Main ingredients: 5000 grams of front leg meat or hind leg meat.


Formula 1, 150 grams of salt, 150 grams of pepper powder, 80 grams of rock sugar, 30 grams of altitude liquor, 30 grams of big red robe peppercorns, 20 grams of Chenpi, 20 grams of white pepper grain, and 10 grams of flavors in South Germany.

Formula 2, 140 grams of salt, 130 grams of pepper noodles, 100 grams of altitude liquor, 140 grams of rock sugar powder, 30 grams of white pepper powder, 30 grams of red robe pepper noodles, 20 grams of peppercorns, 30 grams of chicken essence, thirteen incense or spiced powder powder 10gram.

Detailed processing and production method:

1. Clean the meat, control the water, and set aside.

2. If you want to make a better taste and taste of sausages, cut the meat by hand. The thinner the meat is cut, the better. After beating until the upper strength, marinate for more than 60 minutes and set aside.

3. The casing is generally pickled the casing. First rinse the side with water, and then soak it with warm water and a little height of white wine for 30 minutes, clean it, and set aside.

Note: There is also a kind of protein casing that can be used directly.

4. Pour the marinated meat stuffing into the casing, and use a cotton rope to tie the section of about 20 cm every 20 cm to set aside.

4. Put the sausage of sausage in the ventilation place for 3-7 days to cook, or steamed it.

Note: If the weather is not good, you can bake it with 68 ° for 15 hours or 50 ° for 30 hours.

5. Generally, steaming time is steaming for about 20 minutes to 25 minutes. The cooking time, usually keep 90 ° water temperature for 25-30 minutes.

6, smoked method: Add white sugar to the smoked pot, add tea (millet, fresh orange peel, rice, cypress tree, pine sawdust, etc.), then put in a cooked sausage (placed on the sausage), cover the lid with the lid After the fire is burned until the yellow smoke, the low fire can be pumped for about 2 minutes.

Kind tips:

The forms of spicy sausages or spicy sausages are different in each or area formula, but they are similar.

Formula 1 adds 10 grams of South German seasonings. The flavor is special. Everyone has the opportunity to try it.

Two spicy sausage formulas and detailed processing methods

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