For women, dresses are definitely a must -have in the wardrobe. Even if they are not worn often, they still have a floating fairy dream in their hearts. In fact, the dress is not difficult to control. You don’t have to have psychological pressure. The most important thing is to find the style and style that suits you best. A tasteful woman, choose these 4 dresses in summer, each one is thin and tall! So let me introduce some of the ultra -practical summer “dress” matching skills. It is elegant and gentle. After learning, everyone can become fashionable. Let’s take a look together!

1. Selected money of dressing

1. Black and white dress


As the so -called “simpler and higher level”, this is the ancient truth of the fashion industry. When you don’t know how to choose a dress style, the black and white dress becomes your first choice. The white is fresh and light, elegant and gentle. Although it is not as eye -catching as bright colors, it will give people a quiet and elegant temperament. It is suitable for creating the feeling of fairy and Mori. Western style.


Black and white are in two extremes. If white is the representative of “fairy style”, then black can be called the representative of “mature women style”. The lining is fair, and it will also play a role in modifying the figure. In short, choosing a black dress will never make an error. As long as you pay attention to its version design and other elements, you can embellish it.

2. Flower Dress


The design degree of floral dresses is compared with solid color dresses, and the fashion has a qualitative improvement. After all, its characteristics are full of styling, and it will not make people feel faint. Today is the spring and summer season. If you follow the small and fresh route, then it is recommended that you try some more refreshing colors, such as green+white, or white basement+various light -colored flowers. A sense of spring.


3. Trench coat dress

The windbreaker dress has become more ingenious, and in recent years, it has become more and more popular. It combines the style and tailoring of the windbreaker, and the material. It looks chic and casual and atmospheric. It is generally accompanied by obvious belt or waistline. This can play a good role in optimizing the proportion of the upper and lower body. Your slender and soft waist looks quite atmospheric, especially suitable for big women walking in the workplace.


4. suit dress

The suit dress is more suitable for workplace commuting items. Compared with the suit, it has a little more tenderness and water charm, and integrates hard resistance and tenderness. The beauty of tenderness. The requirements of a suit dress will not be too high, and it can even play a good role in modifying the figure. Even if you have too much fat on your body, don’t worry.


2. Character’s dress matching demonstration

1. Loose solid color dress


For some fat eyebrows, we must first overcome the unconfidence in my heart. When choosing a dress, you can also start with some loose pure color dress. It will bring a very comfortable dressing experience, which can completely hide the flesh on your body, and it will not look tiger. It can be paired with a bubble sleeve design so that it will also inject a little cute and playful princess atmosphere.

2. Sling dress


The suspender dress has a highly prominent effect on the body. Its advantage is that it can reveal almost all the shoulder and neck lines and skin of the wearer, which can show a bone -skinned beauty, and reveal a round shoulder and long arm lines. Extremely fine band skirts have high requirements on the body. If you are slightly fat, do n’t wear it. If you have the development of slippery shoulders, narrow shoulders, and trapezius muscles, it is difficult to wear beauty. It is recommended that everyone can do it.

3. Light -colored gentle print skirt

The light -colored gentle printed skirt is very in line with the sense of atmosphere in spring, so it is also a good choice in daily commuting. Below the two dresses are purple as the main tone, embellished with a very regular printing, which can not only show the soft and glutinous flavor, but also inject a traceful feeling into the overall, effectively avoiding the fancy feeling.

If you are worried that you ca n’t hold it, then start with a dress with white as the main tone, so that it can lay the overall style tone without too difficult to control. You can embellish some color and prints you like.

The above is all the content shared today. In fact, whether it is a solid color dress or a color printed skirt, it has its unique style. You can’t try it because you are not confident enough. Maybe the effect you wear will be beyond your imagination.

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