[Watch House Watch Culture] Mentioned the Japanese brand of West Iron City. Since its birth in 1918, it has been positioned with its own market name CITIZEN citizen, and the continuous research and development of technology, like a manifestation of affordable and durable light The kinetic movement, or the light material Shubo ™ titanium has become a well -known clock brand in the global market.

The innovative technology of West Rail City has also been used to apply it on the brand sports watch, especially for the most popular sports watch diving watch for the watch market. Everyone talks about the history of making diving watches.

Diving originated from waterproof

The first waterproof watch in Japan in 1958

We all know that if you want to do well, you will come step by step, and then the diving watch is the same. You can do it first. The first waterproof watch in West Rail City was born in 1958. Although it has been the first waterproof function to the first oyster case of Rolex, it has passed 30 years. However, this watch is still the first waterproof watch in Japan.

At that time, the R & D opportunity was West Rail City felt that although the Swiss invented the waterproof menu model, it did not make the public widely applied, that is, the Swiss waterproof watch price was expensive, so a lot of Japanese watch companies chose to at that stage. Study waterproof watches, as West Rail City started earlier, the Parawater was first developed.


The waterproof performance of the watch is based on the O -ring made of special rubber. It can be clearly seen from the design drawings in the above design drawings. Provide 50 meters of waterproof performance.


In the early days of West Rail City’s watch testing experiments, in a few years in 1956, in 1956, West Rail City chose not to adopt a hundred records to avoid earthquakes, but made Parashock shock -proof. In the shock -proof system watch, West Rail City thought of a test experiment that attracts eyeballs, that is, sitting on the helicopter to throw the watch from 30 meters high, so as to achieve the purpose of testing and propaganda watches.


By the test of the waterproof watch in 1963, West Rail City was even more absolute. I don’t know what to think. They finally chose to throw the watch into the sea for experiments. This experiment called Black Tide Drifting, West Rail City will be more than 100 buoyant tanks equipped with Parawater watches, and the black tide warm flow is invested into the sea. There is information on the top of the buoy bottle, and the Parawater watch is placed under the bottle to eat the water line. In order to allow the people who found them to contact West Rail City, the bottle also brought a contact information information paper. In addition to getting rewards, the people who found them were allowed to leave a watch. Three years later, the buoy tank was eventually found on the coast of Mansanida, Oregon, and the watches in the buoy were operating normally.


Over the 1980s, human beings continued to explore the ocean world, and divers demanding modern diving watches with high water and deep pressure. The International Standardized Organization also provided detailed regulations on the standards of diving watches in 1981.

After West Rail City has waterproofing technology, it is constantly improving. In 1982, a titanium -alloy professional diving watch series was launched. The 1300 -meter professional diving meter. 1300 meters were the highest depth of the diving watch at that time. milestone.

The titanium case four -corner collision protection structure design, the rotating bezel and the left rotation crown also have a protective design. The disk surface indicates clearly, and it also gives a week’s calendar design to strengthen its practicality. Not only that, there is also a highlight design on the watch, because the selection of the table model and the ultra -closed constructor design, it does not have a row valve, which simplifies the operation.


Cutting -edge technology

When the diving computer was not widely used in 1985, the West Iron City launched the Aqualand diving watch. This watch also showed the brand’s technology for the first time, that is, the deep meter, as the first quartz watch equipped with electronic digital depthmeter, Aqualand It can be said that it has brought innovation to the diving watch. The combination of quartz plus numbers in the 1980s is the trend, but no other brands think of combining them into the diving surface and use the protruding deep sensor on the left side of the case. Combined with the digital display on the plate surface, this pioneering functional water depth display is provided.

With the success of the Aqualaand watch, it has also promoted the development of the entire diving watch series of West Rail City. The diving watch was later included in the Promaster sports series created in 1989. As the Marine Marine series, it has completed the brand layout of the brand sea, land and air product layout. Essence


The three watches above also showed the brand watchmaking direction of West Iron City, innovating technology as the foundation of the surface. But under our general understanding, the competition between West Rail City and the two brands next door is also reflected in the diving watch. A diving watch relies on special shell -shaped abalone shells, canned shells, and high -end style support for mechanical movements, and another other. A brand’s overall product is more sports and electronic, which is welcomed by the young people. West Rail City wants to stand out again, and we must invest more core technologies for the diving watches, so we can see that in recent years, we can see that the West Rail City diving watch is also equipped with more and more core technology.

