There are tens of millions of shoes in the shoe cabinet. still


It is the flat shoes



It is really good to wear, it can be called it

Fashion industry

Take a look at the recent INS bloggers and stars. You know, these shoes

A few fashion trend cycles have been exploded

There is still no meaning to retire.

A pair of shoes that look flat, but can hold all the styles of HOLD!

Whether you wear skirts or trousers, you can go out with flat shoes; with a suit show OL style, change the street film in minutes!


It is not as abandoned as high heels, nor is it like a single shoes,

Wearing flat shoes to go out = comfortable serving all day!

The point is that it also

Don’t pick the occasion!

At work, commuting √; dating shopping √;

Patry patry √; climbing mountains √;

No matter what clothes you wear, it is a good partner.

So, these pairs

Eternal shoe


You also have to have a pair!

Xiaobian has high requirements for the comfort and face value of the shoes, and often uses thousands of money to buy shoes, but recently

It was completely conquered by a pair of affordable flat shoes!

This is a pair of different things

Silk flat shoes

It looks low -key and advanced, with a small white shoes on the market.

The silk material makes it more exquisite,


It won’t be formally worn when wearing it, and you will not hit the money on the road.

Ingenuity design from Spain, slender shoe modified feet,


Visually thin-5kg;

“Mind” increases the soles of the shoe and stretch the legs of the legs,

Height immediately+5cm.


Special selection of abrasion -resistant anti -sliding rubber soles, with hypertrophic and breathable ultra -fiber inside,


Soft and skin -friendly, 100%without grinding feet

It is not tired for 10 kilometers.

The shoes are soft but have a stylish,


Width of the feet, height on the instep

The MM is also very elegant, the key is not to stuck and squeeze your feet.



Silk upper+wear -resistant sole+show shoe type

The combination is simply the fairy configuration in the small white shoes. Xiaobian went to a certain treasure to search for the same quality silk shoes,

At least three or four hundred yuan

But today I will give you a welfare price,


A pair only 118 yuan

Intersection Sophisticated

Ivory white, pearl silver, dogwood powder, moon green, ink black

Five colors to satisfy your various combinations.

Don’t buy a pair of concubine silk shoes, you don’t know

How much worry about wearing every day, how cool it is to go out

It is strongly recommended that MM people have a pair!


Predemage to buy


Advanced silk upper unique

Exquisite and elegant

No girl was not attracted by ballet when he was a kid. Fantasy can one day dance like a white swan.


The designer is cleverly combined with the classic models of special ballet shoes, which is a

“Bai Fumei” in the shoe industry


, Gentle and dignified and temperamental.

It is more beautiful to wear on the feet than sneakers, more refined, full of fairy, perfect fusion

Wild+good -looking


Don’t think that the silk material is very delicate. The concubine is made of special silk satin.

It has the delicate luster of the real silk, and is more firmly resistant than ordinary real silk.



Put the sharp scissors through the sharp scissors

There are no risks, which are very resistant.

Most of the flat shoes on the market are made of two materials, and the canvas will be worn for a long time.

Hardel to become yellow

, Give people a very sloppy feeling; leather is easy to stay

Deep crease

, Old and off the price.

The concubine silk shoes perfectly overcome these two shortcomings,


No creases will appear no matter how we wear upper upper upper


Always maintain smooth and neat, obsessive -compulsive disorder friendship!


It is also very worry -free to take care of it.

Immediately the same as new shoes.

So once this pair of silk shoes are on the market,

Win the favor of many bloggers and even stars

This is a low -key sense of low -key, and the entire shoe industry is unique.

Giant model (better than supermodels) Kate Mos ▼

Yubo ▼

Smart retro design

Walking fashionable essence

Sometimes small white shoes are too white and tidy, and there is no dynamic to match.


With some retro old design

Shoes, put on more



With the feeling, many big -name retro shoes have become classic shoes in the fashion industry.

I have to say that the concubine’s designer is too keen on the sense of fashion!

The edge of the shoe is made into a light gray frosted effect,

Inject it in one second


Ancient soul, it will not be dirty and old

It can be said to have both fashionable and aesthetics.

If you see a bit of hair beard by the side of the shoe, don’t think it is the head of the line. This is made by the designer.

Pure handmade tear edge design

, To be

Implement the feeling of casual laziness to the end

Considering that the overall style of the shoes is more coordinated and integrated, the shoelaces are also selected

The softer beige

Praising a wide range of design is not only one of the highlights of the design of the shoes, but also


The softness of the silk and the softness of the silk plays a balanced effect

, “Niang Man Wind”.

