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This afternoon, Xiaomi released the Xiaomi CIVI 1S mobile phone. The Xiaomi CIVI 1S mobile phone is mainly three major upgrades this time, namely appearance, photography and experience. The appearance design adds a new color matching “Miracle Sunshine”. By the purest white film, the purest white film will The film is performed by the ultra -white electroplating process, which consumes doubled the time, which brings the snow and snow in a pure and white transparency feeling.

小米Civi 1S三大升级:男女自拍都好看 打破iPhone拍照美颜“神话”

Xiaomi CIVI 1S is still the narrowest chin in Xiaomi mobile phones. The weight of the whole machine is only 166g, and the thickness is 6.98mm. It is equipped with a 6.55 -inch excellent Huaxing Optoelectronics Flagline Flexible Microcer screen, supports 120Hz high refresh rate, 2400×1080 resolution, supports P3 Color gamut.

In terms of taking pictures, Xiaomi CIVI 1S has a 32 -megapixel beauty camera in front, supports 2x zoom, front AF autofocus, with Cyberfocus eye chase, accurate lock, grab the eyes.

Support 4D light pursuit beauty technology, support 270 ° face modeling, can high accuracy to fit the current face state, shape the three -dimensional makeup of light and shadow flow, and support real -time rendering of game -grade PBR. In addition to the beauty of girls, Xiaomi CIVI 1S also supports the natural beauty of boys, creating a contour beauty for men, making the face more edges and corners, and more three -dimensional light and shadow.

In terms of experience, Xiaomi CIVI 1S has upgraded the new 778G+this time. It uses TSMC 6nm process process. Compared with the previous generation, it has stronger performance. The MIUI 13 system has greatly increased by 27%in terms of the smoothness of the whole machine.

The factory pre-installed MIUI 13 operating system. After optimization from the engineer team, MIUI 13 In the head application scenario, the smoothness is increased by 15%-52%compared to the MIUI 12.5 enhanced version. %, The best performance in Xiaomi mobile phones.

小米Civi 1S三大升级:男女自拍都好看 打破iPhone拍照美颜“神话”

In terms of price, Xiaomi CIVI 1S provides three configurations this time. 8+128GB is priced at 2299 yuan, 8+256GB prices 2599 yuan, 12+256GB priced at 2899 yuan.

It is worth mentioning,

Xiaomi was launched on India Redmi 10 Power. This is the derivative version of Redmi 10.

The price is 14999 Indian Rubidi (about 1260 yuan).

小米Civi 1S三大升级:男女自拍都好看 打破iPhone拍照美颜“神话”

The Redmi 10 Power has two colors: orange and black. The machine uses a plain skin material, and it provides 8GB memory, 128GB memory to support memory expansion. The system can provide additional 3GB expansion memory to bring an experience equivalent to 11GB memory mobile phones.

The principle of memory extension is to optimize RAM and ROM through algorithm optimization, and directly call some idle ROM space for RAM operation, which can effectively improve the smooth switching of multiple applications in the background.

For Redmi 10 Power, the memory expansion function can effectively increase the number of APPs in the background. Thousand yuan machine users do not have to worry about the problem of being killed in the background in the background.

In terms of core configuration, Redmi 10 Power uses a 6.7 -inch LCD full screen, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor, 5 million pixels in front, 50 million main camera, 2 million sidelines, battery capacity 6000mAh, support 18W fast charging, support 18W fast charging, support, support 18W fast charging. Factory pre -installed MIUI 13 operating system. Xiaomi has not yet announced the specific listing time of Redmi 10 POWER.

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