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incense burner


It is a necessary appliance for “Xiangdao”,

It is also Chinese folklore, religion,

The essential supply in sacrifice activities.

The incense used in all ages contains


Boshan stove, hand stove, incense, lying furnace, incense tube

Wait for different forms of incense burner,

as well as

Smoked balls, incense inserts, fragrant plates, incense box,

Fragrance, shovel, spoon spoon, incense tube



For the supporting appliances, the materials used mainly include copper,

Ceramics, gold and silver, bamboo wood, enamel and jade.


There are many types of use,

Either smoked clothes, or furnishings, or respect God for Buddha.

The shape is common or round,

A square incense burner is generally four feet;

The round incense burner has three feet,


One feet are in front and two feet are placed back.

In the feudal era,

The use of incense is strictly divided.

Materials, size, patterns, and weight all have certain regulations,

People of different identities use different regulations incense burners.

Boshan furnace

For example, the queen uses a golden furnace;


Prince and concubine use a silver incense burner;

The prince, the prince uses a silver incense burner or gilt gold, and the wrong gold incense burner;

Officials use copper incense furnaces.

Smoked ball


The porcelain incense furnaces began to be popular in the Song Dynasty,

Except for the five famous kiln, there are incense burns specifically fired for the court

(These incense burners are not allowed to enter the folk),

Other kiln mouth furnaces are also popular in the people.

Hand stove

At present, there are many types of incense burners in the market,


The shape of the copper furnace is basically imitated in Xuande furnace,

However, most of the workmanship is rude and the amount of copper is very small.

Time is slightly oxidized and discolored.

In recent years, some exquisite porcelain incense burners have become popular again,

Many small porcelain furnaces with sophisticated shapes and fine workmanship are also ideal choices.

Fragrant insertion

In terms of routine,

The choice of incense burner is mainly useful,


Consider materials, modeling, production process and other aspects.


Qiaosheng Furnace (Fumilizer in the Guan Er)

The general size of the furnace is larger,

In order to prevent the gray from falling out of the furnace,

The second is to filter cigarettes through the furnace cover,

Partial smoke and dust adsorb on the furnace cover,

Reduce smoke pollution to air, Buddha statues or houses.

It is best to choose a lid in the indoor furnace,

Exquisite smoked furnace or lying incense furnace,

In order to use the fragrance, Panxiang or line incense to burn,

The burning time is also relatively long,

It can also reduce smoke, reduce pollution, and make the room clearer.

What is it to put in the incense burner?

If it is an electronic smoked incense burner,


You can put many types of incense supplies,

Such as essential oil, agarwood shell, agarwood powder,

Agarwood fragrance, and sandalwood powder, sandalwood essential oil,

In addition to these, you can also put other plant vanilla and so on, etc.

Both the incense burner can be used to make incense.

Electronic smoked incense burner


If it is a temple, incense,

Then the usage is not so simple,

The temple incense furnaces are covered with gray ash for fragrant incense to worship the Buddha.

Temple incense burner

Daily home incense burner,

If it is for the Buddha,

The incense burner is generally put in sorghum and millet,

This can not only let Xiang stand up, but

It can also be good for storing incense ash in the future.

It is best not to put sand in the incense burner. This is not good.

If it is casual,

Can be based on the material and size,

Fill incense ash inside,

Then insert the online incense or play a fragrant incense,

They are all good choices.

Fragrant insertion

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