On INS, silk shoes

“Internet celebrity” matching weapon

The appearance rate is very high. With shorts and jeans, there is a small exquisite in the casual nature.


With a skirt, the woman who weakens the skirt will not give people a feeling of too hard.

With suits OL wind, there is more affinity.


No matter what clothes you wear, you can go out with these silk shoes every day, and it will give people a kind of

The impression of super good clothing

, Absolutely in my shoes this year

Wild NO.1

Selected high -quality materials are comfortable as comparable to sports shoes

Concubine Silk Shoes, make it better to wear it to the office

Almost a pair

Look at us

“Buyer Show Review” on the screen

You know how good it is to wear, many friends are going to enter another color!


The overall is a soft word


, How to rub it and twist it, it will not be deformed, and it will not produce a crease.

Normally, you can wear it normally.



Internal space is sufficient

, Put in without squeezing your feet, do not press the back, and five toes can be moved freely inside.


Show -shoe type

Very modified feet

Girls with width feet, high insteps, and fleshy feet wear it, not only comfortable and unrestrained,

Visually obviously thin 5kg

Super showless feet, small feet, wood and wood

The 3cm thickened soles bring more than comfortable, and the height of the right can also

Pulling the line ratio of the legs

, Visually grow high+5cm, small gospel!

Follow the feet design, naturally wrap on both sides, the most comfortable support for the feet,


This exquisite and elegant does not lose high heels at all.

The reason for this easy to wear is inseparable from the high -quality material of the concubine, special selection

Wear -resistant rubber outsole

, Strong toughness is not easy to break.


Anti -sliding is also particularly good

, Walking on a slippery floor can also walk like flying.

The breathable ultra -fiber skin is selected inside. The texture is clearly visible. The feet feel delicate, humid and breathable, and the heat dissipation is excellent.


No stinky feet

The insoles are even used

High -rebound rubber material

, Especially Q bombs, the pressure of walking is instantly alleviated. No matter how commute, shopping, walking dogs, it is not tired for a day.

Casual shoes wear the comfort of sports shoes

Many new shoes were worn when they were worn. There were no more than a dozen band -aid “protection”, and they didn’t dare to get on their feet.

This pair of silk shoes are made

Anti -grinding foot design

, Come to protect our delicate feet, the editor wandered for five hours for the first time,

It’s really not grinding at all



Very light and lightweight

It is not boring at all. You can wear three seasons in spring, summer, and autumn.

This pair of non -slip, abrasion -resistant, light and breathable, and fashionable and versatile silk casual shoes. It will sell for three or four hundred yuan on a certain treasure, but today the fan price is

You can start at 118 yuan, save a hot pot money in minutes, it’s too affordable!

Morandi’s five -color optional shoe cabinet

In order to meet everyone’s different dressing styles, Fei Yis silk shoes have a total of 5 colors to choose from, all

Morandi color, advanced and beautiful


I have to say that the color matching of the concubine is really a must, even the basic color is different. It is not the kind of cheap and dead white, but

Very soft ivory white

The whole is as very textured as if you have thrown light,


Make your shoes very expensive


The immortality that can’t be hid, the atmosphere is full, the most important thing

Absolutely all -round and versatile

It is right to choose difficulty PICK.

Pearl silver

Pearl silver is also the color that the editor likes, silk

Reflection of pearl -like luster

, The same advanced, but than ivory white

There is a trace of retro

Usually wearing MM with a lot of dark clothes to choose it.

And ivory white is relative

More resistant to dirty care

, Easy to match and worry!


This color editor is really highly recommended,


The best popular color of this summer

Clear and refreshing makes people look bright

, It seems that everyone is particularly spiritual, wear it in spring and summer, and feel that walking is windy ~

Dogwood powder

Soft girls can boldly choose this color. It is a very tender and fairy pale pink, it is simply

Sweet sugar to ice ~

The most important thing is that it is not fluorescent at all. After putting it on

Not showing black, very easy to control


Black is also

Classic colors that will never be out of date

, Do not pick age without adjusting occasions, to commute and leisurely “10,000 gold oil”.

Because of the particularity of the silk material, black also has a light -like luster,

Not dull at all

, Instead very agile.

The size covers 34 to 40 yards, and the shoe type is very positive, everyone

Just buy the normal code

These exquisite, elegant, and versatile Spanish silk shoes can satisfy all your wear,

Soft and not grinding your feet, it’s easy to wear foul!


Three or four hundred yuan on the same quality on a certain treasure

, But today I will win the highest discount for everyone,

A pair only costs 118 yuan, the cost performance is too high

It is also a good choice to buy girlfriends and send mothers ~

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