It is better to have you for ten miles of spring breeze -to interpret the female judge of the balanced art on high heels


Women, crystal pure and beautiful, slim and small as small as a breeze, and how she is like a delicate flower, and the action is like weak Liu Fufeng. In the beautiful Yanliang aviation town, there is a solemn and exquisite court small garden. There is a woman with such a gentle, beautiful but beautiful, but not losing woman in the bone of the bone of the bone of the red plum. Her name is the female judge!

She did not apply the fans, put on a solemn robe, and put on the shiny emblem.

She was unsmiling, standing on a three -foot case station, ringing the sacred mallet, but insighting the autumn and passing;

She was simple and unprepared, holding a mighty sword, a heart -judged balance, but fairly justified and sunny.

Look, they lead their friends to thrive together and enter the glory together. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

Queen style


Back to the earth in spring, beautiful blooming


Zhang Ning, female, was born on October 13, 1974. She is now the president of the Criminal Trial of the People’s Court of Yanliang District. He is quiet and quiet in life, simple and unpretentious, is a good daughter of parents, a good wife of her husband, and a good mother of her daughter. Judge. She used a pair of bright eyes to capture the truth, kindness, and beauty in life, treating herself with a gratitude, treating others well, and constantly writing the chapter of her life on the solemn Fa. Under her leadership, the Criminal Court was awarded third -class merits by the Xi’an Intermediate People’s Court. The party style and clean government advanced collectives. They were rated as advanced collectives of judicial extension by the People’s Court of Yanliang District and advanced collectives for judicial propaganda work.


She has both the simple and generous, kindness of the three Qin children, and the flexibility of the judge, and is strong and strong. She is a member of the trial committee of the Yanliang District People’s Court, the first chairman of the civil trial, and the judge.

In the case of handling the case, she is the “desperate three mother” of the fair law enforcement. She has been fighting the front line for a long time. She handles more than a thousand cases and has no wrong case. Model role; she is a “mediation expert” who loves the people, with a soft and benevolent heart, sincere and simple, the spring wind turns rain, the moisturizes is silent, and the legitimate rights and interests of the parties are safe; she is the “legal propagandist” of the five -star service. Give full play to the functions of judicial extension, actively carry out judicial propaganda, promote social new style, and create a social atmosphere of knowledge, law abide by the law, and still law. In the past three years, the People’s Court has won the title of “March Eight Red Flag Collective” of the district level, the title of “Youth Civilization” at the district and municipal level, the title of the “respect for the elderly civilization” at the district and municipal level, and won the city -level “good youth youth The title of “collective”, honor the third -class merit of the city court once.荣 荣 亓 亓 亓 has also won the title of district -level outstanding civil servants.

Ding Qiongqiong -Born in 1984, the current director of the Office of Yanliang District Court

In April 2008, in the early morning of the red leaves outside the courtyard, I stepped into the door of Yanliang Court and opened my legal career. After many posts of the Executive Court, the Second court, and the office, I spent every day in the busy and happy and happy. Looking back at the ten years of walking, whether in the face of challenging and hard work, or handling it In the management of trivial government affairs, I always adhere to the belief of “doing every simplest thing to do the easiest thing to do well, and doing the most ordinary things is extraordinary.” Being slackness, because of his hard work and efforts, was fully affirmed by leaders and comrades. He has successively established honorary titles such as the advanced individuals of judicial administrative work, advanced individuals in research work, and advanced judicial propaganda work by the Municipal Intermediate People’s Court. In 2016, our office was rated as an advanced collective of information work by the Provincial High Court. It was rated as an advanced collective of the office work by the Municipal Intermediate People’s Court for years. In 2015, the office was collectively tried to be collectively made by the Municipal Intermediate People’s Court, and was awarded the honorary title of “Youth Civilization” by the Youth League Committee.


Ten years are very long, and the once -ignorant teenager is about to enter middle age. It is short in ten years. It is only a short moment in the process of Chinese rule of law. In the past ten years, I was fortunate to witness the progress of the rule of law in China, and I was fortunate to have experienced the wave of judicial reform. After ten years of tempering, I faded the greenness and continued to grow up to taste the beauty of life, enjoy work, and understand the beauty of life with a positive and optimistic attitude. In the next ten years, I will continue to sail, and use the trend of the era of judicial reform, adhere to the belief of the rule of law with practical actions, and continue to move forward!

“Looking at people with ruthless eyes, looking at people with compassion”, as a judge, this is the principle of her affairs,

There is no colorful life,


There is no prominent position,


There is no shocking feat,

There are too many. Essence Essence Essence

But as a political and legal police officer in the new era, she has a loyalty to the people’s judicial cause.

Some are strong will and straight backbone,

Some are patience and enthusiasm when facing thick dumplings and one party after another,

Some are straightforward and unyielding, two -sleeved bones,

So, she is actually very rich! In the face of the temptation of all kinds, she resolutely chose the judge’s profession, which means that she chose to persist, choose to serve the people with youth and sweat, and choose the cause of justice for sacred justice.

Wang Jiangyan -the current president of the People’s Court of Yanliang District, a female judge who looks ruthless and loves and warm.

Zhang Sufan -The head of the Tribe of the Tribe of Yanliang Court


Just like her name, she is simply a small white flower everywhere. Although she is not amazing, she silently exudes a light fragrance.

Trivial and bland is the true portrayal of her work. Since working in the Yanliang Court in October 2010, she has been trialing the front line and trial a total of thousands of civil cases. Every case she has strictly tried it in accordance with the law, and strives to withstand each case with historical inspection. Essence Before the trial, read the dossier carefully, formulate the secret and meticulous trial outline, and make full preparations for the trial; repeatedly scrutinize the case after the trial process, and strive to make each case into an iron case.


In the past few years of trial, she handled a large number of marriage and family cases. Most of them faced family disputes of mother -in -law and mother every day, but each case was related to the lives of the parties, involving the sadness and joy of each family. Essence When dealing with divorce cases, she always listened to the party’s statement patiently, found the contradictions and common points in the relationship between the two sides, and moved to the reason, and did not let every family leave regrets.

It is this rigorous work attitude and a serious and responsible work spirit. Her silent work in ordinary work and selfless dedication has been affirmed and recognized by the organization. , Provincial Court of Cases to handle cases and other honorary titles.

Take off the robe and unload her. She is a wife, mother, and daughter. The career of her husband, the growth of her daughter, and the body of her parents are the concern of her difficulty. It is silently handled for the family’s life every day, cares for the growth of her daughter carefully, and is happy and happy for every harvest of the family …


The left hand is a “beautiful cause”, and her right hand is a “happy family”. She loves her trial career and also loves her family. She has no life in her eyes. The trial career and her family are the poems in her heart. And far away. In the future, simple and ordinary she sprinkled tears and sweat, expressing her own beautiful life.

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