“Killing a Bird” was published in the 1960s and won the Pulitzer’s Novel Award in 1961.

How much is the gold content of the Pulitzer novel?

The Pulitzer’s Novel Award is one of the oldest and most famous literary awards in the United States. For example, the works of “Innocence”, “Piao”, and “Old Man and the Sea” are also the Pulitzer’s Novel Award -winning works, which shows it.

In 1991, when the U.S. Congress Library conducted a survey on “Books that had been given life”, “Killing a Knowing a Bird” ranked second, ranking second only to the Bible.

In 2015, “Killing a Bird” was translated into more than forty languages, with sales exceeding 40 million copies.

“Killing a Bird” is also a designated book designated by American high school students. It is the highest borrowing rate of American libraries. It affects generations in the United States and is regarded as a long -lasting classic work.

Why do you say so much?

I just want to tell you: “Kill a Bird” is a book worth reading carefully, and also the only novel in his life.

If you are a parent, it will teach you to educate; if you are a child, it will teach you to be human; in short, it will prove heroism that you need in any era.


Have you ever killed a knowledgeable bird?

Do you know that killing a bird is a crime?

In the 1930s, the story took place in a southern ancient town of Merkom in the Great Depression of the United States, which was closely linked to Radley.

Why is it weird? Because it is different!

The Radley family does not contact the outside world. It seems to be an unforgivable quirk in the town of Micham;


Lady’s shutters and doors are always closed, and the people in the town of Merkom only close the doors and windows at home or cold winter;

Radley never went out.

10 -year -old Jim, 6 -year -old Kuster, and 7 -year -old Dier was fascinated and scared to “weird” Radley.

Jim even depicts Radley a six -foot high (about 1.83 meters);

Grab squirrels and cats to eat;

There are long sawtooth -shaped scars on the face;

The teeth are yellow and are broken by insects;


Both eyes were drumming out, and they were still drooling.

But what is interesting is that he has never seen Radley, rumors and imagination made him unwilling to judge a person’s good and evil looks, and he has no logic.

In the autumn, some fruits of Radley’s tall trees will fall to school playgrounds outside the wall.

But the children did not dare to pick up the walnuts at all, because they rumored that they would die immediately as long as they touched Radley’s family.

For a while, the chickens and dogs in the town were tragically poisoned. Everyone suspected that it was Radley’s house.

Later, the truth was that the lunatic Eddie did, but people still felt that they couldn’t get rid of the Ladeli family.

Prejudice makes people stubborn two hundred and five, and the truth does not seem to be important.

Later, the story reversed.

Custer found small gifts such as gum, medium medal, pocket watches, and portraits in the oak cave passing by Radley’s house.

At the same time, in the midnight peeping of Radeli, Radley’s father thought it was a thief entering the yard, so he shot alert at the sky, scaring Jim to flee, and Jim’s pants were hooked by the wire.

Later, when Jim went to take his pants again, he found that the pants were stacked neatly and breaking.

At this time, Skate and Jim faintly felt that Radley might not be the weird and wicked people in the rumors.

So what is the fact?

Is Radley really doing unforgivable bad things to be locked at home by his father?


Adix is ​​a lawyer. Bob Euel is a villain. He ignores his family and uses relief funds to exchange cheap whiskey wines.

Mayela is the daughter of Bob Euel.

Bob Euel brought the black young Tom to the court, and said that the black Tom raped his daughter.

Adix was assigned to the black Tom to be a defense lawyer by the court, and Adix took over the fiery potato.

At that time, there were serious class contradictions between black and white, so the Adix family was also opposed and despised by all white residents in the town.

Jim and Kuster were also crowded and ridiculed by classmates at school!

When Kuster asked his father Adix why he was willing to fight a lawsuit for blacks.

Adix’s answer explains family education, shows his father’s responsibilities, and analyzes morality deeper!

Adix said: “I can only tell you now that when you and Jim grow up, maybe you will understand and sympathize when you look back at this past, and you will understand that I have not disappointed you.

Tom’s case touched the deepest part of a person’s conscience. If I didn’t help him, I would never enter the church to worship God again.

There are many reasons. The main reason is that if I do not accept this case, I cannot be a human beings, and I am not qualified to educate you and Jim. “

Curnster retorted: “Most people in the town think they are right, you are wrong.”

