Sword and sword halberd, ax hook fork, whip hammer grabbing, sticks and sticks, abducting meteors; those with hooks, pointed, with blades, stabbing ~ This is a period of cross talk about the eighteen weapons, but it is just oral addiction. When you arrive at Liyuanxing, you can see the heroes of the heroes of the heroes and the heroes who fight with weapons. Among these weapons, one type of development has grown particularly, that is, cold weapons -knife and guns, and characters using these weapons are either tall and powerful as Guan Yu; or sharp as Sun Wukong; It is ridiculous like Jia Hua. These weapons have different chemical reactions on different characters.


First of all, let’s talk about the knife. The knife is a single blade, which is divided into long and short. The short knife is suitable for melee. In the big knife world, the “Qinglong Yueyue” has gorgeous shapes, prominent reputation, and united with Guan Yu. In addition, Liangshan Haohan Guansheng is the descendant of Guan Yu, and it is also used “Qinglong Yueyue”.


Guan Yu holds “Qinglong Yueyue”

Guan Sheng holds “Qinglong Yueyue”

During the Three Kingdoms, the “Seven Star Knife” of the famous Shu Han Jiang Wei was also very gorgeous, with styles and styles.

The opera character Jiang Wei holds the “Seven Star Knife”

Huang Zhong, a drama of the Peking Opera “Dingjun Mountain”, used the “Xiangbi Knife”, showing the sincere and brave temperament of the characters.

Huang Zhong Da Dao (like nasal knife)



The gun is a spear -shaped weapon. There are single heads and double heads, which look a lot lighter than the big knife. “Red Gun” is standard. It is often seen on the stage of opera, but there are “personalized” styling styles, such as Lu Wenlong’s double -headed white 缨 custom -made money.

Another example is Xiang Yu Bian Head Black Tyrannosaurus Customization

And Zhang Fei’s distorted custom model



“Halberd” is a weapon that looks very “powerful”. It is both a spear and a gobu. There are tips in front, with blades on the side, can be stabbed and thorny, like the spokesperson of the halberd -Lu Bu.


Alas, (iron) whip, long and no blade, four edges, belong to short weapons, which is beneficial to the horse war. The weight of the cricket is heavy, and the non -powerful people cannot use it freely, and the lethality is very considerable. Even across the armor can kill people alive. In terms of technique, it is close to the sword method. The Peking Opera “Qin Qiong Guanhe” is used.



The stick is a stick. The stick is about five feet long, and it is made of tough white wax. Both ends of the stick are different, and one end is thick and profitable. This end is a handshake place. The thinner up, the top is eight inches thick. There are many types of sticks. Only the “Wu Jing” records that there are seven types of hook rods, grabbing sticks, wolf tooth rods, pestle sticks, rod sticks, big sticks, and chain rods. The dragon stick of the opera Zhao Taizu is very famous.




Hammer is known as “vertebrae”, one of the Chinese martial arts instruments, including long -handle single hammer, short -handle double hammer and chain hammer. Hammer -shaped like melon, so it is also known as “Li Gua” and “lying melon”, and there are all directions and other shapes. Short -handed double hammer, very heavy, dance training requires greater power. During the battle, it was smashed with hammer, hard frame, and very powerful. The usage is, dragging, hanging, smashing, snoring, rushing, cloud, cover, etc. For example, the weapon used by Li Yuanba in the Peking Opera “Siping Mountain” is the hammer.


The ax is a weapon or logging tool, which is composed of a wooden stick handle one after another. It uses the principle of leverage and the amount of the amount of dynamics equal to the amount of the amount of momentum. The ax handle is generally wood (also metal). The shape of the knife mouth is generally curved (sometimes it is also straight). In the opera, there are faces with faces, and the green forest heroes scattered in the rivers and lakes are poor.



Eighteen weapons


Sample masters are masters

Play a set of tricks in the martial arts

Often we have to connect several waves of weapons

Do you also know what weapons are on the stage of the opera?



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