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The simple colorful birds, the size of the golden pumpkin, the delicate and lovely doll, the white daisies that bloom … Into the home of the top household in Pingding County, a lot of passengers by this family’s “artistic breath” Fascinated.

“How rich, poetry, simple, like an art gallery!” If it is not the same, the reporter can’t believe this is a normal peasant woman.

“This is what I do with waste items.” Liu Ruilian wearing a red Chinese costume is shy to everyone to introduce yourself.

Liu Ruilian opened another house, a layer of shelf, filled with cloth and various fabric works. “I will not be able to lose it, I also want to pick it back!” Liu Ruilian said, while slamming a piece of “baby”, showing it in bed.

Fabric switch cover, fabric storage box, fabric vase, fabric tapestry, fabric doll, fabric bib, fabric cushion, fabric flower flower, all have been squeezed by her works.

Liu Ruilian is 66 years old and is a Nanzhuang Village, Pingding County. Her family has the reputation of “Jin Yunnan”, and Liu Ruilian sisters love to sing in the influence of parents. Liu Ruili didn’t sing well, and the fabric kung fu is even more.

Aunt, Liu Ruilian is obsessed with manual production. In the past, the family economy was not good. She used waste to use, and I thought about making a doll to the child in the Land, making a variety of small toys. An accidental opportunity, children bring their handicrafts to schools and get praises from teachers and classmates.

Since then, Liu Ruilian’s confidence in making fabric is more enough. She began to become “small family”. Old button, old strap, old rope, old bead … large and small fabric storage box, all were filled with all kinds of zero “waste”.

I can’t give up old things, she also got “broken”. Once, Liu Ruilian went down in the evening, and a milky white translucent “bottle” attracted her attention. “It is really good to use this flower, it is quite a few classical charms.” She studied “bottle” modeling, while designing how to use. When the neighbor’s face, Liu Ruilian is embarrassed. Wait until the night, she secretly downstairs and took the favorite “bottle”.

After returning home, she hit the “bottle” to see the right, always feel like a chandelier. “There should be one.” Liu Ruilian is also equipped into the ground, turned to the building. She hit her flashlight in the garbage pile, and finally got another 3.

Looking at the 4 lampshaved, Liu Ruilian won the treasure. She immediately screwed down the chandelier, and upside down and decided into a narrow vase. The bottle is covered with sand, plug in beautiful fabric wax plum, and the pattern on the bottle echoes each other. Looking at your own work, Liu Ruilian is particularly satisfied.

For hobbies, Liu Ruilian has also done “luxury”. Once, Liu Ruilian saw a bath towel. Although the color was not very nice, but a large golden yellow sunflower was full of vitality, let her think of the famous painting “Sunflower”. She did not hesitate, spend 50 yuan to buy this bath towel.

After returning home, Liu Ruilian scared the sunflower on the bath towel and sewed onto a light pink. There is no suitable material in the outbound object to do picture frame, Liu Ruilian ran to the city, spend tens of dollars to buy a flower cloth with black border.

Liu Ruilian cuts the black border on the cloth, seams around the sunflower fabric, as a picture frame. After matching the black picture frame, this painting is more complete and the topic is more prominent. Many people went to Liu Ruilian to be a guest, see this painting, praise …

Liu Ruilian is still a heart, very paying great attention to learning and accumulation. It is usually seen in TV or online to use tips, she seriously, carefully. In the place where selling handicrafts, Liu Ruilian will ask the owner to ask for a long time.

Liu Ruilian’s fabric work is getting more refined, and there is increasingly creative. Liu Ruilian once invited a Casa Community to have a handicraft exhibition in the community; and under the city and county women’s legislature, he participated in a handicraft trade fair.

刘瑞莲:变废为宝 布艺巧妇的环保梦

In the end of the family, take care of the family, Liu Ruilian has time to immerse in the world of fabric creation, a piece of idle and even abandoned items have been given new “life.” “The satisfaction of this use of waste items is unable to replace.” Liu Ruilian said.

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