Ecodrive light diving meter

In 1976, West Rail City invented the first watch that was driven by light as energy, and the ECO-Drive technology was born.


Light power, as the name suggests, whether it is natural light, artificial light, or light bulb and other light -emitting conditions, it can be converted into the watch to provide the power required for operation, and there is no need to change the battery frequently. As the core technology of West Rail City, this technology has also been applied to the diving watch of the Promaster sports series very early.

In recent years, the most eye-catching optical energy technology diving watch is the ECO-Drive Promaster Professional Diver 1000M watch launched by West Railway at the 2017 Basel exhibition. This professional diving watch uses a super titanium -made case. This alloy is five times that of stainless steel, and it is nearly half lighter than stainless steel. The material surface is also strengthened to improve the abrasion attributes. The waterproof performance of the watch is 1,000 meters, and it is equipped with an automatic discharge valve, which fully meets the requirements of saturated diving. The one -way bezel was equipped with a new locking mechanism at that time to prevent accidental judgment on diving time.


West Railway City’s ordinary optical energy movement, we always see the publicity that the full power state can run for several months, but the J210 ECO-Drive light kinetic power movement equipped with this watch can run for one and a half years under full power. There is no need to replace the battery regularly, and the accuracy of the month is 15 seconds.


This table is also equipped with a special safety box watch box. Looking at the buckle shape should be made by Pili Kenye


However, the large size of the watch has a diameter of 52.5 mm meter and 22.2 mm thickness. Although it is a professional diving watch, we wear it in daily life and really pick people. Domestic watchmakers also called it called the West Rail City Deep Sea Giant, and also gave it a nickname of a high -pressure pot.


Titanium material watches that everyone can wear, Shubo ™ ️ titanium

Also in the 1970s, West Rail City launched the first solid -titanium watch with light weight, excellent anti -allergies and rust -resistant titanium watches, and then West Rail City made more durable Shubo ™ ️ titanium through Duratect surface hardening technology, officially, official, official Publicity is more than five times harder than stainless steel, and the comfort of wearing is also better. It is applied to a large number of high -end models of the brand.

For example, in September this year, the brand was incorporated into the newly launched “Deep Sea Defender” diving watch, incorporated Schobin ™ ️ titanium and light power movements.


This watch design is inspired by the 1980s professional diving watch introduced above. The design also continues its special four -corner protective structure appearance. The Shubo ™ titanium shell also allows 46.5 mm large meter diameter to provide comfort and lightness. With the designs of the case without the sheet, bring the strap directly into the back cover, which is a very improved operation of wearing comfort.

Continue to control the accurate time satellite pair

West Railway City’s radio waves and satellites are used to calculate the “black technology” developed by the brand. Especially in 2011, the leading technology “Satellite Wave” that West Rail City was invented through the satellite pair in 2011. The watch can receive the standard time signal of the GPS navigation satellite launch. Over the world, accurate time and date can be displayed.

This West Railway City Optical Power GPS Satellite Watch was launched in September last year. As the flagship product of the Promesta · Marine series, the satellite rarely appeared on the diving watch before this. The Schubita ™ case has a 47mm meter diameter and is equipped with a unidirectional rotating diving scale outer ring. The inside of the bezel is printed with 27 world abbreviations, which is used to use the world’s functions more conveniently. At the same time, it also focuses on eight popular diving destinations. A variety of display functions are assembled on the blue dial. The watch is equipped with a F158 optical power movement. The GPS satellite of the West Rail City is basically one -click to easily complete the positioning and school hours.



In fact, for any watch, real performance is the best promotional means. The better things, the more you naturally recognize. But for the West Rail City, not only is it good, just take the first waterproof watch Parawater, while doing a good job of waterproof, West Rail City has not forgotten the original intention of this watch. The table was priced at 6,000 yen when the table was released. At that time, the starting salary of high school graduates was about 12,500 yen, and the public was acceptable. As the technology is becoming more and more mature, it is still at the price as much as possible. Making a model that can be accepted is more acceptable. Like the big flag ship of the diving watch, the style of the diving watch is basically at 10,000 yuan. It is used for you, there is titanium and light power. The middle and low -end styles are thousands of yuan. At the same time, these mid -range models can be used to Shubo ™ ️ titanium. In addition, the light kinetic energy is still very worry -free. West Iron City also launched a new masterpiece of diving watches this year. If If you are interested, please pay more attention.

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