Chow Yun Hair

He is a generation of male gods, his wife

Chen Huilian

It is also a very attractive mature woman. This time, the two appeared together. Fa brother wore a handsome and youthful denim jacket and sports pants, while Chen Huilian was in

Red and white “pajamas” suit

, Extracted by vertical stripes, showing

Leisure and atmosphere

Although the dress style is bold, it is also fashionable.


Look1: Red+White

Chen Huilian has only two colors, red is the main theme of the whole, and white is embellished as auxiliary color.

Red is the strongest face

Color, it will let you

The temperament becomes very public

, So that it can easily stand out in the crowd, it will play


The role of yellow black skin can be selected with confidence, and middle -aged and elderly women don’t have to worry too much.


Look2: “Pajamas Wind” set

Chen Huilian’s dress style is very bold. She appeared in a “pajamas style” suit. The overall version is very loose, so for the figure

Very tolerant

This style can also bring very much


Casual laziness.

The set itself allows you to easily wear the effect you want, effectively reduce the time you choose other items, and are friendly to the beautiful eyebrows that you can’t wear.


Look3: vertical stripe embellishment

The whole body is dotted with white vertical stripes. This is just a small detail, but it runs through the whole body. It can bring it through orderly arrangement


Its interval is fixed, so it is too fancy to avoid people, it will be vertical


Pulling people’s visual effects


, Thus bringing a significant role, very friendly to short beautiful eyebrows. The Zhou Runfa couple is sweet in the same frame. She wore red and white stripes like “pajamas”, and the aura was still strong.

Look4: satin material

In addition to the above details, Chen Huilian’s body has a small detail that is worth noting. It uses it as a whole

Satin material

So it will bring very much

Natural gloss

It will make your temperament very gentle, but it will be accompanied by a little fatal shortcomings. If you are slightly fat in front of the screen, try to pay attention to this.

Chen Huilian’s dress style is really bold, this body

“Pajamas Wind” set

Seemingly casual, but fashion is full.

Sense of age

, Show the charm of fashion.

Each appearance of Chen Huilian and Chow Yun Fat will give people a bright feeling. Let’s take a look at their other styles.

Zhou Runfa appeared with his wife:


“Red silk dress+suit”

Although Chen Huilian has entered the sixty, she still likes red very much, because her temperament itself is more picky, so red can collide with it the most perfect effect.


We can use

Silk satin

To create a

Sense of aristocracy


Its fabric texture is thin and thin, and the touch is clear and gentle, which will bring you a very comfortable experience.

As a man, Zhou Runfa will naturally choose a very orthodox suit when he appears. We use the classic foundation color system.



For example,

black, light grey

It will have a good effect on skin tone.

“Basic suit+velvet”

As a mature woman, suit is a must -have for daily life. If you do n’t choose to wear, you may use the classic

Basic suit,

Its color is mainly black and white. You can choose the color that suits you best according to your actual situation.


Zhou Runfa prefers to choose the suits of velvet models, it will show very natural

Fog surface

It is necessary to improve your temperament.

“Vented texture single product+checked/striped suit”


Speaking of velvet texture, this is commonly used by men and women. This is a very expensive fabric that will make you exuding a noble temperament. It can be perfectly integrated with many styles of items. Use it.

In addition, the simple solid color suit can also be fused

Printing to improve the design

The plaid and stripes will give people a very organized feeling, increasing the fashion degree of the overall shape.


“Black match”

Black is the eternal classic of the fashion industry, it will bring you

Calm and powerful

The aura, so sometimes Zhou Runfa appeared with his wife, and wearing black to wear together, giving people a very harmonious feeling. It is always synonymous with elegance and atmosphere. Essence

Chen Huilian’s temperament is very elegant, and Zhou Runfa is still style. After looking at the style of them, we should also learn a lot. Even if we step into middle -aged and elderly people, we cannot give up their pursuit of fashion.

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