The coat has always been welcomed by women,

Because the temperament of clothing items such as coats is very popular with women,

But many women think that women with mature clothes can be worn.

Although this idea is not wrong,

But the wearing of coats is getting closer and younger.

Many young girls choose to show their temperament with a coat when they don’t know what to wear.

Instead, some mature women don’t know how to wear the coat.


Because mature women, with their age, their fashion aesthetics will also decline, so the choice and matching of coats need to be used.

Learn from the coat of the female star

Chen Huilin’s coat wear

So for mature women,

Choosing a coat is a difficult thing

, But when you don’t know how to choose a coat that suits you, it is easy to wake up to learn and imitate according to the creation of your boy.

Because of mature temperament female stars,

They have studied the matching of coats


Then everyone can refer to their matching shapes, such as female star Chen Huilin. The shape of the coat is worth learning from.

Chen Huilin is not young,

Many of her coats are done in important occasions

Therefore, his coat shape will be relatively solemn. If he learns his coat shape, it will not be a problem for the southern Sichuan of the ordinary coat.

So let’s learn Chen Huilin’s coat with Xiaobian, let’s wear it.

I hope to understand according to Chen Huilin’s coat shape. Some wearing knowledge of the coat, and fully fit the coats for you.

Chen Huilin is so beautiful. Wearing a camel coat is good and has a gas field. Most people can’t compare with her temperament. In fact, women have a good temperament of Chen Huilin. Wearing camel coats is elegant and noble.

Chen Huilin’s coat wearing style


Camel woolen coat+black shirt skirt

The first is the choice of coats. Try to use woolen coats,

Because the elegance shown in the woolen coat will be more intense,

He is also a coat style that people often see in life.

There are many color choices in the woolen coat,

Mao woolen coats of different colors will be slightly different in terms of temperament.


, But generally show the elegant temperament of the woolen material.

Mao Woo coat is recommended to choose a camel style,

Compared with black and white, camel is not versatile, but in autumn and winter, camels will give people a very warm feeling, and it looks very retro and modern.

Camel hair woolen coat is recommended to be hidden inside. Black shirt skirt,

This shape is compared to ordinary camel hair woolen coats,

It will be more solemn. Because black shirts can be worn in daily life, you can also wear in some formal occasions.

Black shirt skirt is recommended to choose pure black styles,

Pure black will show the sense of high -level and rumors of women to the greatest extent

If other colors or patterns are added on it, it will destroy the high -quality temperament of the black itself.

The combination of black as a wild and camel is also very harmonious.

The collar part of the black shirt can be selected for the design of the semi -high collar. This design also has the effect of modifying the neck lines.

Many of Chen Huilin’s coat shapes are also very individual and characteristic.


It will be more common in important occasions, so in order to become more fashionable and attractive in important occasions,


You can refer to Chen Huilin’s coat on these occasions.

Other coats

Camel deer leather coat


Some of the camel coats have been mentioned earlier,

In fact, in addition to the material of the camel coat, you can choose the woolen material,

You can also use deer leather coats to match yourself. No skin material. It belongs to the leather surface material.

But deer skin material compared to ordinary cowhide material

It will be softer. It is also very comfortable to spray on the body. Camel deer leather coats and shorts can create a feeling of disappearance of the lower jacket. While showing the elegant and high -level sense, it is fashionable.

Bald blue waist coat

In order to make your style more noble,

You can use a treasure blue coat to match yourself

Because the treasure blue itself is a very noble color. It is also very common in important occasions.

Royal blue coat is relatively suitable for women who are not particularly fair skin tone

, Normal skin color, because the blue blue is relatively darker, the brightness is very high, it is easy to make your skin tone dark, but if your skin tone is dull, you can use the white blue to raise it.

The trolved blue coat can use the waist design, and use double -breasted to carry the waist.

In this case, you can outline your body curve to a certain extent

It is also a more temperamental design.

Bright blue double -breasted coat

Double -breasted coats are also one of the coat styles that many women will choose.

Because double -breasted coats can make your image more elegant,

At the same time, it also has a certain modification effect on the figure.

If you choose a bright blue style if you choose a double -breasted coat,

Then it can make the overall shape look more beautiful,

But it is not suitable for daily life to match, but it is more suitable for important occasions.

Did everyone learn these coats in Chen Huilin? Even in important occasions, you can use a coat to match yourself. As long as you choose a coat that suits you, you can make yourself more beautiful.

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