her head, so she was very crazy.


To this end, Camilla was about to divorce Charles in 2014, and also asked Charles to compensate her with a loss of 200 million pounds.

This news once angered the old queen, she was much more than that of Diana Keli:

A pointer will not give her either!

Naturally, this marriage is not separated. But Camilla also knows,

If you want to get in the royal family, you have to fight for yourself

What is scolding?

Wearing a feather brooch symbolizing the identity of Princess Wales, she was a step closer to the princess. Who saw her not to buy it?

Not only that, but now the Camilla mask is all feathers, she really cares about her identity.


To put it plainly, this is the public opinion made by Camilla herself. She is trying to tell the British people with facts:


Now Diana is gone. Although I am not a princess, I enjoy all the princess’s treatment and even become the queen of the future.

You see, how can Camilla be afraid of people scolding her if you can really achieve such a goal?

However, it is estimated that she can’t wear this brooch a few times,

The old queen is not in good health. If Charles succeeds in a day, Prince Wales will become William. At that time, this brooch can only be worn on Kate’s body.


Essence And whether Camilla would become a queen, this is probably unknown.

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