There must be monsters when they are abnormal!


On April 30, the former Fuzhou R & F Westin Hotel posted a renamed letter (April 29th) on the official channel, announcing the transformation into Fuzhou Tianyuan International Westin Hotel.

As a well -known high -end hotel, what is the strangeness behind the second rename?

Will it be the first “Domino” of the original owner R & F Real Estate’s selling hotel business?


The first Westin of Fujian, a subsidiary of Starwood

The Westin Hotel is also a wave of twists and turns in Fuzhou, and it is easy to master. At the moment when the epidemic rebounded the travel business market, it was slightly sad.

Speaking of Westin Hotel, Fuzhou people can be described as well -known. It was built for the first large city complex of Fuzhou, the Wanda Plaza project of Taijiang Financial Street. December 22 is opened with the shopping center.


As the first stop of the Westin brand to enter the second -tier cities, the former Wanda Westin Hotel is the first hotel in Fuzhou City, Fuzhou City, and the resort international group. It is also the first Westin Hotel in Fujian Province. About 48,000 square meters, the hotel has 305 rooms.


Westin can be said to represent the top level of the hotel industry in Fuzhou and even the province. It is known as the “first six -star hotel” in the province. The first general manager is Han Bidi, who has 21 years of hotel management experience.


The hotel has 10 conferences and multi -functional spaces with a total area of ​​2639 square meters, and a full set of first -class conference audiovisual facilities. In addition, the hotel also has facilities such as indoor constant temperature swimming pools and spa, as well as brand -specific logo products such as Tianmeng bed, vibrant food and Westin fitness museum.

Renamed the second day for tomorrow.

The first name of the Westin Hotel is related to the light asset strategy of Wanda Group.

At that time, Wanda was facing a debt crisis and was transforming towards light assets.

On July 19, 2017, Sunac Real Estate Group acquired 91%of Wanda’s 13 cultural tourism projects for 43.844 billion yuan. R & F Real Estate acquired all the equity of 77 urban hotels in Wanda for 19.906 billion yuan. The number of high -star hotels exceeded 100, and it became a “world’s largest high -end hotel owner”.

Among them, the Fuzhou Wastein Hotel was later renamed Fuzhou R & F Westin.

As of the end of 2021, R & F Real Estate reached 93 hotels in operation, with a total construction area of ​​4.104 million square meters, and a total of 28,192 rooms.

Earlier, although R & F Real Estate was rumored to be actively selling hotel assets, it has been selling at the price and has not implemented it. As of now, R & F Real Estate has not announced the news of the hotels held.

Will the Fuzhou Westin Hotel is the first chess piece of R & F Hotel?

On April 18, Ai Enterprise Check Data showed that Fuzhou Wanli Hotel Management Co., Ltd. R & F Westin Hotel was renamed Tianyuan Westin Hotel, Fuzhou Wanli Hotel Management Co., Ltd.


Before that in March, the hotel head office Fuzhou Wanli Hotel Management Co., Ltd. also changed legal representatives and investors.

From the equity penetration, it can be found that the actual controller at the current Fuzhou Tianyuan Westin International Hotel should be the Sanyuanyuan Group Co., Ltd. of Fujian Province.

The Fuzhou people who are more unfamiliar with Tomorrow Yuan Group, the ultimate beneficiaries are Zhu Qingtian. The online rumor is actually the brother of Zhu Qinghong, the owner of the well -known Meiyuan Hotel in Fujian.

Zhu Qinghong and Zhu Qingtian, both of which are in the Sanming family and are in the world of Sanming, and are in the world of Fujian’s hotel industry, but they are actually Putian.

Public information shows that Zhu Qingtian has industries such as Sanyuan Group, Sanming Ringdong Hotel, Hakka International Hotel, and shareholders of Sanming Rural Commercial Bank, Rongcheng Food, Sanming China Travel Service, etc., covering hotels, real estate, investment, trade, trade , Finance, Guarantee, Agricultural Make, Entertainment, Food, Tourism and other industries.

Zhu Qinghong has more than 10 companies including Guangming Port Meiyuan International Hotel, Qishan Meiyuan Hotel, and Olympic Meiyuan Hotel.

R & F diversified layout is in a state of life

Return to one of the protagonists of this incident, R & F Real Estate.

For Fuzhou people, it is more than a lot of talked about it. In the Fuzhou Minjiang North CBD, R & F Real Estate’s R & F Center Office and SOHO, and once sold the R & F Bay Project of Malaysia.

The R & F Real Estate of Wanda Hotel in 2017 was also considered the biggest winner at the scene. Unfortunately, I couldn’t laugh again a year later, and I regretted that the hotel’s “hot potato” was in hand.

All the gifts of destiny are in the secret price. In fact, it is the “diversified” layout represented by the hotel business that has caused R & F to fall into a debt dilemma.

In 2019, R & F Real Estate was exposed to a liabilities of 204.303 billion yuan, of which short -term loans were 62.27 billion yuan.

It was a year of sadness in 2020. The epidemic was hit to the global hotel industry, and R & F Real Estate did not escape, and the impact continued. The larger the hotel owned, the greater the loss of R & F Group.


Data show that from 2018 to 2021, the net profit of R & F Hotel’s business sector manifested -855 million yuan, -183 million, -108 billion, -1427 billion, and the losses gradually expanded.

In order to protect themselves, R & F Group once layoffs up to 20,000. Last year, R & F Real Estate, which lost 8.739 billion yuan, also encountered a storm of employees requesting a refund of house purchases. The company’s liquidity pressure was evident.

To resolve the crisis, selling assets to blood recovery is a faster way. In recent years, R & F Real Estate has frequently sold assets and tried to solve the company’s liquidity crisis through debt exhibition.


In 2021, Country Garden services acquired R & F property for no more than 10 billion yuan. In addition, in January and December 2021, R & F sold the equity of Guangzhou Airport Logistics Park to Blackstone twice, with a total income of about 5.3 billion yuan.


The 2021 performance report disclosed recently showed that in 2021, Fuli Real Estate achieved operating income of 76.4 billion yuan, a year -on -year decrease of 11%, and a net loss of 8.74 billion yuan in innovation high. As of the end of 2021, R & F Real Estate’s net debt ratio was 123.3 %.

In contrast, Wanda, who had a broken arms for life, took off the burden, and now gorgeous turns to play the role of the savior.

At this point, people suddenly realized that Wang Jianlin returned again and was the “white knight” who had crossed the hills and swamps.

As of the end of 2021, a total of 418 Wanda Plaza was opened across the country. The “light assets” strategy has also expanded to various industries such as hotels, cultural tourism, sports, etc. Among them, Wanda Film is already in the first echelon of domestic cinemas. Release the agenda.

The latest news is that on April 28th, R & F Real Estate disclosed 50%of London Properties and sales loans for HK $ 2.66 billion.


From the glory of one of the “Five Tigers in South China” more than 10 years ago, to now trapped in debt, R & F has experienced the ups and downs of the real estate industry.

Slightly lucky than other disappeared real estate companies, R & F is still alive until now, but the number of robberies is still on the verge of life and death.

Li Silian, who once held a wine glass with a glass of the Wanda Hotel’s asset signing ceremony, now now also taste the bitter taste of Wang Jianlin selling debts at that time.

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