Recently, Honda released the new monkey Monkey 125, which has been loved by many fans, and announced that it will be available in Japan from September 27.

本田发布新款猴子Monkey 125

Monkey Monkey was produced by the park in 1961 as a garden car in the Tokyo Mituki Motorcycle Stadium, Japan, which belongs to Honda. The purpose is to facilitate tourists to ride in the playground. However, the birth of Monkey has made people have a lot of questions about Honda’s motivation to produce its production. In fact, it is just a small schedule. It is small and cute in appearance. Therefore, Monkey often becomes a collection of fans.


Monkey was born from the first generation of Z100 in 1961 to the first model of Z50M, which was sold in the Japanese market in 1967, has been on sale for more than 60 years. Dechat, its simple, compact, and cute shape is very popular with car fans. It also brought the Fun Bike -riding a wave of fun and harvested countless monkey powder.


As a small casual car, Monkey has the advantages of small displacement, high seat height, simple operation, and high safety factor. Folding handles are also easy to carry. To facilitate the transportation. Monkey’s body height is low. Generally, children ten -year -old can easily cross, and the light vehicle weight also makes it easy to load it into the trunk of the car. After you carry it to the destination, you can get it. Come out and ride outdoors outdoors to achieve the purpose of leisure.

本田发布新款猴子Monkey 125

Earlier, Mr. Kato Chishiming, president of Honda Japanese motorcycle, said that due to the strictness of exhaust emissions regulations in 2017, small displacement vehicles must use 3 cleaning technology under the European regulations. This is technical or cost They are very “difficult”, so they have to regret that the monkey Monkey series will terminate production.

本田发布新款猴子Monkey 125

(The picture shows the last mass production model of Monkey 50, the 50th anniversary special version of the 20th anniversary of the release in 2017)

本田发布新款猴子Monkey 125

Just after everyone thinks that Monkey 50 is discontinued, the bloodline of the monkey model will disappear from then on. At the end of the same year, the Thailand Auto Show has brought a new Monkey 125 concept car, and the 2018 Tokyo Motor Show in Japan was released publicly. The new generation of monkeys released this time has also officially increased from 50 ml to 125 ml. After the little monkey becomes larger, it has resurrected and mass -produced!

New car details appreciation

Compared with Monkey 50, the comprehensive improvement makes Monkey 125 no longer just a model that is only used for fun. Even if he wants to enter life and take the Cavaliers through the urban area, this monkey can also be handy.

本田发布新款猴子Monkey 125

Headlights: Round headlights with LED lamps, more retro style.

本田发布新款猴子Monkey 125

Tail lights: LED lamps are also used as the headlights, and electroplating processing is performed.

本田发布新款猴子Monkey 125

Instrument: Small and rounded digital LCD instrument, with simple common function display.

Body: The wheelbase of the new car was shortened by 10 mm, the distance from the ground was increased by 15 mm, and the weight weight was reduced by 3 kg.

Oil tank: The round fuel tank shape inherits Monkey’s previous classic style. The shell is also printed with the wings of the wings of Honda Dream Wings. The fuel tank capacity is 5.6 L.

本田发布新款猴子Monkey 125

The side cover of the body: The surface of the trim on the left side of the vehicle is printed with the words of the cute Monkey model.

Seat cushion: The caterpillars full of retro wind are quite thick, but they can only be used for one person.

Engine: Honda uses the existing mature engine technology to configure Monkey with a single -cylinder air -cooled four -stroke single -top camshaft engine with an actual displacement of 123 ml. However, considering the product positioning of monkeys, Honda has re -adjusted the engine. The cylinder diameter × itinerary is 50.0 mm × 63.1 mm, the maximum power is 6.9 kW (6750 R/min), and the maximum torque is 11 n • m ( 5500 R/min), the compression ratio was increased to 10: 1. With Honda’s high-precision program-controlled fuel injection system PGM-Fi (Programmed Fuel Injection), and a 5-speed manual transmission that is completely consistent with gear transmission, it takes into account the fuel saving and environmental protection.

Shock absorption: In order to inherit the classic image of Monkey, the dual -gun pre -load can be adjusted in order to inherit the classic image of Monkey.

Exhaust pipe: The electroplating exhaust pipe guard, which shows the texture of the whole car.

本田发布新款猴子Monkey 125

Brake: Although this is just a 125 mL car, Honda, which is always advancing with the times, is also standardized for the ABS anti -death system. Although ABS is only installed on the front wheels, it can provide sufficient safety guarantee in response to daily driving. In addition to the emergency braking situation of emergency braking such as rainy days, even if it crushes small conditions such as metal manhole cover, ABS can still operate normally and ensure driving safety. Among them, the front brake of the new car uses the Nissin unidirectional dual -piston calipers with a 220 mm disc, and the rear brake uses Nissin single piston calipers with a 190 MM disc.

There are three types of new monkeys Monkey 125 released by Honda this time. The new car completely retains the classic Fun Bike element. Among them, red and white and blue and white models are changed to the main color of the fuel tank to the main color, and the white base is on the top. In the rack and rocker arms that were painted with the car color together, this time they were presented with low -key black. Only the front fork, the fuel tank and the rear shock springs were retained as the design of the car color. Under the sun, the chrome plating The embellishment of the piece can look quite dazzling. Although the size of the vehicle has become larger, under the designer’s cleverness, the Monkey 125 did not leave the original style. Instead, the details after zooming make the new generation of Monkey more exquisite and charming.

Honda Monkey New Monkey 125 Main Technical Parameters

本田发布新款猴子Monkey 125

Engine model: single -cylinder wind and cold four -punching range single top camshaft

本田发布新款猴子Monkey 125

Displacement: 123 ml

Line diameter × itinerary: 50.0 mm × 63.1 mm

Compression ratio: 10: 1

本田发布新款猴子Monkey 125

Maximum power: 6.9 kW (6750 R/min)

Maximum torque: 11 n • m (5500 R/min)

Wheelbar: 1145 mm

本田发布新款猴子Monkey 125

Leave ground spacing: 175 mm

Fuel supply method: Electronic fuel injection (PGM-Fi)

Starting method: electric startup

本田发布新款猴子Monkey 125

Drive method: CDI

Brake method: front double rear single disc brake

本田发布新款猴子Monkey 125

Clutch type: wet multi -film type

Transmission type: 5 gear transmission

Long × width × height: 1710 mm × 755 mm × 1030 mm

Seat height: 776 mm

Vehicle quality: 104 kg

Oil tank volume: 5.6 L

Tire specifications: (front) 120/80-12 65J

本田发布新款猴子Monkey 125

(Post) 130/80-12 69J

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