Shopping in summer is cool and comfortable, so choosing to match is also simpler. Fashion girls are inseparable from high -heeled shoes, and classic one -word thin -heel sandals are not missing this summer. Now look at the words used by these girls to match. Tibetan sandals, black characters with fine heels, 8 cm height, very classic, is a choice of many fashion girls shopping, paired with black nine -point tight jeans, set off the body curve, and shows a well -proportioned long leg, matching A yellow floral long -sleeved small shirt with a short design, a very simple feeling effect.


With fine heels, the color and height height are different, and the taste will be different. If you like sandals girls, many people will have a pair of high heels. Sandals, the heel is about 5 cm, which is very suitable for shopping. A white gauze skirt with black embroidery embellishment on it. This sense of layering is very good. The casual style will also look low -key.

Many girls like to wear high heels, with fine heels, simple design, better set off, but this shoe is not very easy to wear, the choice of size should be appropriate, so that the beauty chooses the apricot character belt belt belt细跟凉鞋,有点磨砂皮面,有着休闲味道,10公分高度,一般人驾驭不了,而且大小也刚合适,衬托身材效果非常好,搭配一款紫罗兰色彩的连衣裙,领口设计很独特,收腰部分和The combination of loose skirts is more feminine.


It is to show her beauty, but also with her own fashion style. Wearing high heels will bring changes. Many fashionable women like to wear high heels and become more confident. This beauty chooses a black word heel. Sandals, the heel is about 5 cm. When shopping, you must choose a highly suitable style. A rice -white jet dress with good layers, black waist design, sleeveless style, increase the sense of layering. Very unique, with a delicate feeling.


The exquisite girl’s dressing will also feel special. Their matching looks simple and not so cumbersome. It is like the girl who chose a white dress. It is relatively long, looking at very simple light, with a belt design on the waist, which will be thin, set off the effect of the body proportion. There are not many white girls. This skirt is not very picky. The skirt is fluttering It is not very high, but it looks very delicate, and it looks very stylish and elegant.

With high heels, it has brought great changes to fashion girls. Although wearing high heels will be tired, there are still many fashion girls who are not tired. This beauty chooses a black character with fine heel sandals. The character on the feet, a circle of pearl inlaid, increases the sense of layering, and looks more delicate. Black high -waisted short skirt, with a black high -necked slim half -sleeved, very simple match. It looks very delicate and has a life -like match. Many people can try the matching.

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