Adix replied: “I must first accept myself before accepting others. There is a thing that cannot follow the principle of compliance, that is, people’s conscience.”

In the court, Adix revealed reality with a strict logical reasoning combination of facts.

The truth is: when Mayela saw the black Tom, the impulse of lust made her actively seduce and kissed the black Tom. Tom was at a loss and did not respond to the white daughter, but this scene was returned home from Bob, Bob, · Euel hit.


Bob Euel beaten his daughter Mayela ashamed and furious. He couldn’t tolerate his daughter and black people. He framed Tom rape and sued him to court.

Finally, under the public, Bob Euel was speechless by Adix’s question. His conspiracy was relentlessly revealed, his face was beaten, his face was lost, and his face was lost.

Seeing this, do you think the black man wins the lawsuit?

The ending is that the black man is released from prison. Will white Bob Euel and Mayela be punished? Do you clap your hands fast?

But the fact is: the black Tom lost, and finally escaped from prison, and was killed by the prison guard.

Although the black Tom’s “rape” does not need to be available, the black and white class deep grooves are deeply accumulated, and the disadvantaged position of the black man is destined to lose the case.

Just like the original sin, just because Tom’s skin is black, it is guilty. It has nothing to do with the case itself. It is really sad!


The development of society starts with exploitation and slavery. The low -level turning is often the price of bleeding. Why is it so cruel in the era of feudal slavery in China?

However, the fire of the stars can be alarm. It is precisely because of those justice that the microman gathered to the micro -light, and we can see the light and see hope.

Although Bob Euel won the lawsuit in the court, the shame of their father and daughter was also revealed, so he was resentful and actually started with Adix’s young son and daughter and wanted to kill Curst and Jim to leak hatred. Essence

On the way home, Kust and Jim struggled against the drunk Bob Euel who held the hand -held knife. But in the process of twisting, he killed Bob Euel.

After saving Kuster and Jim, Kuster also saw the true appearance of the weird man Radley for the first time. It turned out that Radley was not a bad guy in the legend. On the contrary, he was kind and just. Essence

Look! The truth is often not so easy to surface!

“I heard” and “I think” are the manifestations of naive thinking. They have not been verified. Don’t conclude easily, because only superficial talents hurriedly decide to be lazy to distinguish between good and evil.

It is worth mentioning that although Radley killed Bob Euel wrongly, it was not convicted.

The judicial officer said: “Mr. Bob Euel fell on his own knife.”

Fortunately, the end of the novel retains the justice of the world, otherwise I have to be disappointed and lonely.

We should stay away from villains such as Bob Euel, because the most terrible thing is not that he is lazy, stupid and face -to -face, but he has no humanity.


Why is it a crime to kill a little bird?

Because knowing that Gengbird is just humming music for people to appreciate, no bad things do not do. They do not eat the flowers and vegetables planted in the yard, and they do not build nests in the barn, they just sing for us.

It’s not just burning and looting is a crime. It hurts a kind person, innocent people, and ignoring justice … is also a crime.

Sin will be contagious, and indifference will be contagious, just like a case of helping the elderly being staggered.

Human heart can be injured and very fragile.


When you use a person’s kindness, when you trample on a person’s kindness, you have committed unforgivable crimes, because the injured will suspect the kindness, then doubt the kindness of society, stimulate the inner defense mechanism, and become indifferent.

There is a popular language on the Internet: those who salary for everyone cannot be frozen in the snow. Welfare for the public must not fight for their lonely army. Those who open for freedom should not make it trapped in thorns.

Guarding goodness and transmitting goodness and justice, just like Adix defended the black Tom, has infinite social moral significance, is a good medicine to soothe the soul, and a major event that changes the world.

Sometimes I know if it is not stupid, but a hope, so many young people in the “Awakening Age” go to death and go into difficulties. What makes them bravely move forward?

Because they want to save countless birds!

Roman Roland said that “heroism” is to see the truth of life and still love life.

Yes, even if this society is not kind, I believe you must have felt the kindness of others.

So the continuation of goodwill is to live up to others’ goodwill.

I also hope that similar things can be one less me or you, because we are independent life individuals, and what we need is not from the public but well -deserved.

Author: Qin Qingqing Qingqing, a member of the readers. Qinqi poetry and paintings are all like, and Chai Mi oil and salt are also happy.

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